Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 248

There were many knights at the trading zone, both as customers and traders. Most of their stalls displayed an array of precious magical plants and major monster materials harvested from the wild to attract casters. Casters, on the other hand, tended to sell potions for advancement and pieces of performance-enhancing equipment to the knights. Overall, it was a win-win situation so both the higher circle of the Sanctum and Hall of Knights encouraged the practice. There were more knights than casters, however, so knights tended to be more passive when it came to meeting demands.

“I refuse to go any lower than three mid-rank crystal cores for this magic wolf bone.” A stocky and muscular knight spat at the two casters at his stall.

“If you insist, we’ll shop elsewhere. I’m sure someone else is selling it at a cheaper price.” The female casters were unwilling to bow down. The bone only cost three mid-rank crystal cores, barely a dent in their wallets, though they couldn't resist the allure of bargaining either way.

The knight didn’t appear to be a skilful businessman either. He huffed and scratched his scalp in frustration. He quickly relented as soon as the casters showed signs of leaving. “Fine. But I want the orange potion as well!”

“Deal!” A smile blossomed across the female casters’ faces.

Orange potion was a recovery concoction suitable for mid and high-rank Knechts. Unsurprisingly, it was orange like its name suggested. The typical price of a bottle was one mid-rank crystal core at the Sanctum. The knight was most likely trying to flip its price through secondhand business; many of them were making a living out of price flipping. Orange potion could be sold at 400 gold moores in Princeton easily, which was at least three to fourfold of its original value. Simply put, the knight wasn’t at a loss and the two female casters bagged a steal since the high-rank magic wolf bone was a relatively rare dark-attribute monster material.

It was rude to stare so Locke quickly strode past the stall. He was here to purchase enchanted equipment so the knights’ stalls weren’t the right fit. He continued forward until a three-storey build entered his sight.

Similar to the Hall of Knights' stronghold in the northwest of the trading zone, this building was the Sanctum’s stronghold. The items were certainly of better quality and it went without saying that it was more expensive than the stalls outside.

“Good day, how may I help you?” Before Locke could even get a good glimpse of the lobby’s interior, a very attractive female caster approached him. She must be an attendant.

“I’m looking for higher-level magic scrolls and equipment,” answered Locke. He had plenty of low-rank potions so he wasn’t looking to buy more. Purchasing powerful scrolls and enchanted equipment was the better choice for survival since he was running out of budget for more high-rank potions anyway.

“This way, please.” The caster smiled politely before turning around to lead Locke to a window in the hall. Locke grabbed the chance to ogle at her curves. No wonder the Sanctum was said to be better at trading than the Hall of Knights.

From the magic wafting off her, the attendant appeared to be a mid-rank Lehrling. The realization bewildered Locke. A mid-rank Lehrling in the kingdom of Faustian could easily apply to the royal family for a tower of their own. But of course, it would still be among the lowest in quality.

“Ahem.” Locke cleared his throat and moved his gaze elsewhere. Casters were exceptionally sharp, courtesy of their mental abilities, and he wasn’t keen on being seen as a pervert.

“You’ll find what you need here.” After the female Lehrling led him to the window, she promptly left before Locke could regret not asking to exchange mental imprints. He had yet to make actual friends at the Sanctum.

“Hello, Herr. What can I help you with?” An elderly caster interrupted his thoughts. Encased in the display window, his hair was white as snow. There was a monocle resting atop his cheek and there was a stack of books located within arm’s reach.

“Can you recommend some spell scrolls of decent output? Something that even a knight like me could use?” asked Locke.

The main function of a magic scroll was to increase spell casting efficiency. As alchemy technology advanced with time, scrolls were made usable even for knights and regular people via special techniques as a medium.

“Of course.” The white-bearded caster flipped a logbook open and began introducing scrolls to Locke like rapid fire.

“We have the high-rank Thunder Hell Forest that can easily cover an area of two hundred square metres. It’s pretty violent since electromancy is one of the most damaging elements out there.

“Oh, you definitely have heard of the Flaming City. This is a small scale pyromancy binding curse.

“How about giving the terramancy scroll Earthquake some thought too?

“The hydromancy scroll Water Jet is pretty good too. You can cut through everything with high-pressure water.”

Most of them were excellent scrolls, granted that this trading spot was heavily funded by the Sanctum. Unfortunately, none of it had Locke hooked.

“I use wind impetus so it’d be great if there are high-rank wind element scrolls.”

Despite getting cut off, the white-bearded caster didn’t seem angry. He smiled in return, “Ah, I see you know your stuff.”

High-rank Knechts could use almost all types of scrolls as long as they circulated their impetus. However, they had a tendency to settle for powerful scrolls with high-rank magic and large coverage; knights tended to not pay attention to the compatibility of elements. While incompatible elements would dampen the magic output, the adverse effect was undetectable by knights since they weren’t well-versed with magic. However, the poor utilization was poignant and infuriating to casters. Using compatible scrolls was the best way to make full utilization of its output.

Locke’s request for wind element scrolls was atypical for a knight. Wind magic wasn’t the most intense and its scrolls were priced lower.

“I only have two. Would you like Howling Wind Slash or Wind Blade?” answered the caster.

Howling Wind Slash was one of the most destructive and wide range high-rank wind magic. Wind Blade, on the other hand, was better used as a single-point attack.

“I’ll have two of both!” answered Locke, despite the expensive price. The transaction for four high-rank magic scrolls just might exhaust his pockets.

“Thank you for your patronage, that will be six high-rank energy crystals!” The white-bearded caster extended his arm through the small opening of the window.

However, Locke wasn’t about to waste his energy crystals so he decided to use major monster crystal cores instead. There were only six high-rank crystal cores left in his spatial ring and that was all he had exchanged from Billie. Nevertheless, he pressed them into the caster’s palm.

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