Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 375

Agus wrung his aching arms once he was done twisting a bamboo shoot’s head. “Wow, you’re pretty tough.” He slackened his jaw and pushed the level-three Botanian carcass into his mouth whole. The energy reserves of the demigods were hitting their limits at this point of the battle, prompting the Man of Bronze to resort to primitive approaches to replenishments that strayed away from refined extractions. The Botanian had returned his energy by a third, allowing him to dash forward with fewer reservations.

A huge mountain was thrown against Holy City’s walls. Eugen was the fastest Himmelritter to advance this far. The mountain had been a tangible manifestation of his terramancy impetus, an indication of his mastery of the element. Yet, the peak that used to be several hundred metres tall was reduced to an alarming height of only a hundred metres.

Unlike Agus who’d relied heavily on brute force, Eugen’s attacks mostly focused on impetus. Earth impetus users typically possessed a stable reserve and the fact that Eugen was pushed to such limits spoke of the intensity of the battle.

The Holy City had been worshipped by the Botanians for generations, it was a sanctuary that guarded their faiths. Yet, its sturdy walls that promised protection finally came undone with a loud rumble, no longer able to withstand the force of the enormous mountain. The Botanians’ despair had arrived before they could remedy the breach.

“Charge! Destroy all that stands in your way!” A Ritter in golden armour landed from the sky, bringing in thousands of Ritters that reeked of blood into the Botanian sanctuary. The Ritters were well-trained and worked with great synergy, they’d created a rain of blood as soon as they came close to the Botanian front.

The leading Ritter in golden armour blasted away the level one and two Botanian lords that attempted to halt him. He headed straight towards the heart of the city, where the main body of the World Tree stood. His peak level-three senses were telling him that his only worthy opponent was the World Tree.

“Divine Slash!” A blade of blinding light spread from within the city. The nearby Botanians around its contact points were mercilessly dissolved by its rampaging elemental mana. A huge ravine appeared in the middle of Holy City, splitting the territory into two.

“We can’t let Azzel take our kill!” Agus shouted to Eugen as he battled a blue level-three Botanian.

“I know! But we need to get past these annoying bastards first!” Eugen waved his sword eagerly, entangled in a difficult battle against a banana Botanian.

The violent activity in the Holy City had brought unfathomable anxiety to the Botanians on the frontlines. There were close to no level-three Botanians left and those that were of this level were regarded more as prey to their invaders. While the lower Botanians still allowed their side to gain an upper hand, the same couldn’t be said for the elite lifeforms. There were more level-three Himmelritters and Magisters than level-three Botanians, and the latter was falling at an alarming rate. Once the level-three Botanians were thoroughly devastated, the invaders would quickly shift their attention to subduing the level one and two Botanians.

The gap in their powers was obvious and the Botanians were at a loss. In the absence of level-three Botanians, the level one and two Ritters and Magisters would then be allowed to join their lower combat force in battle. The lives of the slaves were of no concern but the future of both the Sanctum and Hall of Knights required protection. The Three Western Isles couldn’t afford to lose too much of their future resources here on this foreign plane. As the battle progressed, the initial stalemate was soon broken.

Three months later, the grassy plains outside the Holy City were tarnished with horrible gullies. The colour of the soil was peculiar, being an uncanny mix of greyish greens and brilliant scarlets; a reminder of the blood spilt on every inch of this land.

Locke raised his spear atop Fermoss, aiming it carefully towards an escaping Botanian. The splattering of emerald green fluids followed shortly after a flick of his wrist. The spear’s momentum dragged the low-rank Botanian for an extended distance, creating a harrowing trail of blood behind it. The scorpiondrake gingerly crawled over, letting Locke retrieve his spear. It then wrapped its barbed tongue around the carcass and enjoyed a fresh meal.

Locke was using base-rank Fermoss as his mount as Adamyrs had been rendered immobile by the earlier battle. It had sustained significant damage from protecting its children. Its fortified scales hadn’t helped dampen most of it, causing it to be vulnerable to the Botanian lords’ mucus. Even so, there was a silver lining. The scorpiondrakes had managed to survive the fierce battle as a whole. Out of the nine scopriondrakes, Adamyrs and two of its injured children were recuperating while Shiva had followed Ashar and a few Magisters after a level-one Botanian. Angelina, on the other hand, was out on a mission with the other casters atop Angie. Locke had specifically requested her to do so since it would be safer.

“Hey! Hurry up!” Locke knocked the end of his spear on the ground. Three scorpiondrakes were falling behind at the back of the gully. They made for a peculiar sight on the devastated battlefield, a combination of a knight and four base-rank scorpiondrakes was definitely not common at all.

“We’ll leave for the next area once we’re done here.” He pulled out a map from his bloodied armour. Since he was a quasi-Ritter with the ability to lead around four base-rank major monsters, Ashar had tasked him with two areas to search. It was a task that came with many benefits and Locke felt incredibly indebted to the shadowmancer. It was a ticket to hoard spoils from the fallen Holy City!

The battle had forced a retreat on the Botanians and those that remained were mostly weaker ones without the ability to fight. Botanian corpses were piled all around the city and the scorpiondrakes refused to bat an eye. They repulsed at the unfresh meals, having been spoiled rotten from the adequate supply of fresh carcasses all this while.

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