Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 396

Two foragers were seen making their way to the shore right at that moment.

“Hey you, I’d like two moonstones.” Locke tossed a gold coin out of the carriage window. The large entourage had long attracted the curiosity of the nearby residents and foragers, to which they’d assumed that it belonged to some travelling aristocrat. The coin dropped onto the floor with a loud clink, glinting brightly as it caught the sunlight. The scavengers looked at each other cluelessly but made no move to claim it.

“What’s wrong? Not enough for you?” Locke was bewildered. He’d learnt from Ashar’s experiments that moonstones were low-rank magic materials that were merely capable of light and temperature manipulation. It shouldn’t be worth more than fifty silver coins and cheaper prices were expected since they were at the harvest spot.

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