Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 261

Odis, who was still floating in the astral realm outside the plane, continued his effort to breach Botania’s barrier. As a level-four Himmelritter, he was capable of boundless impetus projection. The unsettling handprint was birthed solely from an impressive ocean of impetus and yet, the Himmelritter was sensing a strong resistance from the plane.

“Hmm?” Odis’ projection grew intense, causing the already dark palm that covered a corner of Botania’s sky to darken further. At this point, he had used up one-sixth of his impetus reserve. The handprint’s advancement may look slow but its progress was constant and firm. The moment a breach was achieved would mark the end of Odis’ part.

It was a push and pull situation; the Himmelritter was up against the resistance of the entire plane alone.

As a nascent plane, Botania’s consciousness was far less complete than low-rank and mid-rank planes. The new surge of resistance generated by the plane itself was out of survival instincts. Botania was highly aware of the daunting presence outside its door and was getting defensive.

Unfortunately, it was just a minor plane; its principles of nature and development were overall immature. In the face of a level-four lifeform’s torment, Botania would be forced to relent soon enough. Level-four lifeforms could tear dimensions apart, and it went without saying that the same could be done to a plane’s protective barrier.

A diamond-shaped crevice began to form around the massive handprint. Despite its faint presence, Odis and stronger Botanians who were connected to the plane’s will could sense it too. Success was near; Odis intensified his output and pressed on.

Crunch! Under their horrified gasps, the Botanians watched a massive oval-shaped crack appear beneath the impetus projection. Surrounding astral bodies immediately rushed towards the newly formed crack as Botania raced to patch the hole up; the plane was desperate to protect itself.

A plane with a breached barrier was almost as vulnerable as a soft invertebrate without its shell. Its recovery was rapid, courtesy of the external astral bodies and its rapid recovery that shrunk the opening in a jiffy. Yet, Odis wasn’t about to let Botania have its way.

The Himmelritter abruptly reached forward to pull on the fringes of the opening. Level-four lifeforms were hailed as divinity for the unfathomable destruction they were capable of. Odis, who was initially two metres tall, began to lengthen to ten metres, twenty metres… fifty metres… one hundred metres, two hundred metres… and finally stopping at five hundred metres.

This was his real form, which he achieved once he became a level-four lifeform. Due to their sheer size, level-four Ritters and Magisters rarely revealed their true forms on their original plane. Regular people tend to perceive their extraordinary physical changes as deformities and ostracize them as a result.

Apart from his astonishing height of five hundred metres, Odis’ ears had morphed to have sharp tips. There were four fangs peeking out of his mouth and his eyes were red like wildfire. It wasn’t red as blood nor was it dripping with blood thirst; there was only wrath and war boiling in his gaze.

“Herr Odis’ Inferno Hound attribute has grown stronger again.” A group of Himmelritters marvelled at Odis’ form from inside the spatial fortress.

“Of course! He's the strongest out of the only three level-four knights on the Three Western Isles.” Even if all the level-three Himmelritters were to exhaust their powers, the combination of their physique and strength would be far from comparable to Odis. The revelation of his true form was impactful enough to leave Ritters under level one and the normal folks flabbergasted.

A vehement blaze began to burn on Odis’ shoulders and orange flames circled his arms. What he did next surprised the knights and casters but robbed all hope from Botania.

Odis’ flames shot up to a whooping height of tens of thousands of metres instantly. With one firm grip on the edge of the crack, he brute-force it open to a diameter of more than a thousand metres. The tear continued to widen mercilessly.

His ruby eyes took in the sight of countless Botanians shivering in fear and he huffed coldly. It was then that his attention was caught by the massive World Tree in the middle of the continent.

“My, my. I wasn’t expecting you to have something like this!” A purple tongue filled with thorns slithered out from between his elongated fangs. His violent advances were met with frantic resistance from Botania, which seemed to have originated from the World Tree.

“Charge! I’ll grant any of your wishes if you bring me the heart of the World Tree!” roared Odis. The barrier was finally large enough to permit their entry.

Sounds of cheers echoed around the limitless astral realm for miles and miles. A level-four Ritter’s promise was rare and was equivalent to divine grace. However, this offer was specifically aimed at all level-three Ritters and Magisters in the fortress. The World Tree’s powers were at the pinnacle of a level-three lifeform so they were the only ones capable of taking it down.

Without another word, the spatial fortress threw itself into the opening. A swooping drop started and its doors were opened. Slaves above level one began raining down on Botania, followed by innumerable knights.

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