Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 324

Locke’s very first training room was now shared by Kristin, Glace and Lia. Kristin’s stellar performance in her institute was indebted to her aunt Glace’s undivided support and supervision. After all, geniuses were one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

Now that Kristin and Laffey had left the yard, Angelina, Lia, Suzzane and Glace were the only ones left behind apart from the servants. Lia was startled by her brother’s earlier boldness, causing her to shift her gaze away whenever their eyes met. Though the servants fanned her strongly, there was a warmness spreading across her chest wordlessly.

She snuck a glance over to her brother, only to find Locke plastered to Suzzane. It had been a year since he’d had any proper intimacy and the proximity with a gorgeous lady seemed to have sparked a fire. The two began to flirt openly. While Angelina, Lia and Glace weren’t strangers to that, they began to feel hot and bothered.

“I’m going inside to work on my craft.” Lia quickly left. Apart from studying magic and cultivating her mental powers, Lia would indulge in her hobbies; cross-stitching was one of them. She’d completed dozens of cross-stitch works that were hung around different corners of the house. Some were even used to decorate Suzzane’s shops. Many of her works were portraits of Locke and their parents. However, she’d folded them away inside her little box.

As soon as Lia disappeared, Angelina stood up. “I’m going to meditate now.” The Faustian princess turned around and made a beeline for the mansion, stopping momentarily to drag away the sleeping scorpiondrake.

Angelina was aware that Locke’s lust had been left unsatiated for a whole year now. Hence, she’d decided to be the bigger person and not let her jealousy consume her today. As she tugged Angie towards the mansion, she began to consider the right time to tell her family about their relationship. Kenzir was certainly going to support her and as long as her father approved of Locke, there was little to worry about their future together.

At that thought, Angelina’s heart felt a little lighter. She no longer thought about her lover’s possible rendezvous with Glace and Suzzane. In Angelina’s absence, the mood in the yard grew intimate. Locke turned the servants away, immediately capturing Suzzane’s lips for a searing kiss. Noticing that, Glace attempted to leave but was roughly tugged back in place. The three lovers were soon a mess of entangled limbs, intent on curing their year-long frustration tonight.

It was only until the next afternoon that Locke finally decided to wake up. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. He’d enjoyed a wild night with Suzzane and Glace till the sun started to peek through the horizon. The physique of a high-rank Knecht had fuelled Locke with the energy of a beast, which made their session so intense that the women were screaming for mercy.

Glace’s arm was draped over his neck while Suzzane’s thigh held his chest down. Locke took in the sight and decided that he couldn’t bear to wake them up. He resumed his position and allowed his lovers to enjoy their human mattress a little longer. After all, he was the reason behind their fatigue.

It was only until Kristin’s voice came ringing at three in the afternoon that Suzzane and Glace jolted awake. They blushed furiously as they raced to get dressed. Then, they helped Locke into his clothes like dutiful wives. The appearance of the trio was greeted with Kristin’s mischievous grin.

“Aunty, where have you been all night? Didn’t you say that you were going to supervise my meditation?” Kristin grinned. Oh boy, she was incredibly tactless.

A frown appeared between Glace’s pretty eyes. Her niece was getting out of hand. She wasn’t a child anymore yet it appeared that she had failed to give basic respect. Glace went forward and dragged Kristin off for her meditation. Suzzane, on the other hand, bid farewell to Locke and left for her nearest business.

Locke was left alone all of a sudden. He pondered and glanced at the skies. It was still bright so he climbed into a coach and headed towards the Imperial Academy. The coachman was an elite guard as per the norm, but he wasn’t the usual one that drove Locke and Angelina around.

Locke wasn’t expecting to meet familiar faces as soon as the carriage stopped in front of the academy’s gate.

“Hey, Joaquin and Mina! Is that you?” He beamed at the two girls walking by.

Joaquin’s red hair was still as luscious as he remembered. Her face was just like her body; deviously attractive. Mina was one of the casters in his mission group. Locke remembered her vividly since she was a rare use of air magic. Unfortunately, Mina failed to recognise him.

“Locke?” Joaquin tried.

“Ah, I’m glad our leader still remembers me.” Locke chuckled. Joaquin had always been the leader of their little mission group. She was a strong and very opinionated woman.

“Hey, where have you been? You’ve been gone for a whole year!” Joaquin huffed, placing her arms on her waist.

They were aware that Locke had left for the Sanctum but his prolonged stay was only made known to his lovers. His friends at the Imperial Academy had been left out of the circle so they assumed that he left for a mission with the Hall of Knights.

Anyone of higher standing in Missia knew that the Hall of Knights had issued a call to arms for high-rank Knechts and above two years ago. Joaquin’s parents were only sufficiently powerful to access the tip of the iceberg. There were many details to the deployment order that they didn’t know, let alone their children like Joaquin. She could only piece crumbs of information obtained from her parents’ conversations, which allowed her to learn that high-rank Knechts were mobilised elsewhere.

The streets weren’t the best place to catch up with old friends. With Joaquin’s prompt, the three of them walked over to a nearby tavern.

“Should I call Billie and the others here too?” Joaquin waved around her crystal ball.

“No need. I’m going to meet them soon since Angelina is back too.”

“Oh! This calls for a merry gathering then!” Joaquin smiled.

Ah. Locke finally remembered. Joaquin was a party-loving aristocrat.

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