Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 317

Their job wasn’t as difficult as they’d imagined; Locke was able to grasp the full flow in just a day’s worth of work. The earlier training had clearly paid off. Angelina, on the other hand, was given the mere task of inspecting the energy recirculation circuits while Locke’s chore was to keep a close eye on the imprisoned Botanians there.

Zone B138 was located on the bottom left of the spatial fortress. The mere corner had covered close to a hundred thousand square metres since the structure was massive to start. It was very bewildering that Locke and Angelina were the only ones stationed here for its maintenance and operation.

Thousands of floating ships had risen to the skies in unison three days earlier, creating a majestic view that didn’t go unnoticed by the knights and casters below. The Botanians too lifted their heads and watched the crowded sky. It looked the same as it did six months ago when the invaders had arrived in their homeland. When these black dots had gone out of sight across the horizon, the Botanians had been gullible enough to think that they’d chased the invaders away.

The World Tree at the heart of the Holy City watched the cohort of floating ships solemnly. There was not a single hint of joy in its muddled eyes and soon enough, a tear came sliding down its bark. Its sole existence was to protect the Botanians, its lifeforce closely tied to the destiny of the plane and its inhabitants. The mother tree was pained to learn that nearly thirteen million Botanians had been loaded into these ships to be brought to the Three Western Isles.

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