Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 281

The battle unfolded as soon as the five level-one lifeforms collided. Slaves swarmed to the stony city gates, only to be welcomed by a horrifying tsunami of green mucus. The low-rank Botanians standing atop the city wall were intent on defending their homes.

As a knight, Locke was supposed to be at the frontlines. However, he was smart enough to trail behind the slaves; there was no need for him to endanger himself since there were so many cannon fodders to spare. The first attack was always the riskiest part of conquering a city. Locke didn’t have the slightest interest in approaching the tall city walls of Nimbus City for now.

A red velociraptor lunged forward with a violent glide. Despite the green mucus that threatened to slow it down, it had no reservations. The velociraptor had temporarily lost its senses to the agonising pain on its soul imprint. It was one of the most powerful high-rank major monsters in the slave army. It zipped straight into the tough rock wall with long-distance support from the casters.

Bam! A huge dent was created in the wall. The fire major monster had managed to land damage through brute force! The wall trembled, causing a few low-rank Botanians to lose their footing.

The unfortunate souls that fell off the wall were quickly devoured by countless eager jaws at the bottom. Slaves were intelligent beings. As soon as they realised that the casters and knights were here for Botanian essence, they too realized that they’d benefit from consuming the Botanians. The slaves too desired improvement; they’d be able to live longer with a stronger capability.

Slaves deemed to have valuable potential would often be bought out of the slavery by honourable casters and knights as servants or mounts. This was perhaps their best chance at escaping misery. Becoming an underling was definitely better than serving as cannon fodder in war.

The velociraptor’s skull cracked upon impact and its brain matter began to trickle out. It shook its head in an attempt to regain some consciousness. It then opened its jaw to receive two falling Botanians and proceeded to tear off the tail of a nearby mid-rank striped lizard.

Thankfully, the striped lizard wouldn’t die from a torn tail, but it was scared shitless. It scrambled away frantically as the velociraptor let out a deafening roar.

“Quick! Hold it down!”

“Where’s General Pineapple?! Get the general here!”

“It ate my brother! Damn you!”

Chaos ensued atop the city wall. Faced with the fierce raptor, the Botanians rioted and fumed. Yet, they feared its power. Some wanted to go closer to deal with the invader while some wished to distance themselves from danger.

Apart from the dragon, a huge dark green toad soon became the focus at the front of the city wall. Its bloated body was covered in gruesome green spots. With a flick of its red tongue, it dragged a Botanian off the wall. Before the unfortunate Botanian could even respond, it was tossed deep into the toad’s stomach. The green toad’s massive body had bestowed it with a huge appetite. It had already eaten more than seven Botanians in just a short while and wasn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

Locke gagged at the sight. He had no idea what these alien slaves were capable of and he could barely identify them. While he had memorised more than thousands of major monsters through the Imperial Academy’s illustrated major monster guide, he had no idea where the Sanctum and Hall of Knights had captured these slaves from.

The slaves overpowered the Botanians. Yet, the responses of the Botanians grew violent with every passing second. They were no longer the same docile and simple beings the Three Island Isles had encountered at the beginning of the war.

With their sharp heads, the bamboo shoot Botanians jumped over the city walls and launched themselves onto the nearest slaves. Their razor-sharp limbs and head were their best weapons. with their sharp heads jumped over the city walls and threw themselves onto the nearest slaves. Their razor-sharp arms and heads were their weapons. A few metallic flashes later, they landed multiple gashes on a few wolf-like major monsters.

Red blood cascaded down from their wounds. The wolves swayed and doubled over from the poisonous attacks of the bamboo shoot Botanians! The damage sustained by the wolves immediately piqued the casters’ attention.

The slaves weren’t truly expendable without limit. If they were depleted at an alarming rate, the casters at the back would be done for. Fortunately, the casters who noticed the oddity quickly aimed their attacks towards the bamboo shoot Botanians in unison.

Red flames, green vines and brown acid flew across the battlefield. The power generated by a group of casters was overwhelmingly terrifying. Other than the resulting destruction thanks to the wave of spells, the energy released by magic spells could trigger a second chain explosion as a result of clashing elements that were polar opposites.

Right at that moment, Locke witnessed an ice blade and fireball hit two nearby Botanians. The resultant explosion from the attack had further led to the destruction of more in their vicinity. First, they were shattered by the ice blade like ice and then they were burnt by the heat of the fireball. Ice was burnt to charcoal black as smoke wafted towards the skies.

The repulsive reaction between ice and fire had always been the most popular research focus at the Sanctum. Many Magisters were considering the possibility of merging the two elements to create a destructive power like never before. Unfortunately, its feasibility was called into question due to the difficulty to master both elements.

Since pyromancy was highly destructive while hydromancy was easy to learn and relatively gentle, many among the casters on the battlefield of Nimbus City were users of fire and water. Today was perhaps the best time for casters to witness the repulsive explosion of ice and fire in person.


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