Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 241

At a glimpse of Locke’s delight, Angelina didn’t even need to ask about what happened to the handful of Lehrlings.

“What did you manage to get?” Despite Daenie’s presence, Angelina went forward to peck his cheek.

“Haha. I wasn’t expecting them to have so many goods on them.” A kiss from his beloved had most certainly brightened up his mood. He happily produced two brocade boxes and a pendant from his spatial ring.

“What are these?” Angelina took one of the brocade boxes. She opened it and found two lovely maroon berries nestled inside.

“Oh, this is surprising.” She marvelled at the berries. “These are reagen fruits. They’re also known as blood fruits and are priceless magic berries that grow around carcasses of lifeforms base rank and above.” She gingerly inspected them and commented, “And these look pretty good.” This was a treasure that even she found rare.

“This is all thanks to Daenie.” Locke plopped down onto Angelina’s bed and patted Daenie’s back strongly. The unexpected gesture had her blushing profusely.

“We were trying to find something attractive to trade with the crocodile and it brought itself into our palms!” Locke was immensely pleased. When he expressed his intention to extract some blood off the base-rank giant crocodile, it had immediately ignored him.

“If it’s reagen fruit, I’m sure the base-rank drake would agree to our terms.” Angelina nodded appreciatively.

Overjoyed, Locke grew bolder. He went forward to capture Angelina’s lips in a searing kiss right in front of Daenie.

“I… I’m going to leave now!” Daenie quickly leapt from her spot and dashed for the door like a startled bunny.

“Wait! This one’s for you!” Locke tossed the pendant over to Daenie without breaking away from his lover.

“I know it can be pretty inconvenient without a spatial ring so you can have this!” Locke said in between breaths and Angelina, who was pressed under him, hammered his chest angrily. Her lover had always made a fool out of her in front of her friends without fail.

With great reflexes, Daenie received the pendant. It appeared to be a pale blue pendant shaped like a droplet; something that suited her image very well.

“Thank you,” Daenie thanked while lowering her head. Her cheeks were a violent red and she couldn’t bear to look at the lip-locked duo. In Princeton, Daenie’s family was considered below average and since her father wasn’t from the family’s main branch, no one would bother to buy expensive spatial equipment for a distant relative like her. Getting accepted by the imperial academy was thanks to the fruits of her hard work and innate talent.

“No need to thank me, consider this a compensation from that bastard,” said Locke boldly. Of course he wouldn’t feel conflicted gifting the pendant away. It wasn’t something he bought with his own money.

“Okay, I’ll go now!” Locke and Angelina’s interactions were getting increasingly scandalous and Daenie didn’t dare to stay longer. She quickly turned around and slammed the door shut.

“Are you happy now?! All you do is embarrass me!” Angelina pinched a muscle on Locke’s waist and switched their positions around.

“Ow.” He inhaled sharply but refused to loosen his grip on Angelina. Instead, he hugged her tighter.

They spent two hours fooling around.

Locke hadn’t taken a step further into their relationship yet. For one, it wasn’t the most suitable time and place and two, he was hoping to consummate their relationship after the wedding. The nature of his relationship with Angelina was different from that with Glace and Suzanne. Angelina was more like a girlfriend and fiancee so he really treasured her.

Once the sun had set to the horizon, evening had arrived. The floating ship began to slow down and it seemed that its declining energy reserves had much to do with the setting sun. This meant that it was time for Locke to head to work.

Putting on a grey long-sleeved shirt, Locke looked like any other ordinary sailor at Zeckerton Harbour. He began to push a rotten variety of seafood into the basement.




The calls of various monsters began to resonate from the surrounding cells. Their sharp senses had detected the arrival of their meal. Locke ignored them as usual and continued to push the hefty bucket deeper into the basement.

Along the path to the base-rank giant crocodile were a few high-rank major monsters. His attempts to initiate trades with them had been futile for their intelligence was perhaps not as high as the giant crocodile's. He completely ignored the lizard monster with a flaming tail who had squeezed its head past the bars. It was stretching its long tongue between bars to steal a rotting fish from the bucket but failed miserably. Finally, Locke was standing in front of the crocodile’s cell once again.

“Hey, big guy! It’s time to eat!” Locke tapped his fingers against its bowl, letting the metallic sound echo across the basement. All the other imprisoned slaves began to scream in tandem, it was utter chaos.

“Huff!” A noise escaped the crocodile’s nostrils and once it lifted its skull, the chaos dissipated.

The base-rank crocodile reigned supreme in the stale basement; the other slave creatures were oppressed by its powerful presence. Locke had an inkling that the dragon blood in this drake was relatively pure as it possessed the same natural dominance. Detailed information on dragons had been extremely rare, be it from the academy’s library or the Princeton Hall of Knight’s information hub. Locke could only guess from hearsay that dragons were strong creatures that could go far beyond base rank at maturity, which corresponded to a level-two Erdritter. Maybe he could find out more at the Sanctum.

He unlocked the crocodile’s cell with the black magic stone and pushed its meal over. Without further ado, the monster hastily crawled over and began devouring its share. It still had plenty of sheddings left so Locke did the same thing; he removed another two scales again. At this point, he had collected a total of nine scale sheddings. With the scale’s larger surface area, the Locke should have enough for a full-body inner armour.

Locke remained in its cell even when the giant crocodile was done with its meal. He produced a brocade box from his spatial ring and grinned. “Big guy, may I interest you with something?”

Thinking that Locke was going to ask for its blood again, the giant crocodile refused to entertain him further. It laid down and clamped its eyes shut.

“How does this sound to you?” Locke opened the brocade box. Now that the box's seal was undone, the berry’s intoxicating fragrance permeated the air.

The giant crocodile opened its eyes, dark pupils immediately glued to the reagen fruit in Locke’s palm. The other monsters around began to scream noisily; they too had smelled something good.

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