Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 265

Arnold and Gleamyellow charged towards their enemies. As if there was a silent agreement, the winged dragon went for the banana while the giant bear faced the potato.

Low-rank Botanians that were brought here by Gleamyellow found themselves in yet another gruesome battle. Following orders from their level-two leaders, they tried to distract the aliens to the best of their ability.

The winged dragon and the giant bear were rather pleased with their new opponents. The winged dragon could finally utilize its agile body and ultra-speed flight to dodge Arnold’s vicious attacks and the giant bear found an equal in brute strength.

Two battles were happening simultaneously in the valley. The battle between the towering level-three lifeforms was the very embodiment of violent beauty. However, the hardships suffered by the lower Botanians were bloody and excruciatingly harsh to stomach.

The potato Botanian and the giant bear looked like two differently-sized children. They wrestled and tossed each other in the unnamed valley, stirring up a thick veil of dust. More Botanians flooded into the valley to provide support and their battle grew ruthless soon enough.

Meanwhile, in the spatial fortress that hovered above, caster and knights donned their robes. They watched the real-time footage of the battle between the level-three Botanians and slaves on a large screen in the command room calmly.

Astralists, who were wise individuals who desired to solve the mysteries of all planes in the astral realm, were trusted as the commanders for all of Zauberia’s conquests. There were rarely any mistakes or loopholes in their decisions.

“How much longer should we wait?” asked a Himmelritter in a suit of ochre armour. Thirty thousand knights had been deployed on Botania as second batch reinforcements. If the two level-three Botanians weren’t defeated soon, they’d likely cause severe casualties to the knights.

“One more day,” an old man cloaked in a hood of black answered hoarsely. The astralist’s cracking voice suggested that he was a man of few words.

“Can’t we speed it up?” The Himmelritter was running out of patience. The Ritters that remained in the fortress would be landing in less than a day and the Botanians were bound to respond correspondingly. While an army of thirty thousand knights above level-one was close to indestructible, the Hall of Knights refused to take risks. Minimizing casualties was always preferred.

There was a brief moment of silence before the astralist answered, “The soonest we could move will be in half a day. However, it is likely that one will escape alive.”

“That is good enough! Let’s stick to that,” replied the Himmelritter. He was one of the few Himmelritters left in the spatial fortress. As an authority figure of the Hall of Knights, it was his responsibility to consider the interests and risks of the hall. He cursed internally, easy for you to say. None of the casters have been sent to battle yet. But alas, he refused to say it outright. The Sanctum and Hall of Knights of the Three Western Isles had always been on friendly terms; he couldn’t risk their unity during the height of the planar war.

The casters and knights in the command room soon lost interest in the battle. Instances of four level-three lifeforms fighting were rare but not a novelty in planar wars. Plus, the major monsters involved were slaves so it didn’t pique their attention. They turned their focus to the happenings at the bottom of the spatial fortress instead.

Close to a thousand Magisters concentrated their mana while murmuring spells. They hovered above Botania, the hems of their robes flapping audibly with the wind. The atmosphere gradually thickened with dourness. This was a common technique used by the Three Western Isles in planar wars, where near a thousand Magisters above level-one would come together and gather their mana while level-two and three Magisters would act as conduits and the centre respectively. The resulting mana blast was strong enough to annihilate peak level-three lifeforms in mere seconds. They were targeting Fertilia, particularly in the valley where the battle was happening.

Apart from that, the spatial fortress’ main cannon began to charge with energy absorbed immeasurable from magic crystals. The orange glowing spot at its muzzle gradually deepened into a deep red, before finally becoming a rich maroon. The cannon had its aim locked on the same valley the Magisters were about to attack. The weapon offered sufficient power to destroy an edge of their fortified spatial fortress, so it naturally became the favourite among knights and casters alike. Everyone was curious about the extent of damage that the minor plane would sustain from the full-charged cannon. To them, the lives of the battling winged dragon and giant bear slave were not worth an ounce of concern. To die for Zauberia’s glory was supposed to be their honour anyway.

More black spots began to approach Botanian grounds. Thirty thousand knights were frankly nothing to the Botanians below but the potentials and capabilities they had were not to be underestimated.

The Botanians sensed increasing pressure as the knights neared landing. The knights were physically smaller than them but the power in their lithe bodies was indescribably potent. The extra sensitivity of their senses had allowed the more advanced Botanians to detect the gap in their strength.

“Quick! We need support from the Holy City!” A level-one Botanian screamed at his subordinates with great urgency. But before he could utter another word, the whoosh of an arrow took his life.

Not far away, a level-two Erdritter kept his bow and hurried after the rest of the knights for Wilderia, where the targeted Battlezone 7 was at. Meanwhile, three of the seven level-three Himmelritters began leading a group of level-two Erdritters to Fertilia, where the valley was located.

One of the Himmelritters, donned in a suit of black armour, studied his time quantifier and stared at the pitch crack in the sky. “Should be about time, aye?”

“It should be happening soon…” The other Himmelritter’s reply was abruptly cut short by a scarlet beam that came from the sky. Accompanied by an insane warping of elements, the beam of destruction graced Fertilia.

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