Magic Industry Empire - Volume 1 Chapter 135

Compared to the steel factory, the cement factory wasn’t as shocking. Rather because of the dust in the air, it looked quite messy, making Still unable to stop herself from knitting her brows as soon as she saw it.

Vivian didn’t show any disgust at this environment. When she was a slave under Viscount Leslie, the environment she lived in wasn’t much better than this.

Xu Yi thought that the one who would reject this environment the most would be Agnes, but he never thought that Agnes would just calmly look at this, not having any opinions at all.

“Agnes, don’t you think that this environment is bad?” Xu Yi couldn’t help asking.

Agnes shook her head, “I feel it is very bad, but we elves have a very strong adaptiveness to environment. This environment doesn’t affect me at all.

“I thought that you elves would have a high request for good environment like the rumours.” Xu Yi muttered.

“Yes. We elves are a race that strive for perfection. Although we have a high adaptivity to environments, we still have very high requirements for our own living environment. Once you arrive at our tribe, you will find the place we live in is very beautiful.”

“I believe this.” Xu Yi immediately nodded. Thinking about it, he pointed at the dirty cement factory and asked, “Then do you think there is a way to change the environment here?”

“Just let the dwarves stop turning the stones into dust.” Agnes responded very naturally.

Xu Yi couldn’t help feeling depressed as he said with a bitter smile, “I’m asking about if the factory continues working like this, is there a way?”

Agnes slightly knit her brows and thought for a bit before giving a soft nod, “There should be a way. There is a Silent Cloth Grass that grows near our tribe that can suck up the dust in the air, keeping the environment clean. But there is too much dust here, so I don’t know if it’ll work.”

“Giving it a try is good.” Xu Yi received a satisfying answer and immediately smiled, “When we arrive at your tribe, I’ll ask your elders to help us transplant some Silent Cloth Grass.

Seeing Agnes agree, Xu Yi turned to say to chief Siluka on the side, “Chief Siluka, last time I suggested that you move the living areas a bit further away to avoid them being affected by the dust. Why is it that I’ve found that you haven’t moved at all?”

Chief Siluka patted his thick chest while laughing and said, “Chairman Xu, you’re looking down on us dwarves too much. It’s just a bit of dust, we dwarves are strong and don’t care at all. You have to know that a long time ago, we dwarves lived in caves underground. Us dwarves loved forging back then and the cave was filled with smoke all day, with nothing happening.”

Xu Yi knit his brows, “Chief Siluka, even if you dwarves have strong bodies, this much dust will still harm your bodies. It’s a good idea for you to move away from this pollution, so why aren’t you willing to leave?”

Seeing Xu Yi’s serious expression, chief Siluka rubbed his head and awkwardly said, “To move all the clansmen, it would take quite a bit of money.”

Xu Yi’s face sunk, “Chief Siluka, I thought that you were a good chief that truly cared about your clansmen. I never thought that for a bit of money, you would let your clansmen face danger to their bodies. You’ve truly disappointed me!”

Chief Siluka fell silent, but Camby on the side couldn’t keep watching as he quickly said, “Chairman, you’ve misunderstood the chief!”

“How have I misunderstood him?” Xu Yi was depressed because of this shocking pollution here and hearing chief Siluka’s answer just now, it filled his heart with a bit of anger. Hearing that Camby wanted to argue for him, he asked without any hesitation, “Camby, you and your dwarven brothers work and live at the factory, so you aren’t affected by this place. Of course you don’t know what kind of harm comes from living in this kind of environment. Do you know that if you keep staying here, the lifespans of you dwarves would be affected?”

Camby had been working for Xu Yi for a while and had gradually formed a bit of fear to Xu Yi. After being reprimanded, he didn’t dare refute, but thinking about it, he still tried to explain for chief Siluka, “Chairman, you have to think a bit about the chief. Although our tribe’s days had become a bit better, we’re still lacking in money. The chief is thinking for the clansmen, not willing to use up all the money the clansmen would use on buying food.”

Xu Yi was stunned, “You still don’t have enough money to buy food?”

Chief Siluka shook his head with a bitter smile, “We have enough if it is buying food, but we want to save some money. When winter passes, we want to fix the houses for our clansmen, so…...Chairman Xu, you’re right, if the bodies of the clansmen degrade, there’s no point in saving this money. I’ll immediately begin moving the clansmen!”

Xu Yi thought about it before suddenly asking, “Chief Siluka, according to your estimates, how much money would it cost to move everyone to a better environment?”

“Actually if it’s just moving, it wouldn’t cost a single copper. We dwarves personally build the houses we live in, so it just takes some time. But…..” Chief Siluka had an awkward expression on his face, “I wanted to use the chance of this extra income to give everyone better homes, so I wanted to buy materials from the humans. If possible, I wanted to invite humans to help build our house since you humans are better than us at building houses and they look more beautiful. I calculated it and to give each member of the tribe a good looking house, it would cost over two thousand gold coins.”

Xu Yi nodded and said with a serious face, “That’s good. Chief Siluka, I’ll represent the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to give your tribe three thousand gold coins to help you build your new houses.”

Chief Siluka and Camby were both shocked, as they quickly waved their hands.

“How could that be! No, chairman Xu, our tribe can have such good days is all because of you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. We have already received enough help from you, so how could we still want your money? Now, I can’t take this money!”

Xu Yi decisively said, “You have to even if you don’t want to. But chief Siluka, I’ve thought about it. Directly giving you money is not good because you are dwarves, so you will be cheated out of quite a few gold coins if you look for a human company to help you build homes. How about this, I have a good relation with the Amrit Chamber of Commerce right now, so I’ll go to the Amrit Chamber of Commerce to help you build new homes. As for the style and location of the home, you can make that decision. What do you think of this plan?”

Chief Siluka and Camby’s eyes lit up.

“This method is good, but chairman Xu, this…..This is too much trouble for you. Moreover, this would take quite a bit of money, right? I’m afraid two thousand gold coins won’t be enough……”

Xu Yi waved his hand, “There’s no need for you to worry about money. Thinking of having the Amrit Chamber of Commerce build these houses, I suddenly thought of come new ideas. Chief Siluka, do you know approximately how many dwarven brothers there are in the Lampuri Kingdom?”

“This……” Chief Siluka thought about it before responding in an uncertain voice, “Around…..twenty to thirty thousand? I’m not certain either.”

“Un, then how many dwarven brothers can you contact?” Xu Yi asked.

“There are less than twenty tribes that make contact with our tribe, which adds up to less than five thousand.” Chief Siluka replied.

“Very good. My new idea is that since I’m building new houses, I might as well build some more. I plan on choosing an open area not far from here and building large amount of houses for thousands of dwarves. Other than the dwarves of your Norma Tribe, I want to invite the dwarves of other tribes to live there. For example, I think the Angola Tribe and chief Monto should be willing to agree to my idea.”

Hearing Xu Yi’s idea, not only were chief Siluka and the other dwarves shocked, even Still looked at Xu Yi in surprise.

“Hey, Xu Yi, what are you planning? Gathering all these dwarves together, you’re not afraid of attracting the vigilance of the kingdom’s officials?”

Xu Yi was stunned, “That is indeed a problem……”

Chief Siluka quickly said, “Young miss Still is right. If that many of us dwarves gather together, I’m afraid it will cause a misunderstanding with your human king. Chairman Xu, we can accept you wanting to help us build new houses, but let’s forget everything else.”

“No, I feel this is a good idea, the king might not oppose this.” Xu Yi thought about it before continuing, “How about this, let’s use the plan from the beginning. Chief Siluka, pick a place nearby and I’ll have the Amrit Chamber of Commerce build a new tribe for you. But chief Siluka, when you’re picking this new place, it’s best if you can find a place that can have more houses. If my plan can receive the king’s acknowledgement, it’s best to have room to implement it.”

Seeing that Xu Yi insisted on it, chief Siluka could only nod in response.

But being safe, chief Siluka couldn’t help reminding Xu Yi again.

“Chairman Xu, although it has been several thousand years since the race wars, you humans are still vigilant of other races. It’s fine if you have a few dwarven brothers working for you, but gathering all these dwarves together like this, you will easily attract the suspicion of your human king. I’m worried that this will bring trouble to you and your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so it’s best if you are a bit more cautious.”

Still also had knit brows as she said in a worried voice, “That’s right, Xu Yi, chief Siluka is right. Although I don’t have any prejudice against dwarves and other tribes, it’s hard to stop others from having prejudice. If some people have hostility towards you, they might grasp the handle of your close relationship with the dwarves.”

“I understand your worries.” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “But I have to say that it is because they don’t know the value that other races have. If one day they can understand this, I wouldn’t need to do anything and they would seek to change this. When that time comes, I might become a prophet!”

Still rolled her eyes, “I’m afraid that before you become a prophet, you’ll become a martyr.”