Magic Industry Empire - Volume 1 Chapter 96

Xu Yi turned around in a surprised manner and found three people who were around twenty years old standing beside him. The one who called out was a young man with a head of light red hair.

After being surprised for a bit, Xu Yi also revealed a look of pleasant surprise. He punched the young man with light red hair on the shoulder, “Erwin, it’s actually you! Why are you here?”

The youth called Erwin gave a laugh before strongly hugging Xu Yi. His lips curled as he said, “Aren’t you speaking nonsense? Participating in the Magicians Guild’s certification exam, which magician would miss this? Look, didn’t you come in the end?”

After saying this, Erwin looked over Xu Yi and had a surprised look, “Yi? Xu Yi, looking at your current appearance, you seem like you have some money? No wonder you came to the certification exam, you always said that you didn’t have money before.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “It’s alright.”

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