Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 86

Pete glanced at George and Locke and said, "For a potion that is so valuable like this, we'll have to record who requested it and who it is for."

"Got it." It seemed like George knew the rules. He turned around, called Locke over and said, "You'll have to report your identification number and your name later, and you'll have to get your fingerprint imprinted."

"Yes, Herr!" Locke replied as a soldier would.

Fina was the one who was responsible for recording all the information down. She held a large notebook in one hand and wrote quickly using a quill with the other.

George had more of his information to be recorded because he was the one who requested it, essentially being the sponsor and guarantor of the user. Locke only had to be recorded as the user of the potion.




"The deputy platoon jarl of the Cavalry Platoon, 2nd Company, 2nd Division, Falcon."

That was all. He just needed someone from the logistics department to verify his identity and was good to go. With George here, everything went smoothly without a hitch.

Locke had finally gotten the small, beautifully packaged wooden box. He also had three strengthening potions packaged the same way.

"You're probably the richest person in 2nd Division now!" said the division jarl to Locke jokingly.

They left the logistics office and were now headed towards the camp of 2nd Division.

Locke didn't take his words seriously. The division jarl was way wealthier than him, and how had he become the richest man just by owning a few potions?

"It was all thanks to your help!" Locke was also a sweet talker. He knew how to flatter at the right times.

"Haha!" George patted Locke on his shoulder. He seemed to appreciate Locke's gratitude.

As they were already near Locke's camp, George didn't follow along. It was late, and he needed to go back to rest.

"Goodbye for now, young man!" said George with a smile on a face. He didn't behave like a division jarl at all around Locke.

Locke thought that he looked alike with another fat noble which he'd met not long ago, and they had both treated him very well. He then asked, "George, do you by any chance know a viscount named Melson?"

"Melson?" George was stunned. "You know my nephew?"

Oh, they were relatives. No wonder they had similar body sizes.

After they had returned to their camp, Locke said goodbye to Cardoj and Yoshk and went back to his tent. There was no food for him by now. Luckily, Locke had eaten a lot of snacks on the way to the corps' stronghold today, and he wasn't very hungry now. He could wait for breakfast tomorrow.

Cardoj and Yoshk had probably thought the same thing as they both had returned to their own tents.

George and his clerk were on their way back to the division headquarters. Suddenly, a woman ran up to them, heavily panting and stopped the both of them.

It was Fina from the logistics department.

"Uncle George, Grandpa called for you. He wants to see you now!" said Fina while trying to catch her breath.

The grandpa that she'd mentioned was obviously referring to the silver-haired Pete.

It was around midnight. George, who was supposed to be sleeping with his beautiful maidservant in his tent at this time, was now once again at a warehouse in the logistics office.

"You better have a reasonable explanation for this, Pete! Otherwise, you'll be dead!" snarled George frantically towards the silver-haired old man in front of him. A vigorous impetus gushed out of George's fat body as he spoke. It seemed like there were serious consequences for disturbing his sleep.

The silver-haired old man just calmly took a cloth and wiped the table in front of him. It was full of saliva that sputtered out from George's mouth. But there was strangely not a drop of saliva on Pete's body. A light, cyan impetus barrier could be seen surrounding Pete. It seemed like he was also a high-level Knecht!

"You still have the nerve to say that?" whispered Pete. Although his voice was soft, he was heard clearly. "You didn't even tell me about the identity of the young man that you'd brought!"

After hearing what the silver-haired old man had said, George rolled his eyes and said stubbornly, "He's just an ordinary officer!"

Although he was still being stubborn, he had suppressed the impetus blast that he was just about to unleash. Pete's skills were stronger than his, and he didn't want to fight him in a place like this.

"How would an ordinary officer be awarded a large amount of military merit by Prince Kenzir, Margrave Marmen and even Princess Angelina?" Pete seemed angry. His voice was low, but his tone was unfriendly.

"Um..." George rubbed his round head and asked incredulously, "Are you serious? All of them gave him military merit?"

"Hmph! Why would I lie?" Pete was so angry that even his beard twitched. "If I hadn't taken note of this and asked Fina to go to the headquarters to check on the file of this young man, I wouldn't even know that he is now considered among the elite."

"Quickly tell me about what happened! Why did the prince and margrave personally give merit to an officer? What part did the princess play?" George really didn't know that Locke was valued by so many big shots.

Seeing that he really was unaware of the situation, Pete calmed down and said, "According to his merit, he could've gotten three will-condensing potions!"

George widened his eyes in disbelief. "How is it possible? Even a count like me would have to break my back to get three. How much military merit was he awarded?" George found it very hard to believe.

Kenzir and Marmen were the pinnacle of the elite nobles in the Kingdom of Faustian. They wouldn't make this kind of mistake by awarding Locke so much merit, lest this caused a misunderstanding among other nobles. George couldn't believe that the prince and margrave would promote a commoner into a noble.

"Although the margrave and the prince greatly rewarded Locke, it is reasonable, as the total amount added up was equivalent to one will-condensing potion," said Pete. In essence, the prince and the margrave didn't see Locke as something more than he was.

"The problem is with Princess Angelina," continued Pete. "The rest of the merit was given by the princess, four thousand points in total! Even I'm envious," said Pete as he touched his silver hair.

George was relieved when he knew that Angelina was the one who played the major part in this. He had probably figured out the reason why. "This kid rescued her!"

"Oh, I see!" Pete nodded as he'd come to the realisation.

Both George and Pete thought that this was the princess' way of repaying Locke for saving her life, and didn't think of any other reason.

"Luckily I didn't treat him badly and even gave him so much!" George suddenly felt relieved. He wasn't angry at Locke for taking such a huge advantage of him, instead, he was glad he did. Even though Locke was just a platoon jarl, he had the favour of three big shots, so he shouldn't be treated lightly.

George suddenly realised something and asked Pete, "The princess has no actual position in the army, so where'd she get so much merit to give?" Only officers who had the rank of a deputy division jarl or above had the authority to award military merits to other soldiers under them.

Pete put away the cloth that he had used to wipe the table and said, "I've also just found out that the princess is one of the people in charge of the caster unit."

George was speechless. The group of casters was certainly the richest in the military as they had the first priority over all their resources. Since the princess was one of the people in charge, she held great authority. This amount of military merit might not even mean much towards these wealthy casters.

It was obvious from the appointment of the princess as to lead the casters that Kenzir treasured his sister deeply. Angelina was only a beginner-rank Lehrling, so she didn't rightfully deserve the position.

The reason for the prince's appointment was probably for her protection. There were a large number of soldiers and casters by her side to protect her now. It would be impossible for Angelina to be in danger again unless Shalor's war god, Clark Gable, came back from the dead and led the Shalorian army.

After George and Pete figured it out, they grew to respecte Locke even more and would never give him the cold shoulder the next time they meet. He was, in fact, the princess' saviour. As long as the current Faustian king and Prince Kenzir were still alive, he would always have a blank cheque in many of his affairs.

Locke was sleeping soundly as the two of them were talking about him at the logistics office. There were a lot of people around nowadays, so it was difficult for Suzanne to go to Locke's tent. He had no choice but to spend the nights alone.

Early morning the next day, just as Locke had just gotten out of bed and was preparing to go to the training grounds, a person he rarely had contact with came to see him.

"Herr Wyr, are you looking for me?" Locke opened the drapes, only to see a middle-aged man in full armour in front of his tent. By the looks of the sweat on his armour, it seemed like he'd been waiting for quite some time.

"Yes, Locke. There's something I'd like to discuss with you." This time, Wyr didn't give him pressure like he did when he first taught him impetus. He must've had restrained his aura, just like George and Pete did yesterday.

"What's the matter?" Locke couldn't imagine why a high-rank Knecht and noble knight would come to him for a favour.

"I've heard that you have a few strengthening potions. Can I have one?" asked Wyr with great difficulty. It seemed like the powerful and unapproachable Wyr rarely asked for favours so humbly. "I'll owe you three favours in return!" Wyr immediately added.

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