Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 259

The spatial fortress spent two months in the astral realm until it finally hovered above Botania. By this point of its long journey, the fortress had used up a massive amount of energy crystals as fuel. The Ritters and Magisters above level one felt nothing about the journey’s duration; in their experience, a journey of two months was comparatively short, especially considering having been involved in multiple planar wars across their long lifespan.

The spatial coordinates of the fortress’ current location was an unfathomable distance away from Zauberia. If it wasn’t for the fortress’ hyperjump feature, it would’ve been impossible for them to be there within two months without the spatial tearing capabilities of a level-four lifeform. Even Himmelritters who could fly at the speed of sound would require 700 years to return to Zauberia.

“What a beautiful plane,” praised a Ritter with a glass of wine. Based on his neat appearance and sophisticated manners, he was evidently a noble from a reputable family.

“Of course, Xerath. This is one of the rare planes that can sustain lifeforms below level one,” replied Pike, who was another noble Ritter. They were both level-two Erdritters who had participated in multiple planar wars of various scales. Yet, this was the first time they had encountered a plane that could support human life.

One would have to be at least a level-one lifeform to join the past planar wars. Lifeforms above level one could adapt to various environments rapidly, which was beneficial to their victory. Different planes meant different ecosystems; not all planes were built like Zauberia, which had water and oxygen that were vital to mankind’s survival. Plus, those above level one were the only ones capable of breaching through spatial barriers independently. To put this into perspective, regular folks below level one would burn like shooting stars if they entered a plane’s atmosphere without proper protective measures.

“Ah, we’re here at the right time and with the right people. Everything is on our side, which is pretty unfortunate for this minor plane.” Pike pulled out a similar wine glass from nowhere and clinked it against Xerath’s glass.

The bulk of their numbers was thanks to the millions of enslaved creatures. Coupled with nearly half a million high-rank Knechts, there were more than sufficient to attack something bigger than a low-rank plane. Their biggest advantage this time was certainly the involvement of the level-four Himmelritter, Odis.

“Given that Botania has a population of less than 400 million, it is expected that the number of lifeforms above level one would be lesser. I’m confident that this war will end sooner than expected.” Xerath placed his glass down then languidly linked his arms behind his head.

Botania’s population was only two-thirds that of the Aomarian Empire. However, this was expected of a minor plane. Lifeforms above level one factored into the overall competence of their plane. There were less than 300,000 Ritters and Magisters above level-one among the gargantuan population of the Three Western Isles. With that being said, the fact that Botania had 10,000 level-one lifeforms with their small population was already impressive enough.

Currently, there were 30,000 level-one Ritters alone and thousands of Magisters above level one inside the spatial fortress. Zauberia was clearly going all out on the minor plane. The Sanctum and Hall of Knights had gone through lengthy planning followed by meticulous preparation to reduce their losses. Lifeforms above level one were valuable assets to the Three Western Isles, after all.

It was estimated that the Sanctum and Hall of Knights would suffer the loss of one-third of their members in the current war and the damage was unacceptable. It was just a minor plane and its exploitation value was limited. The projected damage was relatively acceptable if their target had been a low-rank plane like Centauria. The biggest motivation behind the war was definitely the precious Botanian essence. The wide range of benefits offered by the essence was enough to compensate for the damage.

The bird’s eye view of Botania became clearer to everyone over the next two days. It was a plane where lush green stretched on for miles. From the spatial fortress above Botania, they realized that there were three continents on the plane while its ocean was two-thirds of the plane.

“Perhaps we’ll reap more than expected,” said a Magister, who had been standing at the highest point of the spatial fortress, admiring the beautiful scenery below. The completion of the plane had widely exceeded the Sanctum’s estimation.

“How long until we reach the weakest point of the barrier?” Borlon asked one of the attending officers in the command room.

“We’ll reach the first point in two days!”

“Very well. Prepare the slave army,” instructed the level-three Himmelritter calmly as he studied Botania with narrowed eyes.

“Right away!” The officer quickly set off to relay the order.

Apart from the casters’ terrifying mana and the knights’ resilient impetus, Zauberia was able to conquer hundreds of its nearby planes with its sea of slaves. Zauberia’s casters were the best in the field of soul exploitation among the surrounding planes. Powerful mana and impetus along with ferocious fangs and claws were things that reminded the other planes of Zauberia.

The battle formation had been finalised half a year ago. Knights were better in combat scenarios while casters were better at applying their knowledge; the Sanctum had contributed the most to the plan. As long as Odis could tear a hole in Botania’s planar barrier and allow entry, the knights and casters could quickly gain a footholdand await the next batch of cannon fodder. This wasn’t all the Three Western Isles had brought to war; the Sanctum and Hall of Knights had prepared another million slaves respectively that were on standby to be shipped over.

This was a full-blown attack from the Three Western Isles and Botania was bound to be theirs soon enough.

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