Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 306

The perimeter of Thorn City was surrounded by a dense circle of monstrous appearances, followed by rows of fully cloaked casters in the back. The leading caster in navy robes pointed forward effortlessly. “Commence attack!”

The slaves’ eyes glowed red as they began clawing towards the vulnerable Botanian city with uncontrollable bloodlust.

Despite being protected by three formidable thorn Botanians, Thorn City was weak. It was nothing to the slaves for they’d survived countless battles at this point. Simply put, Thorn City was pathetic by their standards.

The Botanian citizens bobbed their heads from atop the city front as they spat their deadly green mucus. In just a blink of an eye, the sky had turned into a sticky ocean of green that rushed towards its nearest invaders.

There were cannon fodders among the cannon fodders; the slaves that were squeezed to the outermost ring were mostly weak. Yet, they’d shouldered most of the mucus’ damage. The unfortunate weaklings had no support nor capabilities to boast about. All they could do was screech and cry as they slowly disintegrated into a puddle of juices.

The green viscous mucus was the Botanians’ strongest weapon. The casters had devised multiple countermeasures but none of them could work on a wider scale; it could barely protect the casters as a whole, let alone the slaves, who could only relent and bet their lives.

As rows of weaker slaves perished, stronger slaves stepped up to replace them. Their loss was merely temporary. From their numerous battles, the slaves knew that these Botanians would be vulnerable as soon as they were forced into close combat situations. For now, their focus was to close the distance between them and the Botanians. Regular Botanians were physically weak and their mucus was their only deterrent. Their combat capabilities were pathetically inadequate.

As the frontmost cannon fodders succumbed to the mucus, a giant crocodile monster emerged from between and lunged towards the walls of Thorn City. The eight-metre-long giant crocodile base-rank monster barely flinched under the assault of the green slime. Since it was a water-attribute monster that spent most of its time immersed in mud, it had incredibly tough scales and a thick layer of soil matter caked on top of its skin. Those had greatly cushioned the damage of the Botanian mucus.

“Oh, I didn’t know this could work,” Locke smirked. He had been watching the battle unfold from behind. The crocodile’s violent moves at the frontlines were projected through the crystal ball in his grip.

For slaves that lacked protective structures, an ‘armour’ of mud as such could help resist most of the slime’s corrosion. However, its effectiveness was limited. The crocodile’s thick mud layer was slowly melting away as more Botanian mucus clung to its body.

After all, the green slime could melt away steel armour and iron plates. The mud armour was bound to be inadequate. The crocodile let out a deafening roar soon enough. Locke could see through the crystal ball that its shimmering scales were softening upon contact with the mucus. Almost immediately, traces of scarlet came trickling down the length of its huge body. Its mud armour was finally gone.

The subsequent wave of mucus was coming. The competent base-rank major monster was about to suffer the same death as its weaker counterparts; all that would be left of it would be bones in a puddle of red.

Yet, the bloody outcome didn’t arrive as anticipated. Countless bright spots began manifesting in the skies then a massive load of powerful magic attacks came raining down onto the battlefield.

Bursting flames!

Eternal frost!

Terra spikes!

Raging hurricane!

The soul reaper’s beam!

The mucus wave of Thorn City’s citizens immediately paled in comparison in the face of such a majestic barrage of attacks. The slaves at the forefront that hadn’t been touched by the mucus were either vaporised or frozen directly by the violent spells, which created a barrier of isolation on the periphery of Thorn City, protecting the slaves but wounding the Botanians.

There was a trace of fear in the giant crocodile’s eyes when it noticed the elemental tide. It glared at it with unhinged wrath, almost as if it was some sort of monster. It became obvious that it and its kind had once gotten attacked by the ocean of elements.

The giant crocodile roared to the skies. It wished to scare away its horror with sound. The slave tossed its massive iron tail, the red in its eyes deepening by the second. It immediately picked up its pace and threw itself against Thorn City’s front. Bam! The ground shook as the crocodile collided with the city’s southwest wall.

Since the city was made of wood, it began to buckle under the relentless impact. A huge opening was created in its centre, revealing countless regular Botanians that were trembling in fear.

The crocodile staggered a little after the impact, a little overwhelmed by the force. It shook its menacing face and gaped its jaw. There were rows of barbs embedded deep into its scales and gum beds.

Much like its name, the city lords of Thorn City were thorn Botanians. This was home to a large population of their kind. Hence, it had been easy for the citizens to scatter thorns and barbs all across the city walls as a defence strategy.

The giant crocodile ignored the thorns that pierced through its face. It took a step back before lunging forward towards the wall once again. Amid the screeches and cries of the regular Botanians, the opening in the wall widened.

The crocodile reached in with its jaw to drag a few Botanian guards out of the hole. With a flick of its thick scarlet tongue, several Botanian soldiers were tossed into the sky and greeted by foul-smelling darkness filled with stomach acid upon their fall. Most of the slaves began swarming towards the freshly made opening. Though the Botanians had outnumbered the slaves, their numbers were barely an advantage. They were nothing more but food in the eyes of the monstrous slaves.

“Stay where you are! Don’t panic!” A mango general tried to maintain order among its subordinates.

The city front was in chaos; no one was listening.

It was then that a crisp sound rang out. Crunch! The giant crocodile had snapped the mango general in half at the waist; there was now one less mango Botanian on the battlefield.

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