Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 249

Major monster crystal cores and energy crystals were almost equivalent in value. The former was harvested from within a major monster’s skull, where its elemental powers were most concentrated. The latter was a type of mineral that manifested only in small quantities in areas rich with elemental essence.

To casters, major monster crystal cores were typical materials for alchemy experiments and could be used for the tip of their magic staff. They provided enhancements in knights and casters alike, with near-perfect effects, even. Their best-known advantage was their long-lasting performance.

It hadn’t been too long since Locke became a high-rank Knecht so his impetus reserve hadn’t reached its limit yet. With the planar war creeping closer, energy crystals were in dire need, which was why he opted to pay with crystal cores instead.

Most visiting knights at the Sanctum traded with major monster crystal cores so the white-bearded caster was unfazed. He accepted it and rectified its authenticity with the slightest swipe of his mental ability.

“Just a moment, please.” The caster stood up from his seat at the window and reappeared a few moments later with four dark green scrolls in his arms. “Here are your scrolls, Herr.”

Locke threw them all into his spatial ring without inspection. Certainly, the transaction wouldn’t be a sham since the amount involved was huge.

“Are you looking to purchase anything else?” The white-bearded caster asked politely. A portion of the huge sum was going to be his commission.

“No, but I’ll visit again if I think of anything.” Locke stood to leave. He still needed to buy a few more items but this place was far too expensive.

“Alright then, Herr. If you do visit again, please drop by my counter! Have a nice day!” The caster pointed to the number 17 plate above his counter.

“Will do.”

Locke left the building and wandered around languidly. He randomly picked a nearby diner and called for a meal, not at all rushing to scout for his items. There were plenty of eateries scattered around the trading zone since casters and knights weren’t the only ones on the island. There was a certain population of regular people that worked as servants in the Sanctum or as business owners in the trading zone. Their services catered to the casters and knights since the internal portion of the island was covered in huge forests and the vast surrounding sea was off-limits to them.

“Keep the change!” Locke placed a low-rank major monster crystal core on the table and left amidst the waiters’ profuse gratitude. Gold moores weren’t usable here since the common folk on the island had their own currency system; Locke could only pay for his meal with crystal cores.

There was still half a day left to wander around; it wasn’t a lot of time but neither was it too scarce to spare. Now that he had sufficient savings, Locke had been thinking about getting another spatial ring. His current one was a gift from Angelina and its storage was a little insufficient to match his growing capabilities. Plus, the design was rather feminine; he often found himself too embarrassed to use it in public. The trading zone earlier certainly had a variety of spatial rings which were most likely the works of some grandmaster but Locke had no wish to be ripped off any further. He wasn’t asking for much. As long as the spatial ring was usable, he had nothing to complain about. He loitered around longer, attention finally landing on something interesting.

There was a stall that displayed a diverse variety of enchanted equipment. Surely it had something nice to offer since there was already a crowd of knights forming around it. The stall belonged to a reserved middle-aged caster who seemed to be a recluse even among the typically introverted casters. Judging by the equipment’s relatively rough handiwork, those were probably his creations. They did seem pretty functional though.

“How much for the gravity bracelet?” A tanned man that was more than two metres tall asked the caster. His lack of armour indicated that he wasn’t a knight but his impressive muscles could certainly withstand strikes from most ordinary weapons.

“Five mid-rank crystal cores.” The middle-aged caster was very curt, offering nothing else but its price.

“I’ll take it!” The man placed down five mid-rank crystal cores and admired the grey-coloured gravity bracelet fondly.

Locke had seen gravity bracelets in the training room at the Princeton Hall of Knights. The small bracelet allowed much flexibility to its wearer, where they could adjust weights that ranged between 100 to 500 kilograms for training or battle purposes. It was a piece of handy equipment to own. While this particular bracelet wasn’t as refined and had a smaller upper weight limit of 400 kilograms, it was indeed very affordable. Locke couldn’t help but feel a little irritated; a similar bracelet was priced at one high-rank crystal core back at the earlier trading building. The tanned man collected his item and squeezed past the crowd with joy.

“It has a warranty!” As if the thought had crossed his mind just then, the middle-aged caster hastily stood and shouted after the tanned man.

No response came. Instead, two tanned arms were raised in acknowledgement from the back of the crowd.

Apart from the gravity bracelet, the stall still had many wonderful items on display. Several knights were already asking the owner for prices. Locke asked when it was finally his turn, “I’m looking for a spatial ring. Do you have anything to recommend?”

“These three are not bad.” The middle-aged caster was fast to pick out three spatial rings for Locke. Each of them looked distinctly different from one another and there were mysterious enchantments carved onto its surface. Locke could sense faint magic activity wafting off them, a sign that it offered bigger capacity.

“How are they different from each other?” asked Locke.

There was slight silence before the middle-aged caster reached over for the rings. “This here has a capacity of 50 cubic metres and can withstand a two-tonne load. This one offers 100 cubic metres capacity and a load limit of three tonnes. The last one has an internal storage of 150 cubic metres and can bear up to four tonnes.” Since the rings were his creations, the caster didn’t require much thinking to regurgitate its specifications. After all, it was merely their internal storage and load-bearing capacity that set them apart.

“I’ll take this!”

Locke pointed at the spatial ring in the middle with 100 cubic metres of storage space. While it wasn’t comparable to Angelina’s black pearl, it wasn’t too shabby; it was more than sufficient for Locke at this point.

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