Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 282

Angelina and Daenie made a seamless pair in battle. Riding atop her scorpiondrake, Angelina sent out blasts after blasts of flames with a murmur of her lips. Daenie did the same by her side. She waved her blue magic staff around, launching countless ice bolts towards the Botanians on the city wall.

Overall, the battle was on the Sanctum’s side since they were more competent. The bamboo shoot Botanians had only managed to topple a few of their invaders before getting suppressed by the slaves and relentless barrage of spells.

The thick coat of green mucus over the slaves’ bodies had declined their agility. Shockingly, the slime had turned out to be extremely corrosive and it began to dissolve even the toughest scales away. Amidst their harrowing cries, slaves that were suffocated by slime were quickly reduced to a pile of white bones. The green mucus of unknown properties was deadly but it had failed to disintegrate the bones.

Perhaps the casters would soon figure out how to create bone armour to achieve immunity against the dangerous mucus. To learn and adapt during tough times was the innate ability bestowed upon all intelligent beings and this was also what casters were best at. However, there’d probably be no need for that. By the time the casters would arrive at a solution, the Three Western Isles would have full control over Botania.

The sturdy city walls were supposed to be Nimbus City’s best defence; the Botanians had never expected it to be the cause of their deaths. The wall’s vastness had rendered them vulnerable against the casters’ spells.

Waves of spells swept across the city wall, leaving behind dismembered limbs and an array of different coloured fluids on its top. The air was suddenly thick with the signature fresh scent of plants and fruits. That was the scent of Botanian essence. The slaves went berserk, stimulated by its enticing fragrance to climb the walls desperately.

The massacre below had worried the two level-one Botanians in the sky greatly. However, they couldn’t do anything since their attention was occupied by three Magisters. The low-rank Botanians in Nimbus City could only watch their invincible city lord get toyed around by the Magisters in horror.

Ashar was having the easiest time among the Magisters. The shadowmancer threw out a shadow cage that enveloped the apple Botanian effectively. Since Botanians were incapable of mental abilities or anti-magic solutions, the apple had no way of doing anything more. Ashar merely needed to maintain her mana output to secure the level-one Botanian in her shadow cage. Magic was a mysterious concept that the simple low-rank Botanians failed to fathom. 

Ashar’s battle was over. Despite her generous patience, she didn’t wish to allocate more time into this exchange. She manifested several blinding spears out of thin air and aimed them at the shadow cage.

On the other end, the lord of Nimbus City battled against Porscher and Reiner. The bamboo shoot Botanian found himself in a sticky situation despite being of considerable competence. The grey skin of the bamboo shoot tribe possessed significant resistance against elemental attacks. Unfortunately for Sam, the Magisters were using something else alongside elemental magic.

Wise beings would utilise various strategies to their advantage. The casters had collected valuable intel on the Botanians prior to the war; they noticed that the Botanians were completely incapable of using mental power.

With that knowledge, Porscher and Reiner focused their attacks on the Botanian’s mind and soul. The Magisters were rare talents that excelled in the rarest magic of the mind and spirit. It was undeniable that Porscher and Reiner’s foundations were solid.

Hit by a spiralling wave of mental power, the bamboo shoot Botanian slowed down. A burn on its spirit was received next, causing him to feel the deep agony that was experienced by all slaves currently. If it wasn’t for its tenacious will and outstanding resilience, the bamboo shoot city lord would’ve been defeated earlier.

By five in the evening, most of the strongest Botanian forces in Nimbus City were wiped out. The last remaining soldiers were quickly crushed by the slaves. It had only been half an hour since the battle’s commencement.

More than two thousand Botanians had died on the three city walls. The death toll alone had constituted a quarter of the city’s populace. Almost all of the adult male Botanians had succumbed to the war. By now, most of the surviving Botanians inside the city were weaker than low-rank Zauberian Knechts. The regular Botanians mulled over their fates, dreading that this was perhaps the birth of more than five thousand slaves.

Wrath was written all over Porscher’s youthful face as he stood in the middle of the city hall. He slashed his whip across a bamboo shoot servant’s body, causing it to curl up in fear. His source of anger was none other than the painful gash along his left cheek. The wound was so deep that his bone was visible.

The bamboo shoot city lord, Sam, had met his demise in the hands of the level-one Magisters. However, the Botanian had something up his sleeve at the very end that took Porscher by surprise. While the other Magisters were well aware of his slip-up, everyone was decent enough to not mention anything.

The humiliation that followed after Porscher’s wrath brought him to the city hall in a flurry. The Magister ordered the persecution of all bamboo shoot Botanians in the city and extracted their essences right away.

The unexpected element had Porscher feeling genuine fright. The bamboo shoot Botanians clawed forward despite his and Reiner’s combined attack, eventually breaching past his trusty magic shield. If it wasn’t for Parlina’s long-distance aid that arrived in the nick of time, Porscher would be severely injured. The head of any living being was the most vulnerable part, after all.

Porscher’s new scar would be a firm reminder that he was indebted to Parlina. Now, he would have to acknowledge her authority from today onwards. The level-one Magister couldn’t help but feel gloomy about this.

Reiner, on the other hand, was in great spirits. The city wall he was responsible for had been the first to be breached; there was enough merit to exchange for more Botanian essence!


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