Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 280

“How’re the repairs coming along?” Casters had gone into formation outside the city and the slaves were ready to pounce.

“It’s almost done. A few Lehrlings aren’t done adjusting themselves, though,” answered a raven-haired Lehrling.

There were five Magisters in this contingent. Parlina was appointed by Jella to be the leader but the two Magisters apart from Ashar and Carla refused to acknowledge her.

Porscher was one of them. Perhaps due to their gender, Porscher and another Magister, Reiner, barely interacted with the female Magisters all this while; the situation remained the same even during the planar war. Porscher and Reiner felt superior and requested to handle a city wall each alone, presumably to intimidate Parlina.

There was competition between Magisters too. Porscher, who lived on the 69th level of the Sanctum, was immensely displeased by the fact that Parlina, Ashar and Carla were living above the 70 level. Mayhaps it was a blessing that he wasn’t aware that Ashar was actually living on the 82nd, or else he’d be pissing his pants.

Their assigned floors corresponded to their individual capabilities. But of course, other accomplishments could play a factor in securing rooms on higher floors. For instance, a great alchemist of mediocre capabilities could still get a room in the higher levels due to their superb mastery of alchemy. Porscher clearly thought that the three female Magisters had climbed up the ranks through unconventional means. Wisdom wasn’t the same as having a great personality.

However, Porscher and Reiner’s intel was awfully sloppy. For one, they weren’t aware what specific level Ashar was assigned to and two, they had absolutely no idea about Carla’s background. They were oblivious to the fact that her brother disciple was the faceless Magister, Charles, who was exceptionally famous in the Sanctum.

As a multi-centenarian, Parlina could sense their intentions as clear as day. Since they wanted to be the centre of attention, they could go ahead and have it. Their silly decisions had nothing to do with her so Parlina permitted them to lead twenty Lehrlings and two hundred slaves to their respective walls.

Just a small distance away from Porscher’s group was an envious Locke. He had been staring at a dark towering base-rank major monster because it had caught his attention earlier. It looked powerful so Locke had initially planned to move it closer to him and Angelina but the Magister had mobilised it elsewhere. Fortunately, Locke was confident that the battle wouldn’t be too dangerous.

“Charge into the city after two hourglasses' worth of time,” ordered Parlina lightly with a step out of her carriage. Locke was expected to relay her orders.

Older casters favoured quantifying time with hourglasses and Parlina was one of them. Two hourglasses were about four minutes so Locke quickly went off to deliver it to the Lehrlings. The slaves could be ignored since their soul imprints were controlled by Magisters. Their berserk state was more unhinged than Locke had ever anticipated.

More than thousands of casters and slaves had managed to surround Nimbus City, which had a population of ten thousand Botanians. No issues were expected since regular Botanians were weaker than regular people. They wouldn’t be able to fend for themselves in the face of a mid-rank major monster and magic attacks from a few hundred casters. A massacre was bound to happen.

From Locke’s experience with the Sanctum’s contingent in Battlezone 17, he noticed that all their battles against the Botanians were incredibly one sided. In the absence of stronger Botanian forces, Locke could easily handle the regular Botanians with one punch after dealing with their soldiers and guards.

There may be near ten thousand Botanians but less than a thousand of them could put up a fight against the Sanctum’s contingent. From what they knew, peak Botanians that compete with any of the five Magisters could only be city lords who, on the other hand, were only as strong as a level-one lifeform. However, there may be some exceptions.

Locke thought that it was basically impossible to have more level-one lifeforms in Nimbus City due to its scale, let alone a city lord that was above level-two.

Accompanied by a blazing fireball that flew across the sky, they began to move into the city in three different directions by four ten in the afternoon. Slaves brandished their sharp claws and fangs while violent waves of mana trailed behind them. The Botanians had no concept of magic but started to tremble out of their innate instincts; they could sense the invaders’ murderous intent.

While most Lehrlings cast spells, some impatient ones had produced their magic gears. In the blink of an eye, ice arrows, flame balls and even lightning spears were aimed into the city.

The spoils of the battle would be given based on merit. Their crystal balls would record their accomplishments and the Lehrlings could exchange their efforts for precious materials, supported by the footage stored in the crystal ball. Nonetheless, the most popular material of demand was Botanian essence since it was universally useful to casters and knights of all levels.

Just as innumerable spells shot towards the city gates, two level-one Botanians levitated and deflected their attack. It wasn’t easy to receive the combined hit of hundreds of low magic attacks. The two level-one Botanians had managed it but at the cost of one-fifth of the apple’s powers.

Four waves of mental power locked onto the two level-one Botanians as soon as they emerged. Porscher and Reiner charged towards the stronger bamboo shoot Botanian in unison, which greatly confused Ashar since she intended to for the city lord as well. Despite that, she was quick to adjust and settled for the apple Botanian instead.

Noticing that, Carla returned to the caster formation in the back, only releasing a hint of her mental power to observe the apple Botanian. She was confident that her sister could defeat the apple Botanian without issue. Since she wasn’t a fan of violence, she stayed behind to manage the overall battle, which was what she preferred anyway.

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