Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 273

Odis watched the war unfold across Botania as he held the spatial barrier open. It seemed like the planar war would progress smoothly this time. They’ve seen a total of four level-three lifeforms on the minor plane so far. One was obliterated by the beam while another sustained grievous injuries. Odis had a good feeling that the war would end very soon.

Strategists predicted the conquest to span more than twenty years. However, current developments had given an inkling that ten years was more than sufficient to crush all Botanians.

Ultimately, Odis was pleased with what he was seeing. High-rank Knechts that were gathered near Battlezone 7 had begun their siege. The future of the Hall of Knights felt promising. Though this was their first planar war, the young Knechts had quickly overcome their physical discomfort and fear. They were far from becoming level-one lifeforms but they refused to hold back against the Botanians.

The competence of the plane had much to do with that of its inhabitants. Botanians weren’t the best at combat, which made them an easy opponent even for regular Zauberian soldiers.

Botania sure is weak, thought Odis. A plane this incompetent had no place in the boundless astral realm. They were destined to be enslaved. The only thing he had to pay attention to was the World Tree.

Odis could sense the dense wood element within the World Tree the moment he tore the barrier open. The Himmelritter was a user of fire impetus familiar with the law of fire and had absorbed the blood of a Flaming Hound, a fire-type monster.

Normally, the treasures that the World Tree could offer wouldn't have piqued his interest. Being at the pinnacle of power, there was barely anything that could catch the level-four lifeform’s attention. Apart from ice and water element treasures that were polar opposites of fire, everything else could play a part in fortifying his capabilities.

The World Tree had its roots spread across the whole continent. Its surface area had occupied one-third of the whole plane. Its size was terrifyingly massive, which implied the existence of valuable deposits, making it enticing even to Odis. The heart of the World Tree was the embodiment of its essence. The emerald green staff possessed by the sunflower high priest was merely a branch taken from near its heart.

Just as Odis continued to watch Botania through the crack, a faint call of distress reached him.

“Agus?! Crap!” Odis’ flaming hound form wavered slightly. His four massive fangs vibrated slightly, sending out a solid burst of impetus. Three faint blue screens appeared before Odis.

“Cassius, Eugen, head over to Agus’ coordinates. He’s in trouble!” Odis’ scarlet eyes were filled with rage. The Botanians had ambushed his most beloved pupil!

“Right away, Father!”

“Yes, Herr Odis!”

Odis turned to the other screen. “Grandmeister Mist, I hope you can do me the favour too.” His tone was respectful but those were orders.

“At your service, Odis,” The black-robed elder on the screen nodded.

Despite the unavailability of the other three strongest lifeforms of the Three Western Isles during the invasion of Botania, Odis was confident due to his continent’s rich experiences in conquests.

There were four demigods involved in this war, which were three peak level-three Ritters and one peak level-three Magister. They were the spines of the planar war while Odis held the spatial barrier wide. Any one of their deaths would be a significant loss for the elite battle forces of the Three Western Isles.

Cassius waved away his father’s message.

“What’s wrong?” Borlon was perplexed.

“Agus is in trouble so Father is requesting my aid.” Cassius began retrieving gears from his spatial ring and donned his scarlet red armour.

“Agus?” Borlon furrowed his brows. Borlon was one of the higher commanders of the Hall of Knights so he was aware that Agus had been sent to Battlezone 6. “There’s something in the world that can harm him?”

“Who knows? I’ll find out when I see it myself, “ replied Cassius nonchalantly.

“Be careful out there.” Borlon may be Cassius’ mentor but the younger Himmelritter was like a son of his.

“Will do.” Cassius nodded. With a snap of his fingers, he disappeared as a ball of flames.

The main difference between a level-four and level-three lifeform lies in their comprehension and utilisation of laws. A peak level-three lifeform was the closest to becoming a level-four lifeform, so they were just starting to be able to learn about the laws. The most direct effect of applying the laws was the ability to tear space itself apart.

Odis was so powerful enough to rip the planar barrier apart. It was all thanks to his ridiculous capabilities that the invading army could enter Botania. The way Cassius disappeared on spot was an application of the cosmic laws as well.

As the only son of the level-four lifeform, Cassius had reached demi-godhood under the influence and cultivation of his father. Peak level-three demigods were the only ones that could reach Agus instantly in the depths of Botania through long-distance teleportation.

The Wilderian plain was blemished with craters. Dismembered limbs were scattered haphazardly across the area and the air was thick with the metallic scent of blood. The bronze giant held onto his right arm as he hovered above in the sky, coughing profusely, expelling chunks of organs and blood clots from his terrifying mouth. From the awkward angle and limpness of his right arm, it was plain to see that it was broken.

Agus, whose true form was two hundred metres tall, had shrunk to an alarming size of twenty metres. His green skin looked concerningly pasty and drained.

The four Botanians that surrounded him had sustained injuries of varying severity. On the ground, however, was a huge pumpkin Botanian with a twisted neck and a bisected grape Botanian that showed no signs of life.


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