Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 348

“Stop it!” Locke attempted to protest but Angelina was faster.

The Faustian princess, in all her petite glory, strode forward to the white-goateed Magister angrily. She’d always been the most emotionally stable person among the bunch and grew up knowing that the world was filled with injustice. Yet, she’d never imagined that they’d face such unpleasantries here on Sanctum grounds, which was a place Angelina had idolised since young.

The Magister was completely different from Grandmeisterin Parlina and Carla. He was behaving more like a scummy trader obsessed with personal interest than an earnest intellectual. His glance towards the scopriondrakes had sickened Angelina greatly. How could someone like this become a Magister?

Angelina’s rare display of anger couldn’t be blamed. For someone who’d grown up amid the chaotic palace, she was familiar with such displays and grew to hate it intensely. This hatred had pushed her to dabble into magic since young, which also coincidentally allowed her unrivalled magic potential to shine.

This was her first time witnessing the dark side of casters. The daylight robbery had angered Angelina so bad that she’d momentarily forgotten that he was a Magister capable of considerable destruction.

“Mm-hmm? You got something to say?” The white-bearded Magister lightly tapped his staff on the ground and invisible waves began looming towards Angelina. It was a sound spell! The cunning Magister was a rare practitioner of phonomancy. Angelina was caught aback by the approaching sonic attack, which incapacitated her ability to build her defence.

Locke grabbed her by the waist and pulled her out of harm’s way, narrowly avoiding the sound waves in the process. Crash! Rocks were sent flying everywhere; the attack had punctured a sizeable hole in the ground!

The Sanctum’s grounds were fortified with petrifying spells. Yet, the spell had blasted away an area; a telling sign that it could’ve been lethal if it were to contact the human body. Locke would suffer great damage even with his tougher body, let alone Angelina who’d lacked physical toughness.

The white-goatee Magister scoffed at Locke and Angelina before turning around to ignore them pointedly. The couple weren’t level-one lifeforms so they were unaware of what level-one lifeforms were truly capable of. The white-goatee Magister wasn’t planning to get back at Angelina or whatsoever, he merely intended to give her a harsh lesson: The pride of a Magister must not be trampled at any cost.

Just as he continued working on the rune restraints, he caught their hushed conversation.

“Angelina, where’s your Seal of Light?” asked Locke.

“It’s here. I still have some left.” Her legs were still wobbly from the earlier shock. Angelina remained in his arms but made quick work to retrieve a matted pearl seal from her spatial charm.

Locke readied himself and held the Seal of Light all while staring at the Magister. Their conversation was deliberately meant for the Magister’s ears since he barely flinched at the mention of Parlina’s name. They needed to bank on Carla’s name to stop him from taking the Akanasds.

Photomancers were as rare as phonomancers in the Sanctum. Since the white-goatee Magister was presumably somewhere up there in the hierarchy, he would’ve at least heard about Carla. Locke was also aware that Carla lived on higher floors than Parlina, which meant that she was of a certain superiority. He could only pray that her name could intimidate the horrible Magister. It was a pity that he didn’t have any of Magister Ashar’s belongings on him that he could’ve utilised now. Perhaps he should ask for an item or two when he sees her next time. He watched the Magister cautiously, noticing a slight jolt in his posture.

“What is your relationship with Magister Carla?” There was a slight twitch to his goatee as he turned around to face Angelina stiffly. The arrogance in his voice seemed to have watered down.

Without Locke’s reminder, Angelina was quick to respond in a firm and confident tone, “Magister Carla is my mentor.”

Immediately, the tension shattered and was replaced by an inexplicable sheepishness.

“Uh…. Uh…” The white-goateed Magister pointed at Angelina shakily. The revelation had him at a loss for words. The whole incident was dramatic. The Magister’s initial reckless behavior towards Angelina and Locke had dissolved into cowardice as soon as he learnt of her backing. Following that, he’d deliberately brushed away conversations about rune restraints on the scorpiondrakes and had even offered to arrange temporary accommodation for the Akanasds.

After all, it was common for the Sanctum’s casters to bring in aliens for planar wars. If casters had formed a mental linkage with the scorpiondrakes, the monsters could’ve been transported directly to foreign planes immediately at the huge expense of energy crystals and mana. Judging from the distance between Zauberia and Botania, doing so would’ve required the powers of a level-two Magister skilled in the art of summoning.

Carla’s brother disciple was indeed a Magister with overpowering capabilities and was considerably well-known across the Sanctum. Plus, white-goateed Magister was certain that Carla hadn’t transcended into becoming a level-two lifeform yet, which meant that the scorpiondrakes needed to be shipped over via the spatial fortress like most slaves.

Once the scorpiondrakes were seen to the forest, the white-goateed Magister promptly left the scene. He felt as if he’d lost all face to remain there. Locke and Angelina couldn’t quite comprehend the sudden shift of attitude. The three quasi-Ritters that were shadowing the Magister too were equally perplexed. Why was he so pliant all of a sudden?

“Since when was Magister Carla so influential?” Locke nudged Angelina slightly. He failed to connect how the gentle photomancer with her head of ivory hair could intimidate the white-goatee Magister so intensely.

“I have no idea.” Angelina shook her head in confusion. “I heard from my mentor that her brother disciple is extremely powerful. Perhaps this is thanks to him?” muttered Angelina after running through all possibilities. She was indeed an intelligent one.

“How powerful is he? What level is he at?” Locke wanted answers.

“I don’t know either. She’d never mentioned it.” She pursed her lips.


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