Heimarian Odyssey - Chapter 90

Locke strode towards Suzanne's residence. He wondered why Glace would make such an unreasonable request.

Glace did not stop him from leaving. She only looked at his back with a complicated expression on her face.

At this time, Kristin tugged on the corner of Glace's dress.

"Aunt, I'll go and beg Brother Locke. I miss Grandpa!" she said, starting to tear up.

Because of her family situation, Kristin had almost never seen her father and mother. She did not have a very deep impression of her parents. It might also be due to the fact that her parents were very patriarchally minded. Despite her youth, Kristin knew her parents wanted a son to be the heir of the Felippe family.

Her father dealt with external affairs all year round, while her mother was a famous diplomat of Shalor, traveling all over the world. As far back as she could remember, she had always lived with her aunt Glace. Other than Glace, the only other family in her life was her grandfather, Margrave Felippe.

Felippe did not think much about Kristin being a girl. This old man liked the petite and cute little girl very much. He often took her to the Shalorian palace when he went there for official matters. He also knew about how his good-for-nothing son thought about inheritance.

However, he chose to turn a blind eye towards that. Felippe had many direct descendants, and he had a lot of well-known sons and daughters. In addition, he had many children out of wedlock. He was known for being a player when he was young. Willis, the mayor of Farlans, was born from a one-night stand of the old man and a maidservant.

Therefore, Felippe was not at all worried about the succession of the family, since he had so many sons and a lot of grandchildren as well. Compared to the sons and grandchildren who only knew how to scheme and plan all day long, he preferred his younger granddaughter Kristin, who did not fight for anything.

Glace speechlessly looked at the usually sensible Kristin. She squatted down and hugged the little girl tightly. "Kristin, don't cry. I will definitely take you to see grandpa!" Glace said with a mature tone.

Locke arrived at Suzanne's place just as she was having dinner, which was a bowl of meat soup, potato slices and a piece of white bread. Her dinner was more sumptuous than many squad jarls.

Seeing Locke come over, Suzanne cleared the dining table and fetched him a stool. Although her quarters weren't meant for one person, Locke's acquaintances in the logistics department placed her in a tent close to the granary. Apart from her, half of the tent was filled with wheat, so it could be considered a one-person tent.

Locke's mood was not ruined by Glace's strange request. His purpose in coming to Suzanne's place was not only to admire her beauty, but also to take her to his tent.

Although the place where Suzanne currently lived was essentially her own, there was always a lingering smell. Locke knew it as the smell of food that had been left out for a long time.

"Let's stay in my tent from now on!" Locke said.

Suzanne was stunned for a while, before she nodded her agreement. She also wanted to be with Locke, and she had always tried her best to satisfy him. She had been worried she would cause bad rumours to spread about him. But since he had made his mind he should be able to deal with it.

Of course, Locke had planned this for a long time. He, now a low-rank Knecht, was not afraid of gossip. Everyone in the battalion worshipped the strong. He was only inferior to Wy. A low-rank Knecht would be respected anywhere.

After waiting for her to finish eating, Locke pulled her directly to his tent since there was nothing else they had to take over. He had all the daily necessities in his tent. Ever since he was promoted to platoon jarl, he enjoyed his life to the fullest. He had been yearning for four years to become a platoon jarl. Now that he made it, he didn't shy away from enjoying his position.

When they came out, they saw Glace and the rest. When he saw Glace staring at him, Locke was inexplicably upset and hurriedly pulled Suzanne away. She was just about to chat with the group but had to leave with Locke. During the days when Locke was away, she got along well with the others.

When Locke left, he did not forget to make some arrangements for Glace and the rest. From quite a distance, he greeted Henry and told him help the three of them settle in. Henry patted his chest and agreed.

Bruce was instructed by his uncle to bring Glace and the rest to a camp built by their caravan. A tent was directly assigned for the group of three. Since they might be Locke's women, Bruce made sure to serve them the best he could.

"Let's go!" Glace took the lead, following Bruce to the place that was arranged for them; Laffey followed along as well. Only Kristin looked at Locke leaving with red eyes.

In the arguments between Glace and Locke, it was Kristin who had been the most hurt. She wanted to stay with him but at the same time, she wanted to meet her grandfather. Now, her heart felt very heavy.

Glace seemed to think that Kristin was just missing her grandfather and stroked her hair. "Don't worry, I will take you to see grandpa." She seemed to have thought of an idea. She seemed determined, as if she was certain it would work.

"Did you fight with Laffey and the others?" Suzanne asked Locke curiously. Among the three girls, Laffey was the one who had the best relationship with her. Kristin was closest to her, and Glace was just an acquaintance. Suzanne always felt that there was an invisible gap between herself and Glace.

"No." Locke would not tell others about Glace's unreasonable request, although the terms were very tempting.

At night, Locke first went to the battalion to inspect the cavalry platoon.

As the deputy platoon jarl of the cavalry platoon, he had become familiar with the soldiers there. Locke could also remember the names of the several jarls. The baron's infantry and cavalry were managed separately. So, in the past four years, he did not get acquainted with many people from the cavalry platoon.

Locke did not know them, but they knew him. Whether it was the fact that he was a commoner and made it to the post of a platoon jarl, or his saving the princess, he was a model for the cavalry platoon soldiers to learn from.

Most of the soldiers in the cavalry platoon were orphans adopted by Cardoj or those who lived in the baron's mansion since childhood. The lives of them and Cardoj were interlinked, and their loyalty was a given.

When dealing with the barons' descendants, Locke did not throw his weight around as a platoon jarl, let alone a low-rank Knecht. If not for the fact that he had just become a low-rank Knecht and couldn't properly withhold his aura, he would even talk to them as if he were an ordinary soldier.

Thanks to Locke's approachable attitude and the aura he exuded, he earned even more admiration from this group of soldiers. Everyone admired the strong, just like how Locke had always been in awe of Wyr.

Although these cavalrymen were better armoured than infantrymen, had a better riding lance, and even a strong steed, they were just ordinary people. The standard impetus technique taught in Falcon was Falconim. Only platoon jarls and higher could learn Falconim as a reward as a measure to ensure the stability of the ruling class.

After inspecting a group of soldiers in the cavalry camp, Locke left for another direction. Passing by the tent where Wyr was located, he still felt an oppressive power pressing upon him. Back when he was a beginner Knecht, all he felt was great discomfort. He felt as if he was being stared at by an apex predator.

But as a low-rank Knecht, this feeling became even stronger. If Wyr did not exude his aura on them regularly, Locke would definitely react the same way when he met the Blood Red Shalorian soldier: he would run for his life.

While new recruits might face enemies stronger than themselves and rush up to fight for their lives, Locke would not. Four years of war had turned him into a veteran; he would not make any unnecessary sacrifices.

When he returned to his tent, Suzanne was already lying on his bed. There was not much entertainment in the camp. Now that the joint forces might attack the city of Audis at any time, the soldiers wouldn't relax and play cards like usual, unless they wanted to be caught by patrol and punished to stand outside for a whole day.

And that was the preferable option. In the worst case, they could be sent to the death camps. In Faustian's army, there was no better way to deal with the soldiers who committed disciplinary infractions.

Ordinary soldiers had nothing to do except to sleep and train, but Locke was different. Seeing Suzanne in his bed, his body suddenly became hot. The green military blanket emphasised her beautiful curves.

Her chest was oh so round, and Locke suddenly felt it was bigger than before. Without thinking too much, he rushed forward with his clothes still partly on.

The person in bed seemed a little unwilling, twisting here and there. Locke thought that Suzanne was just being shy since they had not met for a few days. So, he pressed onto her, disregarding the struggle of the beauty in his arms.

That was until the blanket was accidentally pulled off and fell to the ground. Locke stared blankly in shock at the person lying in front of him.

"Why is it you!?" Locke looked at Glace in disbelief. The sheets were already stained slightly red.

Glace obviously looked like she was in pain. Towards Locke's question, she kept quiet.

He was under no illusion of what was happening. Their two bodies were still connected, he could feel it.

"Help me get into Audis!" Glace said to Locke, enduring the pain in her body.

Locke was motionless and did not answer.

Seeing the lack of reaction, Glace snapped, "Are you even a man!"

Locke heard those words clearly. He was a man alright. Holding onto her legs, he then continued ploughing.

After the whole ordeal ended, Locke's mind was still in a mess. Lowering his head, he leaned against the bed, not knowing what he was thinking. Glace closed her eyes and laid quietly in bed. She had been chaste for more than 20 years, only to have to exert herself so heavily all of a sudden. She was completely drained.

"Where is Suzanne?" Locke said, seemingly recalling something.

"Forget about Suzanne for now!" Glace opened her eyes and glared at Locke. "Are you going to help me?" With that angry look on her face, it was as if she was about to cause trouble if he were to say no.

Locke slumped in a frustrated manner. After all, Glace was the first virgin girl he met. Either way, he would have to take responsibility. He had always been a responsible person.

"Fine..." he said weakly after a while.

After hearing his answer, her expression finally calmed. As she looked at the man many years her junior, she suddenly felt like she owed him something.

"If I can succeed, I will become yours!" Glace meant every word.

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