Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 322

Suzzane had started a few businesses while Locke and Angelina were away. All of them had begun to generate considerable profit after six months but it wasn’t enough to cover her incurred cost just yet. Even so, Suzzane was confident that she’d be able to expand her business in due time. The elder’s of Billie’s clan were thoroughly impressed with the young woman’s competence.

By all means, Suzzane wasn’t all that young. She was about the same age as Glace and the fact that they’d regarded her as a young rookie was pretty telling; entry into the trading business scene must’ve been difficult in Aomar.

Nothing was easy. While Suzzane wasn’t a spellcaster nor was she an impetus practitioner, it didn’t mean that she had no worth. As one of Locke’s lovers, she still hoped to do something for him.

While joking around with Kristin, Locke was reminded of something. He turned to Suzzane, who was sitting diagonally across him. “How’s the security like in your shop-lots? Would you like to hire a few people for assistance?”

His experience as a militant had brought him a revelation of the hidden backdoors beneath the peaceful guise of Princeton City. While the city looked peaceful, its underworld was complicated and chaotic. Trouble would find its way to Suzzane if she failed to manage her relationship with them.

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