Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 373

Odis, who’d been holding the spatial barrier open, failed to hide his surprise at the appearance of a certain Ritter.

“Zachary! Isn’t it too soon for you to be here?” Odis quickly questioned.

“We’re almost done with the conquest of Centauria so Master Banam sent me to your aid.” Zachary grinned, presence no less intense than Odis. He was one of the few level-four Ritters alongside Odis in the Three Western Isles. The man was the head of most Hall of Knights branches across the Missia continent.

Zachary had brought with him nearly three thousand Ritters, all of which were above level one. There were even dozens of level-two Erdritters and four level-three Himmelritters in the mix. The knights that stood before the minor plane still reeked strongly of blood; it was obvious that they’d just ended an intense battle recently.

Odis raised a brow at their appearance. It became apparent that the lot had been teleported through space and the only one capable of doing that was none other than the founder of the Sanctum, Archmagister Banam himself.

“I’m surprised that Master Banam performed a hefty teleportation at his expense.” Odis let out a low chuckle. He shared a close bond with Zachary and Gaia; the level-four elites were well-known for their unity across Zauberia.

Yet, Zachary’s reply was more solemn than anticipated. “That’s because a certain someone has figured out that we’re trying to conquer two planes.”

“You mean the bastards on the east coast?” Odis’ brows were raised higher. That wouldn’t be surprising since the east coast and the Three Western Isles had always been on rocky terms.


“Looks like we really need to pick up our pace now,” muttered Odis heavily.

Truth be told, the east coast casters would not directly interfere with the Three Western Isles in fear of protests from other Zauberian influences. However, that didn’t mean that they would stay away from petty crimes like infiltrating the Three Western Isles to disrupt their resources or wreak havoc at the Hall of Knights and Sanctum. Their actions wouldn’t be drastic enough to garner the attention of other Zauberian influences. While the possible damage wasn’t harmful enough to crumble the Three Western Isles, it was still plenty harmful to their foundation.

“Did Master Banam mention a date?”

“No, but the sooner the better,” answered Zachary.

The east coast hadn’t made their move but the Three Western Isles still needed ample time to prepare themselves. Even so, Odis was certain that they’d fare well in the event of an attack since they’d drawn up necessary measures before leaving for Botania. Anyhow, the benefits reaped from Botania would be enough to compensate for their losses.

“Did you force an attack?” Zachary zoomed in on Odis’ right arm with furrowed brows. The level-four lifeform’s arm was trembling ever so slightly, soaked in the remainder of the plane’s consciousness and bits of dimensional shards. This was a sight obvious only to level-four lifeforms. Zachary could deduce that Odis had forced his arm beyond the spatial barrier not too long ago.

Every plane had its own principles and will; the former being a connection between various planes in the vast astral realm and its existence was meant to bring glory and order. A minor plane lacked level-four lifeforms, which made it weaker than typical low-rank planes. This had further limited its inhabitants to a level three ceiling. Its order wasn’t completely developed either. The combination of that and many other factors had birthed a strong instinctive repulsion against level-four lifeforms. The intensity of a level-four lifeform was too foreign for a minor plane hence it would be forced out violently.

Unlike Centauria, in which consciousness was awakened briefly in response to dire circumstances, Botania’s consciousness couldn’t be awakened for it wasn’t completely developed. If a powerful level-four being had successfully forced themselves inside, the plane’s order would be disrupted and mass extinction of its inhabitants would surely follow. In essence, they’d bring calamity upon the plane. Many half-planes were birthed because of that.

“Azzel! Head to their aid!” Zachary could see everything unfolding in the heart of Botania from the crack. There were countless knights and casters around the foot of the World Tree, fighting bravely against waves of Botanians.

“Right away, Herr!” One of the three Himmelritters replied. He manifested a golden spear and its tip was immediately aimed into the plane. Much like Magister Mist’s meteor shower, several thousands of Ritters travelled towards the ground at light speed like a shooting star. The Himmelritters in the front were the brightest and fiercest rays of hope for they were demigods too.

“You can rest easy. I won’t snatch the World Tree’s heart from you.” Zachary circulated his impetus, joining forces with Odis to keep the opening wide.

A spark of electricity flashed beside Zachary; it was a Ritter with lightning-type impetus. Agus, who was on the frontlines, lifted his head towards the sky. There were several thousand white rays appearing on the horizon and they were closing in fast!

“Hmph! It’s that bastard Azzel!” The Man of Bronze hissed. While the two level-four Ritters may be great friends, the same couldn’t be said for the level-three Himmelritters under their wing. Most of them had clashed against one another at some point in their life.

“Hurry up! We must not let them belittle us!” Eugen exclaimed near Agus. The grudge between him and Agus was insignificant in the threat of losing face. It was chivalry to stay united and such must be true at least for members of the same Hall of Knights branch. Agus and Eugen may not be on good terms but they would never drag each other down in battle.

Eugen and the other Himmelritters had rushed to Agus’ aid when he was ambushed by several level-three Botanians. It was fair to say that Eugen had saved him from a grisly death. It was difficult not to be in someone’s debt when you’d lived for centuries.

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