Magic Industry Empire - Volume 2 Chapter 121

Great Magician Camilla returned to the residence before lunch with a dark look on his face, it seemed like he wasn’t in a good mood.

As Xu Yi had expected, his meeting with president Eren really didn’t yield any results.

Although president Eren had apologized to Great Magician Camilla for Anke Eren injuring Aleri and he was very surprised that Great Magician Camilla personally came for this matter, when the discussion came to how Anke Eren should be punished, he avoided it with every possibility.

Great Magician Camilla asked several times and president Eren even said that being injured in the qualification exam was something that was allowed for in the rules, so any magicians who participated in the exam should already be prepared. So although Anke Eren had injured Aleri, there was nothing wrong with it!

When they reached this point, Great Magician Camilla already knew that nothing could be said because president Eren clearly wanted to protect Anke Eren, so he could only angrily leave.

“Damn! At the next headquarters meeting, I will definitely impeach him! As the branch president, he is actually using his power to shield his relatives and he doesn’t care about the safety of other magicians, he doesn’t deserve to be the president at all!” Great Magician Camilla angrily said this.

Although he had been scolded by Great Magician Camilla, this was Xu Yi’s first time seeing Great Magician Camilla actually being angry. He never thought that he would talk like a child and disregard all consequences when he was angry.

As a Great Magician, impeaching a branch president at the Magicians Guild’s headquarter meeting was a very serious thing.

Because of how special the identity of a Great Magician was, when a Great Magician was impeached, the Magicians Guild would place great importance on this and thoroughly investigate this matter.

No matter the result of this investigation, this would mean that Great Magician Camill and Palmes Eren would be completely cutting off their relationship.

Everyone belonged to the Lampuri Kingdom’s not big Great Magician circle, so after this matter, no matter what the result was, neither side would benefit from this.

“What am I afraid of! He actually did this as the president, this is clearly neglecting his duties! If I cared only about my own benefits and didn’t impeach him, what kind of person would I be?” When hearing Still’s urgings, Great Magician Camilla looked very angry, showing no signs of compromising at all.

Still was fully aware of Great Magician Camilla’s stubborn character and knew that she had no chance of persuading him, so she could only look at Xu Yi with a gaze asking for help.

Xu Yi gave Still a look telling her to calm down before saying to Great Magician Camilla, “Your excellency Great Magician, it isn’t hard to punish Anke Eren, there’s no need to force president Eren to punish him. This fellow is president Eren’s only son and his mother has spoiled him, so it isn’t easy for president Eren to do anything.”

Great Magician Camilla glared at him, “So what? We’ll let that little scoundrel off? Could it be that you’ve forgotten that you promised that little girl Bella that you would get justice for Aleri?”

Xu Yi was stunned, he never expected Great Magician Camilla to care about this matter. His heart couldn’t help being moved as he slowly shook his head.

“No, I am just saying that it isn’t necessary for president Eren to do anything to punish Anke Eren. Your excellency Great Magician, give me two days, I will definitely make Anke Eren receive his punishment. Please be assured.”

Great Magician Camilla was stunned and he didn’t believe it, “It can’t be that you’re planning to go and fight him yourself, right?”

Xu Yi laughed, “Relax, I’m not that dumb. As for how specifically… can just wait and see.”

Great Magician Camilla looked at Xu Yi with a confused look and after seeing Still’s smiling on the side, he couldn’t help muttering, “I don’t know what kind of strange thing you’ve done this time. Alright, since you saw you have a way to take care of him, then do as you wish. But if you can’t do it, I’ll be making my move.”

“Relax, we won’t let an old man like you personally make a move.” Xu Yi said with a smile.


At a remote street to the south of Anvilmar City.

When it was daytime, almost no one passed through here, but once it became night, it suddenly became lively.

This was because this street had Anvilmar’s City’s biggest casinos and most upscale brothels. Every night, there would be many people looking for pleasure that indulge themselves in this place.

Anke Eren used a bit of force and pushed aside the girl who came forward with half her chest revealed before moving faster, heading to the brightly illuminated building that was luxuriously decorated in the center of the street.

This was the street’s and Anvilmar City’s biggest casino, called the Awp Casino.

Anke Eren was just eighteen this year, but he was already a frequent patron here. After entering the doors, he habitually gave the doorman two silvers as a tip and had him follow him to exchange a hundred gold coins before heading to a roulette table.

Since he entered this casino for the first time three years ago, he would come try his luck from time to time.

Although three years later, he had lost over five thousand gold coins here, he still always enjoyed himself.

Anyway, even if he didn't have any money, he just needed to ask his mother for some and she would definitely give it to him, so there was no pressure on him at all.

Looking at the roulette spinning, Anke Eren casually picked a spot and threw a gold coin on a small dot.

The roulette stopped after a while and it stopped on sixteen, clearly showing that Eren had lost.

But he didn’t care at all. After playing several rounds and losing seven gold coins, he felt that his luck today wasn’t good, so he planned on playing something else.

But when he turned, he suddenly saw someone who had just come in throw a hundred gold coins onto the roulette table.

The other gamblers at the table were all shocked.

The gamblers in the hall didn’t play with much, most of the time they just threw between one to ten gold coins, but this man had suddenly thrown a hundred gold coins. It seemed like he was quite rich.

Anke Erene couldn’t help looking at this rich man who suddenly came in. With the light of the Magic Lamp hanging in the hall, he was surprised when he saw this person’s face.

“Urgot? It’s actually you!”

The rich man who suddenly came in was actually Urgot who Anke Eren was an acquaintance of.

It should be known that when Anke Eren came to the casino the first time three years ago, he was brought here by Urgot.

Two years ago, the two of them came to the casino together frequently.

But in the last year, Urgot had gradually disappeared. He heard that he had gone to run some kind of business.

He never thought that Urgot would suddenly appear in front of him and he would directly throw out a hundred gold coins like this!

Hearing this cry, Urgot acted like it was his first time noticing Anke Eren and looked at him in surprise.

“Yi? It’s actually the kid Eren. What? Why did you come here to play today?”

“Shouldn’t I be asking you this? You haven’t come here in a year, why did you suddenly come here? Moreover…..” Anke Eren pointed at the hundred gold coins chip on the table and asked with some difficulty, “You really are rich, you’re actually throwing away a hundred gold coins at once?”

Urgot laughed, “This isn’t considered rich, it’s just a bit of money earned from doing business with Victor and the others.”

Anke Eren didn’t keep asking as he turned to watch the roulette.

He ended the talk and stared right at the roulette.

The roulette finally stopped on nineteen and Urogt had placed his chip on fourteen, so naturally it missed.

Anke Eren couldn’t help sighing, “Ai…..It missed.”

Urgot gave a shrug with an uncaring look, “It didn’t hit, that’s normal.”

Seeing Urgot’s relaxed expression, Anke Eren’s face couldn’t help twitching.

He had only brought a hundred gold coins, he felt hurt every time he lost a single gold coin. But Urgot had suddenly lost a hundred gold coins and he didn’t seem to care at all.

Since Urgot had appeared, Anke Eren didn’t plan on leaving and the two played several rounds together.

Urgot threw in a hundred gold coins each time and he chose only a single number each time, so naturally there was a high chance of losing.

In the blink of an eye, he had already lost a total of a thousand gold coins.

But Urgot’s expression didn’t change at all. The other gamblers at the table were silent as they watched this rich man, not knowing what to say.

Seeing everyone look over, although he knew that they weren’t looking at him, Anke Eren felt his face burning.

He and Urgot clearly knew each other, but he only threw a single gold coin every time Urgot threw a hundred gold coins. Comparing them, it really was too embarrassing.

Moreover, Urgot had lost a thousand gold coins without caring and he was already nervous from not even losing ten gold coins.

Comparing them, there was a large difference.

Perhaps it was because he lost ten times, Urgot felt that his luck wasn’t good here and suggested to Anke Eren that they should find another table to play at.

Anke Eren thought about it before agreeing.

After taking a few steps with Urgot, Anke Eren hesitated a bit before suddenly gaining the courage to ask Urgot in a low voice, “That…..Urgot, do you have a lot of money right now? How about you lend me some?”

Urgot turned to look at him and narrowed his eyes, “You really want to borrow some?”

Since he had already said it, Anke Eren wasn’t afraid of losing face, so he gave a strong nod, “Un, I really want to borrow some. I….I want to go all out. Of course, if it’s not convenient, then……”

Urgot revealed a smile and forcefully slapped Anke Eren’s shoulder as he said, “We’re all brothers, there’s nothing that’s inconvenient.” He dug in his chest after saying this and took out a thousand gold coin bill for Anke Eren, “Here, use this first. Tell me later if it’s not enough.”

Seeing the large number on the gold bill, Anke Eren’s eyes popped out.

Although he never lacked spending money since he was young, this was his first time seeing a gold bill with such a large value!

Anke Eren took the gold bill with slightly trembling hands. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva before revealing a forced smile, “I’ll go exchange them for chips first.” He quickly left after saying this.

Watching Anke Eren quickly leave, Urgot’s lips revealed a thought provoking smile.