Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 381

“Damned invaders! I’m through with you!” The Centaurian deity raged, his scream booming from the capital below. Showing off his majestic musculature upon the invaders, he leapt to an astonishing height of four hundred metres. The inhabitants of the capital kneeled at his appearance reflexively.

“I see you’ve finally decided to show yourself!” Archmagister Banam jeered from within the clouds. There was no courtesy nor was there any mercy; the golden giant lurched forward with his spear, intent on stabbing the shorter Centaurian deity right away.

“Sirilei…” The Centaurian deity muttered, his body quickly swelling to a comparable size as the golden giant. The two massive beings clashed, shaking the ground in waves and robbing countless lives in the process.

The fight that ensued was a sight to behold. It appeared that the Centaurian deity had recovered significantly from grievous injuries but he was running out of luck; this wasn’t a one-on-one fight where he could afford to focus on level-four Gaia. There were peculiar dark bolts of lightning reaching from Banam’s clouds for the regular Centaurians below, weakening them to a pathetic state regardless of their individual capabilities. Another lightning of suffocating presence formed in the belly of the cloud once again, seizing the Centaurian deity as he trashed against the golden giant’s hold once it took shape.

A rampage of rain and wind covered everything! The entire plane wept for its impending doom. Millions of slave creatures began charging toward the royal capital, its historical walls no longer able to shield its citizens from bloody fangs and claws. The knights marched behind the cannon fodders following the lead of their Himmelritters, exterminating any resistance on the way. Waves of intense spells assailed every corner of the capital, crumbling its infrastructure as the regular Centaurians ran for their lives. Unfortunately for them, they quickly succumbed to the onslaught.

The Three Western Isles were reaping these Centaurians like a bountiful harvest as if they were deadly sickles. Unlike Botania, whose barrier had held the level-four elites outside its confines, many level-four lifeforms were able to torment Centauria. Their presence had made a huge difference in terms of progress. The Three Western Isles were enjoying constant victory following the fall of the Centaurian deities. In fact,their progress was much smoother than that of the ongoing conquest of Botania.

Crash! Slam! Bam! The Centaurian deity that rushed out of the capital was beaten to a pulp continuously throughout the months. His thousand-metre size was reduced to no more than eight hundred metres from the constant damage and subsequent healing. The golden giant too had faced corresponding damage, seen in his equally diminishing size. Since this was Zauberia, level-four Gaia wasn’t able to utilise the plane’s resources to hasten his recovery. It was fortunate that Archmagister Banam was here, allowing Gaia some leeway to conserve his power. He was able to keep his size at a thousand metres under the plane’s suppression.

The golden giant smirked at the significantly smaller Centaurian deity. With his pale sharp fangs on display, his spear danced elegantly as he charged toward it once again. He glanced over at the Archmagister Banam in the sky. The two-month exertion barely fazed the widely-recognised dominion of the Three Western Isles. The size of his cluster of clouds remained largely the same with frequent sparks of something dark that danced in an eerie pattern between the folds.

“You shall not escape your fate this time!” Banam declared chillingly. The dark clouds began spreading with an alarming speed, enveloping many before they could respond. The Centaurians below cowered between the ruined walls in fear, simply thinking that the abrupt darkening of the sky had been the influence of the level-four lifeforms’ power. Their assumptions were not without reason, after all. Level-four lifeforms were often so powerful that they were able to alter nature’s law. The destruction they were capable of was beyond anyone’s imagination. Level-four beings commanded awe and fear, even for those beyond level one. Level-three lifeforms were the only ones that could resist the unintentional influences of the level-four gods to a certain extent but their numbers were few.

The Centaurian royal capital was already having a hard time resisting the invaders. When the dark clouds above their heads expanded over the horizon, these pathetic creatures began crumbling under Archmagister Banam’s power.

Crackle! A myriad of lightning brewed in the dark clouds. The Centaurian deity that fought tooth to nail took in the sight with widened eyes. “No!”

Zap! Blinding light permeated the city, vaporising the helpless Centaurians into nothingness before they could scream. The Centaurian deity attempted to cushion a part of the attack with the bow on its left but it remained clueless to the fact that Archmagister Banam had never been aiming for the vulnerable people below.

Nine layers of lightning broke through the cloud and struck the Centaurian deity. Archmagister Banam was also known as the Beacon of Silence and it went without saying that his spells were associated with relevant attributes.

The golden giant let out a deafening war cry, rushing just beneath the dark clouds and fighting the Centaurian deity once again, creating deep craters with every step taken. The lightning had weakened the Centaurian deity while missing Gaia entirely with Banam's manipulation. Another destructive bolt brewed again, ignorant to the Centaurian deity’s desperation to protect its world. It was a battle to subdue the beast!

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