Magic Industry Empire - Volume 2 Chapter 110

Because the first day of the certification exam was for Primary Grade Magicians, there would be many people who wanted to become certified magicians, so naturally there were the most people.

So compared to the first day, when it came to the Second Grade exam on the second day, there were much fewer people.

Of course, it wasn’t that much less.

According to the stats of the Lampuri Kingdom Magicians Guild, there were currently close to two thousand Primary Grade Magicians in the kingdom. The ones that felt they were strong enough to become a Second Grade Magician each year was over a thousand people.

Xu Yi and Still arrived at the test site outside the city together and saw that it was a very noisy scene.

With the current ability of the two, of course they wouldn’t participate in this Second Grade Magician exam. They specially came to cheer for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s magicians who were currently participating.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had recruited close to three hundred magicians and other than the forty six who worked at the magic research facility, the rest were Third Grade or lower magicians who all worked at the factory drawing Magic Arrays.

These magicians that entered as factory workers to do simple work either didn’t have good talent and couldn’t raise their strength by much, or they have poor families and didn’t have the financial resources to support the growth of their magic power. So their power gain within a year wouldn’t be too fast.

But for each magician, even if they knew that their power couldn’t reach the requirement, they still wanted to find a way to participate in the certification exam each year.

Other than having the hope that they could pass by luck, they also could come into contact with more colleagues and experience the atmosphere of large amounts of magicians gathering together.

For many magicians, the certification exam each year was more like a large conference for magicians.

So when Xu Yi gave the researchers their vacation, he also gave the workers of the factory the same seven days off to let them participate in the certification exam.

Although there were too many magicians and even if Xu Yi was generous, he couldn’t afford to let them all stay in the expensive Sheldon Inn. So he gave each person a subsidy of twenty gold coins and provided them a ticket to Anvilmar City and a ticket back to Banta City with the Fersen Carriage Company.

Even like this, it caused many of the magicians to feel gratitude towards Xu Yi.

It had to be known that because their levels were too low, the magicians couldn’t rely on their magic to earn money. This meant that the trip to Anvilmar City each year was quite the expense for them.

Now not only did the Frestech Chamber of Commerce give them vacation pay, they also gave them a subsidy. These really were good work benefits.

So even if Xu Yi didn’t say anything, these magicians would have already mentioned this to the colleagues they already knew and the colleagues they just met. They would all brag about the special treatment they received from working at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce with proud faces.

When Xu Yi and Still appeared at the exam site, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s magicians immediately noticed the two of them and in a short amount of time, this news passed through the exam site.

Xu Yi and Still instantly found that almost all the eyes of the magicians on the exam site were focused on them.

The two of them were used to being stared at, so Xu Yi asked Still with a smile, “Still, your charm really is too much. Look, even these magicians who are usually mesmerized with studying can’t help being attracted to you.”

Still shook her head and doubtfully said, “That’s not right, why do I feel like they’re all staring at you?”

“At me? What is there to look at with me?” Xu Yi gave a shrug. His eyes swept over the magicians from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and when he was about to raise his hand to greet them, he found a familiar figure among them.

After Xu Yi was stunned, he quickly went up and asked with a smile, “Hey, Erwin, I thought that you were participating in tomorrow’s exam. Why are you here today?”

This familiar figure was Xu Yi’s old classmate Erwin from the Senkaiser School.

When Xu Yi came to Anvilmar City for the certification exam, he had bumped into him.

Back then Erwin had participated in the Primary Grade exam with Xu Yi and he was confident in passing the Second Grade exam, but he didn’t pass in the end.

Xu Yi thought that after a year of experience, his magic power should be above a Second Grade Magician’s, even reaching a Third Grade Magician, so he asked this question.

Erwin had a smiling face when seeing Xu Yi, but after hearing this question, he hung his head and waved his hand in a dejected manner, “Don’t mention it, I was thinking that I would become a Third Grade Magician in the end, but who would have thought that I would be taking so many adventures that I didn’t have time to study magic at all. Even now, other than increasing my battle experience, my magic isn’t that much higher compared to last year. It would be good if I could pass the Second Grade exam, how could I even think about passing the Third Grade exam.”

Xu Yi was a bit surprised. Although Erwin’s magical talent wasn’t as good as his, he was still considered quite good back at the Senkaiser School. Based on the general trend, after a year of growth, his strength should have greatly increased, so why did it increase so little?

Erwin cursed before saying with a cold snort, “I was tricked by those adventurer stories! The stories said that as long as you went on many adventures and engaged in real combat, you could quickly increase your understanding of magic and raise your strength! Bull shit! Indeed my understanding of magic has increased, but I haven’t had time to study it at all, so how could my magic quickly increase?”

Hearing this reason, Xu Yi was a bit speechless.

Actually he had the same idea as Erwin before. If he hadn’t invented magic machines and started the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he would have also picked this route.

“Forget it, let’s not talk about these depressing things. This should be young miss Still, right? The newspapers said that you are Xu Yi’s current girlfriend?” Erwin’s eyes fell onto Still beside Xu Yi and he couldn’t help revealing a look of shock.

Still gave a courteous young woman’s bow to Erwin with a smile, “Yes, I am Still. Hello Erwin, I’ve frequently heard Xu Yi mention his schoolmates from the Senkaiser School and he mentions you the most. I’m very happy to meet you.”

“I’m also very happy to meet you.” Erwin looked over Still before suddenly grabbing Xu Yi’s neck and saying in a low voice, “You bastard! After not seeing each other for a year, you actually got such a beautiful girlfriend! If Roy and the others knew about this, they would definitely go crazy with jealousy!”

Xu Yi laughed and escaped from Erwin’s grip.

“That’s because my luck is good, you guys can’t even compare to me.”

Erwin rolled his eyes at Xu Yi before suddenly giving a sigh, “Being able to get a beautiful girlfriend like young miss Still perhaps is your good luck, but opening the Frestech Chamber of Commerce isn’t your luck, right? You always liked making those strange things when we were back in school, I never thought that you could use those things to create such a large company. Even when I’m out on adventures, I frequently hear the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s name. Xu Yi, you really have developed well.”

“It’s alright.” Xu Yi gave a modest smile. Looking at the complicated expression on Erwin’s face, his heart was moved as he asked, “Erwin, since you’re suffering this much going on adventures and it isn’t that much help with increasing your magic power, how about you also come to work for our company? Rooney is currently earning over twenty gold coins a month and his magic power hasn’t fallen at all. If you also come, I think it would be much better than going on adventures, right?”

“I know, Rooney already told me when I saw him earlier.” Erwin gave a sigh, “You are right, going to work for your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is indeed a very good choice, but…..I’ve found that although going on adventures isn’t effective and is unsafe, I want to go on adventures. I feel that I’ve already fallen in love with this adventurer’s life and I don’t like an easy and calm life.”

“Are you being serious?” Xu Yi asked.

“Un, I’m serious.” Erwin nodded.

Seeing that Erwin had made his mind, Xu Yi could only helplessly nod and say, “Alright, everyone has their preference, I won’t force you. But Erwin, I will leave a place in our company for you if you ever get tired of the adventurer’s life, you can come find me whenever.”

Erwin patted Xu Yi’s shoulder with a wide smile before turning to Still to say, “Look, young miss Still, Xu Yi is someone who likes to think about others, so we followed him back in school. You are very beautiful and Xu Yi is very lucky to have a girlfriend like you, but I want to tell you that having a fellow like Xu Yi is also your good luck.”

Erwin’s tone wasn’t too polite, but Still didn’t mind. She revealed a sweet smile and said with a nod, “Thank you for your reminder, but I’m already very clear on this.”

“Ha, ha, then that’s good.” Erwin laughed again before turning to look at the surrounding magicians. He suddenly lowered his voice and said to Xu Yi, “Xu Yi, actually if you want to recruit more magicians to your company, it is a very good chance right now. Let me tell you, many people have inquired about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce from the people who work at your company and I saw that many people were very interested. If you do the same as last year, I feel that you’ll definitely find many people who will agree to join your Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “Alright, many thanks for your reminder.”