Magic Industry Empire - Volume 1 Chapter 124

Banta City under the curtain of the night wasn’t as lively as it was during the day. Other than some businesses that were still open in the night, the entire city gradually fell into a deep sleep.

If one were to look at if from above, it would be complete darkness underneath, other than a few places letting off light. This was completely different from a city on earth, which was brightly illuminated even in the darkness.

Among the places that were lit up, Xu Yi’s house was included.

It was different from normal candlelight, as Xu Yi had a Magic Lamp on the table in his living room.

Not only did the light green glass cause the room filled with the light to be dyed a light green, it also made Still who was holding her head with one arm looking down with a thoughtful appearance look even more beautiful.

Looking at Still’s skill that was flawless and white under the light, Xu Yi couldn’t help praising, “Still, I definitely feel that you could go be the spokesperson for the Chanel Chamber of Commerce. With your beautiful skin as advertisement, I can guarantee that the Chanel Chamber of Commerce will sell even more perfume and makeup!”

Although Still didn’t move and her expression didn’t change, she gave a soft snort as her lips softly parted to say, “There is no use in flattering me. If you don’t tell me why this elf is following you, I won’t forgive you.”

Xu Yi looked at Agnes in front of Still with the drawing pad in her hand, focusing on drawing before saying with a bitter smile, “Didn’t I tell you at dinner that she is here to ask for my help with her tribe’s problems. The reason why she’s following me is because she is waiting for me to finish my things so she can bring me to her tribe. Isn’t that right, Agnes?”

“Ah?” Agnes was focused on drawing, so suddenly hearing Xu Yi call her name, she looked up at Xu Yi in a daze before nodding in a bewildered manner, “Ah,right.”

Seeing Agnes’ appearance, Still gave another snort, “Xu Yi, if you want to come up with a cover story for her, you should at least put in a bit more effort. You think I would believe this?”

Xu Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“We haven’t done anything wrong, what would we be covering up?”

Xu Yi wanted to keep explaining, but after seeing the dispirited expression on Still’s face, his heart skipped a beat and he couldn’t say anything.

The room fell into an awkward silence.

Xu Yi looked at Still for a while before suddenly saying, “Still, I’ve heard Great Magician Camilla say that the night I came back from Anvilmar City, you personally cooked and wanted me to come to your house for dinner?”

Still’s expression froze before she said with an indifferent look, “You didn’t come that day, so I threw out all the dishes. What are you suddenly mentioning this for?”

“It’s nothing. I just suddenly thought of it and wanted to say thanks.” Xu Yi said, “In this world, other than Vivian, you are the only other person who made a meal for me, so I’m quite happy.”

Vivian sitting beside Xu Yi narrowed her eyes and her eyes filled with an indescribable happiness.

Still couldn’t keep the same position and looked up in surprise to say, “The first time? It’s never happened before?”

“No.” Xu Yi shook his head. Although he thought that it did happen on earth, it was indeed the first time in this world.

It was like Still’s first time meeting Xu Yi as she looked over him a few times. She suddenly revealed a smile and said, “Alright, since you still know to say thanks, I’ll forgive you this time. I’ll also give you a special privilege that if you want to eat the meals I make, you just have to tell me and I’ll make it for you. Of course, this can only be used once, so you have to treasure it.”

Xu Yi couldn’t help smiling, “Then I really have to thank you.” Seeing the happy smile on Still’s face, he couldn’t help saying in an emotional voice, “Still, I take back what I said this afternoon. Although your quiet and elegant face is also good, comparing it together, I still like the happy smile on your face more. Without knowing why, when I see you smile, I feel much more at ease.”

A blush filled Still’s face and she rolled her eyes at Xu Yi, as she softly scolded, “Fool…..”

When Xu Yi and Still were in an indescribable mood, Agnes suddenly clapped.


“Done? This fast?” Still put down her arm in surprise and stood up to walk to Agnes’ side. She bent over to see the drawing in Agnes’ hand and couldn’t help calling out in surprise, “Too beautiful!”

Xu Yi couldn’t help smiling, “Hey, Still, it’s you on the drawing, so you don’t need to be this narcissistic, alright?”

Still glared at Xu Yi and took the drawing pad from Agnes’ hand, as she turned it to show Xu Yi, “Do you think it’s not beautiful?”

“Of course I feel……” Xu Yi’s eyes fell onto the drawing pad and he was drawn into the drawing pad like he was being pulled by a magnet, unwilling to look away at all.

On the painting, Still used her left hand to support herself on the table as her left palm held her cheek. Her right hand was placed on the table and two fingers were outstretched stroking the table. Her expression was very relaxed, like she was thinking about something and thinking about nothing at all.

By the table, the Magic Lamp was releasing a faint green light that covered Still with a layer of faint green light, giving her a more mysterious feeling. People couldn’t help thinking about, just why was this girl revealing this kind of expression that couldn’t be read at all?

Compared to the painting Master Anlios made in the afternoon, the lines were more clear and the expression on Still’s face was even more eye catching. Whether it was the composition or the idea, it was all much better than Master Anlios’ painting.

What made Xu Yi satisfied was that because they picked the night as a background, the foundation of the painting was set by the green light of the Magic Lamp and no one could ignore the crucial part played by the Magic Lamp.

Moreover, because the design of the Magic Lamp was created by Agnes and Vivian working together, Agnes was more clear than anyone else on the design of the Magic Lamp. So her drawing was made more carefully and she could draw the beautiful and delicate shape of the Magic Lamp better than anyone. It made it so if anyone’s eyes fell onto Still or the Magic Lamp, their attention would immediately be pulled in.

After Xu Yi saw this drawing, he couldn’t help feeling a desire to buy the Magic Lamp, showing the power of this drawing.

After looking over this drawing several times, Xu Yi couldn’t help giving Agnes a large thumbs up, “It’s beautiful! Agnes, you really are a talented drawer!”

Agnes shook her head and said, “If it wasn’t for young miss Still and the Magic Lamp for being beautiful, the drawing wouldn’t have been this good.”

Hearing Agnes praising her as beautiful, Still suddenly felt that her actions from before were a bit laughable.

Still was an open minded girl and after thinking about this, she felt that Agnes wasn’t that displeasing. She even became interested in her long pointy ears.

“Agnes, you’re too modest. I think that this painting can be considered a work of art.” Still praised Agnes.

Agnes didn’t understand what was called modesty, she just said her true thoughts. But after being praised by Xu Yi and Still, she felt very happy.

Of course, Xu Yi was even happier than the two of them.

Now that facts had proven that Agnes’ skills were better than Master Anlios, Xu Yi didn’t need to hold back with Master Anlios anymore.

If Master Anlios still didn’t care about others’ opinions like this afternoon, Xu Yi could break off their relationship without any hesitation and make him scram.

But that was on the premise that he could keep Agnes here.

If it was said before that Xu Yi had a special fondness for Agnes since she was an elf, now Xu Yi found that Agnes had a value herself that could move his heart.

Agnes had this astonishing talent for art, so other than being able to substitute for Master Anlios, she could also work together with Vivian to make the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s products have beautiful and attractive designs.

One mustn’t look down on the design of a product. On the highly technological earth, there were many industries that had saturated technology, so the difference between them was usually in terms of design.

An outstanding design could make a product stand out, even allowing that product to have a higher price.

Sometimes, just based on design, the price of the same product could have a large difference.

Although the magic machine industry had just started developing on the Sines Continent, in order to prepare for the future, Xu Yi wouldn’t let go of an outstanding designer that came to him.

But the status of Agnes as an elf was a large hindrance.

Compared to dwarves, the barrier between humans and elves were bigger.

The dwarves would occasionally live in human cities, but there wasn’t a single elf that did the same.

How to convince Agnes to work for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was a large problem.

“Agnes, after the problem with your tribe has been taken care of, would you be willing to live in Banta City?” Xu Yi tried asking.

Agnes looked at Xu Yi in surprise, “Why would I live in Banta City? Of course I want to live with my tribe.”

“It really is like this……” Xu Yi muttered. He wasn’t willing to give up as he asked, “then what kind of situation would make you willing to live in Banta City? Un, to be honest, I want you to work for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, are you willing?”

Still looked at Xu Yi in surprise, “Xu Yi, even if Agnes draws better than Master Anlios, she is still an elf in the end……”

Agnes softly shook her head, “Many thanks for chairman Xu’s invitation, but I still hope to live with my clansmen.”

Xu Yi thought for a bit before suddenly saying, “If after I help you solve the problem with your tribe, what if I ask for you as a reward?”

Still and Vivian looked up at Xu Yi in shock at the same time.

Was he joking?

However Agnes met their gazes and gave a very calm nod.

“If it’s chairman Xu’s request, I’m willing.”