Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 358

Parlina could easily recognise Angelina’s familiar among the scorpiondrakes. The Akanasds’ uncanny similarities were already telling the Magisters half of the story.

“Grandmeisterin Parlina, this… I’m afraid it’s a long story,” Locke stuttered.

“That’s not an issue, we have time. Shall we head back to camp for this conversation?” Parlina turned around and strode away. Locke quickly chased after the leaving Magisters.

Porscher seemed to have figured out something, for he came over to land a loud clap against Locke’s back. “Wow, you got some nerves!” The flabby man may be a Magister but his strength was uncharacteristic of one. Locke bit back his urge to have Porcher switch over to impetus cultivation instead.

The Sanctum camps outside the Green Screen City lit up when evening arrived. It was clear that the Botanians had honed their skills as the planar war progressed. Their strategies were increasingly refined and they could attack at night. With that in mind, the Magisters had divided the slaves into two groups; one was brought into the city to annihilate its remaining inhabitants and the other remained at the camp.

Meanwhile, Locke had finally explained the full story behind the Akanasds’ arrival after much effort. Apart from Parlina, Ashar had stayed to listen while Porscher had left some time ago.

“Hmph.” Parlina scoffed coldly.

Locke knew he was blatantly in the wrong, so he stayed mum in a corner. Much to his surprise, Ashar had spoken out in his favour. “Since those scorpiondrakes are already here, there is nothing else we can do about them. I think they’re plenty competent.”

“If they weren’t, I would’ve punished him already,” huffed Parlina indignantly.

The Sanctum and Hall of Knights had often mobilised major monsters that weren’t enslaved in war. Most of them had been native monsters in the earlier days, led by casters and later knights. Unfortunately, this had devastated the native monster population and soon it became a threat to the ecological completion of Zauberia. The protector of the plane had even come forth with explicit orders to stop such an act, which effectively decreased the involvement of native monsters in the Three Western Isles’ arsenal. Only native monsters convicted of extreme destruction and civilian harm were enslaved in current times.

Adamyrs had always kept within its limits, living a peaceful life within the confines of Morphey Forest. Apart from the occasional devouring of one or two unlucky souls that wandered into the depths of the forest, it really hadn’t done anything improper. It had even stayed out of the ruthless Shalorian War without any intention to cause more ruckus there.

With all things considered, Locke’s recruitment of the Akanasd sovereigns was highly inappropriate. They were fortunate that both Adamyrs and Shiva were too focused on aiding the conquest to care.

Parlina was absolutely boiling. If the authorities learn about this, this was a matter that wouldn’t be punished by a mere sanction. “You must not let anyone learn about this, understood? I’ll go meet the Akanasd sovereign personally,” uttered the hydromancer sharply.

“Understood,” Locke quickly answered with a lowered head. Locke’s boldness knew no bounds and Adamyrs was unlucky to have encountered him. The Akanasd may be close to a thousand years old but it was still fundamentally a monster; its interaction with humankind was limited. It only recognised the Sanctum as an untouchable force since it’d witnessed the casters wiping everything it deemed an eyesore out of existence too many times. Their eyesores had ranged from alien natives to disobedient slaves, and this was, unfortunately, a regular event during the planar wars participated by young Adamyrs.

The Akanasd sovereign had been lucky enough to survive the planar wars and return to Zauberia, where it eventually encountered its mate and built a family together. Yet, here Adamyrs was again. It felt like misfortune to be involved in yet another planar war with Shiva and their children.

As a noble Magister of the Sanctum, Parlina didn't have to be polite with Adamyrs. She hadn’t expressed the true extent of her displeasure to Locke. Adamyrs and Shiva were still qualified trailblazers as long as the Sanctum was kept under the wraps, after all.

“I can’t interact with the other Magisters and publicly claim that I’m your ally?” The Akanasd sovereign’s black irises widened. It couldn’t quite understand why Parlina would request something so peculiar out of the blue.

“Yes,” Parlina affirmed.

Though Adamyrs had no reason to disobey a Magister’s instruction, it was not unusual for casters to have powerful major monsters or aliens with peculiar abilities as allies. The Akanasd couldn’t help but doubt itself. Am I incompetent? From what it had sensed from the other presences in the contingent, there was no one stronger than it apart from the dark-robed shadowmancer.

Yet, the capability of a caster couldn’t be judged solely through energy activities. There had been instances where casters could conjure unique spells that were powerful enough to obliterate stronger enemies. Casters were always at the pinnacle of their peers, and that much was a fact in the mid and minor planes surrounding Zauberia.

Locke, who’d narrowly escaped Parlina’s scoldings, went his way to Carla’s tent with Angelina. Indeed, Carla wasn’t looking good at all. Her ghastly complexion was pitiful but its combination with her white robes and photomancer status had Locke in awe. She almost looked ethereal. The Magister evidently lit up at Angelina’s appearance. Carla was delighted that her mentee had thought of visiting her first thing upon landing. Locke went forward to help her up.

Frankly, Carla wasn’t pleased by Locke’s contact. She scrunched her brows but didn’t push him away. The knowledge of her mysophobia was only known to a small number of casters. The general public had merely assumed that Carla was aloof, which seemed to be a reasonable assumption since her sister behaved similarly.

Carla glanced at Angelina with unmasked gratification. “Well done, you’re now a high-rank Lehrling. We can finally move into advanced spells from now onwards.”

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