Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 349

Once the scorpiondrakes settled down in the forest, Locke and Angelina returned to the Sanctum through the sky corridor. They’d settled the paperwork regarding their holiday in the administration department with their proceedings handled by a familiar person. Magister Cassio was one of the few level-one Magisters Locke and Angelina came to know during their time in the Sanctum.

“Oh, you’re back!” Cassio was a tad on the larger side with an equally generous heart. He was a bubbly person with a great personality, which gave him an approachable appearance.

“It’s great to see you, Meister Cassio!” With his hands still linked with Angelina, Locke bowed at Cassio.

The Magister whistled in response, “What a polite young lad!” Cassio had a lasting impression on Locke since he was the only knight among a sea of casters. However, the Magister soon took notice of Angelina’s ghastly complexion. “What’s wrong? Is everything alright?”

The white-goateed Magister didn’t hold back his earlier attacks and had stirred momentary instability and chaos in Angelina’s mana. Thankfully, she’d only need two days to recover since she was already a high-rank Lehrling.

Before Locke could utter anything, she quickly squeezed his hand. “Thank you for your concern, Meister Cassio. It was just a small misunderstanding.”

This was not the right time to make complaints. The white-goateed Magister, known as Sonic, was obviously someone on par with her Grandmeisterin Parlina; he must be a powerful level-one Magister. If that was the case, even her Grandmeisterin Carla wouldn’t be able to make a difference since combat wouldn’t be a photomancer’s forte until they reached a certain level.

Locke fell silent, effectively picking up on Angelina’s cue. He turned his face away and huffed in displeasure. How dare the white-goateed Magister attempt such an act on Sanctum grounds! This was daylight robbery and he’d pay the Magister back soon.

The difference in Locke and Angelina’s responses caught Cassio aback. He promptly squeezed out a smile. “Ah, I see. Since it’s a small misunderstanding, why don’t we look past it? Don’t forget that we’re leaving in five days!”

“Yes, Meister!” replied Angelina respectfully.

The couple then began a series of document submissions and identity confirmation. It was only after getting basked in the light of Cassio’s black crystal ball that they were allowed to leave the administration hall.

The Magister watched them leave with his chin propped. Based on their responses, something must’ve happened earlier. Cassio’s social network was wide since he was working as an administrator. Crowds of Lehrlings and Magisters alike would grace the hall every day, bringing Cassio an array of information. He’d known that Angelina’s mentor was Carla, which was a piece of news that many Magisters weren’t even aware of.

Cassio was genuinely amiable but this attribute wasn’t extended to many. There were fewer than twenty Lehrlings in the whole Sanctum that he was willing to take seriously; all of them were either extremely talented or possessed solid backing.

Angelina could be considered as a prodigy by no stretch of the imagination since she’d advanced as a high-rank Lehrling at twenty-five years old. However, Cassio had placed more importance on the fact that she was Carla’s pupil.

News from Centauria that’d arrived last month brought word that Archmagister Banam had slain one of the two Centaurian gods. The other god was then severely injured by the combined attacks of level-four Archritter Gaia and Zachary.

The Centauria invasion was expected to last another hundred years but the current situation was pointing towards just fifty more years of war. After all, it was just a minor plane with only one level-four lifeform remaining. The war may progress faster if the last level-four Centaurian was killed too. With that, dominating the whole of Centauria within ten years wouldn’t just be a fever dream.

A mass return of Magisters and Ritters from Centauria followed the arrival of great news. This was the Three Western Isle’s first attempt at running two simultaneous planar wars. The less than ideal progress of the Botanian conquest would naturally induce the Sanctum and Hall of Knights to deploy more combat forces soon. The Ritters and Magisters that’d just returned would most probably be mobilised before they could recuperate sufficiently.

Carla’s junior brother disciple, the faceless Magister Charles, would most certainly be sent to Botania then. Cassio couldn’t help but sigh for he was just a level-one Magister. If he could’ve helped Angelina even the slightest bit, he could place Carla in debt to him. The return of such investment was unimaginably colossal. He made a mental note to find out more. Traffic in the administration hall was huge so Cassio was confident that he’d catch wind of what happened earlier.

The couple made a beeline for Angelina’s room once they were out of the hall. Though Locke also had a room in the Sanctum, it was located too near to the transfer zone for comfort. Currently, the transfer zone was filled with many enslaved monsters, making the noise level disruptive and there was a perpetual stench clinging to the air. The casters’ efforts to cast wide range air freshening spells were futile.

Locke refused to put himself through that so he lowered his pride and begged Angelina with pepper kisses. Angelina, who was greatly bothered by the earlier incident, couldn’t help the curling of her lips. She watched Locke follow her into the Lehrling’s accommodation area like a puppy with delight.

While the couple had yet to consummate their relationship, there were plenty of intimate things they’d done in private. Angelina adored his small displays of affection and she could never grow tired of it.

The Lehrlings lived a distance away from the Sanctum tower, where there were dozens of five-storey complexes. Angelina’s room was on the third floor of one of the buildings. The bottom forty storeys of the tower were academic venues while the Magister’s accommodation started at forty storeys and up. Each Magister was allocated a private laboratory, meditation room, cultivation room, nursery and many more. Some were even given laboratories of the highest specs that allowed them to tap into the Sanctum’s elemental pool directly. The Sanctum had its own advantages and attraction that could lure most Magisters across the Three Western Isles to settle down in its premises.

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