Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 319

Four months went by in a flash. Life had been repetitive and boring to a point where the passing of time was unnoticeable. Fortunately for Locke, the spatial fortress was finally approaching Zauberia.

The time they spent aboard the spatial fortress had been peaceful. They hadn’t run into any sort of attacks from the lurkers in the boundless astral realm. Perhaps the fortress’ sheer size and the presence of three level-three lifeforms had been sufficiently intimidating to ward off any potential danger.

After all, no astral monster could grow to become as large as a spatial fortress. It didn’t help that their general capabilities were below level three. Their animalistic intelligence wasn’t enough to help them fight against numerous enemies of similar calibre.

The huge spatial fortress lunged towards the sapphire Zauberian plane in the distance, gliding over to the northwest corner of the plane. Despite their proximity to home, they couldn’t lower their guard yet; the Three Western Isles had their enemies on Zauberia too. Now that all their level-four lifeforms were caught up in planar wars, the Three Western Isles were left to fend for themselves. It was best if they could avoid breaching into other territories.

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