Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 272

“My, my. Look what I found.” The towering green bronze giant turned around. The sunflower high priest was hovering at an altitude 150 metres above the edge of the forest.


Dragging a thorn filled purple tongue across his fangs, Agus studied the level-three Botanian with unconcealed excitement.


“I was looking for you but here you are!” Agus laughed. The giant stomped his feet on the ground violently, leaving behind a deep crater as he lunged for Goldy in a flash of green.


Goldy was indeed the level-three lifeform that had appeared on Wilderia, as reported by intel from the Hall of Knights and the Sanctum. It was deemed the strongest among the four level-three Botanians that had emerged so far, which was why the Hall of Knights had sent Agus out on the frontlines here.


“Even if you could kill the frostfire python, that doesn’t mean you can act all arrogant in front of me.”


As soon as the voice rang, Goldy immediately raised his green staff above the left of his head. Bam! The sound of metal clashing resonated across the air. A green bronze fist that was as large as the sunflower’s body collided with the green staff heavily.


“Hmm?” Agus was taken aback that Goldy could receive his attack without wavering.


“Hmph!” The emerald green staff in Goldy’s grip began to glow. The glowed like a piece of green galaxy and became increasingly blinding as the sunflower Botanian became larger. It kept growing until it reached 150 metres in height. 


Agus’ huge presence alone had blocked off a good portion of the sky. With Goldy, whose real form was about as large as Agus, the sky was completely covered.


“Retreat! Leave this place now!” The fast-thinking level-one and two Ritters quickly shouted to their comrades. The other knights were currently occupied with slaughtering Botanians. Unlike the lower Botanians, the knights weren’t forced into a dire situation where they needed to help their protectors defend their homeland. The battle between the two level-three lifeforms was something they shouldn’t be involved with. If they slipped up and got caught in the aftermath of the brawl, they might sustain grave injuries.


“Quick, inform the other Himmelritters!”


“Right away!”


“The nearest Himmelritter is Herr Monde in Battlezone 7!”


“Herr Caesar is in Battlezone 9 as well!”


Erdritters capable of amazing flight speed circulated their impetus and headed over to the other occupied battlezones where there would be at least two level-three lifeforms stationed there. The higher battle potential of the Sanctum and the Hall of Knights was something Botanians’ could barely fathom.


It was pure coincidence that Agus was the only level-three lifeform in Battlezone 5. The demigod was a lone wolf; he disliked the idea of sharing spoils with Himmelritters of the same rank. It was his gifted potential that convinced the Hall of Knights to approve of his request to oversee a battlezone alone.

Even so, Agus made no move to stop the level-one and two Ritters from contacting the other Himmelritters for help. His stance wasn’t as relaxed as usual. Worse, he had sensed intense danger.

Agus was a Himmelritter that aided and thrived in many of the Three Western Isles’ conquests. His existence was something that the simple-minded Botanians could never come close to.

The sunflower Botanian’s appearance felt deliberate and it didn’t feel a single ounce of fear in front of his knights. Everything felt orchestrated and that alone had Agus thinking otherwise. However, he didn’t have enough time to think further. His current focus now was to slaughter the level-three Botanian that refused to submit.

Level-three lifeforms could become demigods as they were one step away from achieving divinity. In the absence of level-four lifeforms, they were gods to all living beings on their plane!

Agus’ gigantic fist plummeted into Goldy’s face, sending yellow juices flying everywhere. The sunflower Botanian was bleeding. There were limits to the protection offered by the emerald green staff. As long as Agus diversified his attack angles simultaneously, there’d be openings in Goldy’s defences.

The sunflower Botanian was forced into a passive role under Agus’ relentless punches despite the usage of the emerald green staff. It was a one-sided battle. The knights saw their great level-three Himmelritter forcing the Botanian into submission while the low-rank Botanians saw their noble high priest in deep waters for the sake of protecting them.

“Charge!” The low-rank Botanians who were chased after by the knights went berserk. They wielded their ridiculous weapons and began a counterattack against their invaders in the forest. The stand-in Erdritter commander wasn’t fazed by their retaliation at all. He calmly dispatched the level-one Ritters to deal with the situation.

While the low-rank Botanians in the forest rioted, a dozen Erdritters had arrived at the area where the battle between level-three Himmelritter Agus and level-three sunflower Botanian was taking place. They were there to assist Agus at any moment.

Frankly, it wasn’t that the ten thousand Ritters above level one feared the level-three Botanian. Any effort would be futile; the Ritters could only manage to defeat at least three to four level-three lifeforms with their numbers and all their might. It was best for them to retreat as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary casualties.

Even a dozen Erdritters couldn’t do much to the level-three Botanian. They’d have to wait till Goldy was tired out before they could crush it completely. However, it seemed like they weren’t needed at all. Agus was already gaining the upper hand against the sunflower who could barely retaliate.

If it wasn’t for the extraordinary emerald green staff that charged Goldy with limitless energy and provided it with protection, Agus would’ve been the victor long ago. There were differences even within the same rank and this was especially profound among level-three lifeforms. After all, it was an important period where they’d try to reach greater heights.

“Hmph! Tough shell you got there!” Agus snorted. He studied the green shield of light and sprinted over once again. Strength was key to becoming a Himmelritter. His power had received a great boost once he absorbed the green bronze giant’s blood but this was the first time he was met with something that he couldn’t breach. The sunflower Botanian was truly driving him mad.

Noticing Agus’ approaching figure, Goldy paled. The sunflower Botanian had underestimated the invader’s competence. Were demigods really that intense? They were both of similar capabilities but Goldy had to admit that he’d be close to death without the emerald staff that was passed down from generation to generation in the Holy City. It would be an accomplishment if he could survive till the twentieth pulse.

Truth to be told, the gap between level-three lifeforms were not measured that way. Agus’ superior capabilities was an attribute of the Three Western Isles’ overall competence. Zauberia, as a whole, was much more advanced than Botania.

With a more refined cultivation system and clearer paths for advancements, level-three Himmelritters were victorious against natives of weaker planes even with the plane’s violent resistance. Plus, level-three demigods like Agus were all guided by level-four lifeforms personally.

That should be enough teasing! Time to go! Goldy suppressed a mouthful of blood and began sprinting towards the plains. There was a small crack forming on the emerald green staff when the Light of Protection it produced counteracted Agus’ punch. It was high time that the sunflower ran or else it’d meet its end here.

Apart from that, the increasing number of level-one and two Ritters in the area had posed much stress on Goldy. The sunflower Botanian dashed away without signs of turning back, prompting Agus to chase after it quickly.

Level-three Botanians were hard to come by, so they were akin to gold mines. Apart from Botanian essence, they possessed the Botanian core that was at least one hundred times more valuable than Botanian essence. How could Agus possibly let that slip? Plus, the level-three sunflower Botanian was severely impaired. Even if Agus wasn’t in peak condition, he was confident that it’d be a fast victory.

Only four level-three Botanians had revealed themselves so far. While Agus was aware that the beam of destruction was aimed at two, he firmly believed that nothing could possibly escape the beam’s grasp. The frightening product of a thousand level-one Magister’s mana and the spatial fortress’ main cannon was something that could even end Agus in his demigod heyday. Even if he managed to withstand it, he’d eventually succumb to the grave injuries it left.

“Have the others standby at Battlezone 5 when they get here!” Agus turned around to instruct his nearby subordinates.

It was a stereotype that knights had more brawn than brains, but that wasn’t entirely true at all. Agus was the prime example of a very sharp-minded knight. Beneath his straightforward surface was a delicate heart. Even if the Botanians were to play dirty, Agus believed that he’d be alright as long as the other Himmelritters arrived on time. He quickly sped up and followed the level-three sunflower Botanian into the depths of the plains.


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