Magic Industry Empire - Volume 2 Chapter 127

“Sir chairman, you…..” Kennard looked at Xu Yi with tightly knit brows and he shook his head after a while, as he said with a sigh, “When I talk to the other chairman of the city, they say that you are a wastrel. At first I don’t know why they would call you this, but now…..I think that their appraisal is correct.”

Xu Yi revealed a smile, as if he didn’t care about this appraisal.

“It can’t be considered a waste, the Rudson Kingdom has paid five hundred thousand gold coins for the cement production technology. Moreover, they agreed to give our Frestech Chamber of Commerce a preferential tariff rate when it comes to our company’s products that sell in their country in the future. Like this, I feel we earned quite a bit.”

“But sir chairman, according to the financial stats that manager Sebas made last month, the company’s cement factory had a high profit of seventy thousand gold coins. Even if we obtained five hundred thousand from selling this technology, we have lost the entire Rudson Kingdom market, which is a loss that is far greater than ten times of five hundred thousand. Do you think this is cost effective?” Kennard asked with a pained look.

“Ten times of five hundred thousand? No, no, no, your estimate is too low. If the Rudson Kingdom starts building roads like our Lampuri Kingdom, their consumption of cement would be an astronomical amount. If you calculate it in the end, it should be over ten million gold coins.” Xu Yi said.

“Then why did you agree to sell them the production technology?” Kennard couldn’t help asking.

“Kennard, you haven’t worked with me long enough, so you don’t understand my intentions.” Xu Yi gave a sigh, “If Heinz was here, although he would call me a wastrel, he would be able to understand my thoughts still.”

Kennard shook his head, “Of course I can’t compare to vice chairman Heinz in understanding you and I indeed do not understand your thoughts.”

“Do you remember when you decided to become our company’s general manager, do you remember what I said to you?” Xu Yi asked.

Kennard thought about it, “Are you talking about ‘flying to outer space’?”

“Pretty much.” Xu Yi nodded, “I think that you should be very clear how remote my ideals are and how impractical they are. But to realize this goal, I have to constantly speed up advancement. So if you carefully study the things I did after the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was established, you will find that I never cared about our company monopolizing our technology and frequently sold it, or even gave it away for free.”

“Un, this is something that I really can’t understand.” Kennard gave an honest nod, “If the company kept all this technology, I dare guarantee that the company’s profit would be even more stable and would last longer.”

“But the time it would take would become longer.” Xu Yi said, “I know that as a normal company, you should maintain some kind of rhythm. But if we kept this rhythm, there’s no possibility of realizing my ideal in this life. So I have no choice but to increase the advancement speed and speed up the rhythm of the magic machine industry on the continent.”

But how is this related to your decision of selling the cement production technology to the Rudson Kingdom?” Kennard asked.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, as he pointed at the smooth road not far away from the window and said, “The biggest limit to the continent’s development is transportation. The public roads would greatly increase this problem, so even if Newman didn’t ask about this, I was already planning on selling the cement production technology to let there be cement factories all over the Lampuri Kingdom and increase the speed of road production. Now is a good time. Kennard, host a press conference tomorrow and announce that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce will be selling the cement production technology.”

Seeing that Xu Yi had made his mind, Kennard could only nod in response.

Seeing the somewhat confused look on Kennard’s face, Xu Yi smiled as he patted his shoulder and said, “Kennard, as my general manager, you just need to hold your chest out and keep looking forward. Before reaching our goal, you don’t need to think about anything unnecessary, understand?”

Kennard revealed a bitter smile, “But sir chairman, your steps are just too big, I can’t catch up to you.”


The second day after Xu Yi returned, Kennard held a press conference according to his instructions.

The news that Kennard announced at the press conference of selling the cement production technology created another stir.

As soon as they received this information, countless companies from Banta City and the surrounding cities all came to inquire about the price of buying this technology.

Although the high price of five hundred thousand scared most of the companies away, there were still two companies who still wanted to buy it.

Like this, including the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, just in Banta City and the surrounding cities, there were three companies that bought this technology.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had earned a million and five hundred thousand gold coins from this.

But this was just the beginning.

A week later, the companies in the other places of the Lampuri Kingdom received this news and all came forward. In the end, there were eight more companies that purchased the cement production technology from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

In total, just from the Lampuri Kingdom, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had earned five and half million gold coins from selling this technology.

Adding in the five hundred thousand gold coins from the Rudson Kingdom, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had earned six million gold coins from selling this technology!

Seeing this terrifying income, Kennard’s opposition to Xu Yi’s decision completely disappeared.

It was like Xu Yi said, this cement production technology wasn’t that complicated. The Amrit Chamber of Commerce had already understood a part of it after using it for so long, so even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didn’t sell, not long later, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce would have developed it and wouldn’t need to depend on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce anymore.

Instead of being passive at this time, it was better to sell it because they could obtain a large profit from it.

Xu Yi’s decision obtained quick results.

The cement production technology had been sold for less than a week, but there were several small and large cement factories that appeared in Banta City and the surrounding cities.

Three of them were companies who had bought the technology, as for the others…..

Xu Yi was too lazy to care how these cement factories appeared because he had something more important to do right now.

“Camby, be more careful! Don’t use your hand, this thing has electricity, be careful or you’ll get shocked!” Xu Yi's shout stopped Camby from moving his hand toward the generator.

“What is there to be afraid of?” Camby waved his hand like he didn’t care, “When I fought with a human magician a hundred years ago, I was hit by the Lightning Spells of that human magician several times, but it didn’t do anything to me. I don't believe that this little thing is more powerful than high grade magic.”

Camby ignored Xu Yi after saying this and reached out to touch the generator turning at high speeds.

“Ci, ci, ci, ci, ci——”

A terrifying electric current came out and everyone watched as Camby was covered in light blue electricity. That small and strong body kept twitching, which looked funny and shocking to everyone.

Xu Yi immediately acted, as he quickly turned off the generator. He then used his magic power as he scattered the electricity around Camby.

However, even if Xu Yi reacted fast, Camby had already been shocked quite a bit by the electricity.

Although dwarves were strong by natural, with powerful resistance to magic, so Camby didn’t receive any injuries from this, the electric current had already burnt all the clothes he was wearing. Even his brown hair was smoking and standing up straight, looking like he was a broom.

Everyone saw Camby’s current appearance and they couldn’t help breaking out in laughter.

Especially the other dwarves of the magic machine workshop, they were pointing at Camby while laughing, almost rolling around on the ground.

Camby was stunned for a while before giving a tremble. He looked at the generator that had already stopped with a bit of fear before looking at Xu Yi in surprise, “Chairman, isn’t this thing too strong? I feel that it’s even stronger than your human magician’s Seventh Grade Lightning Magic.”

Xu Yi rolled his eyes at him, “Nonsense, a Seventh Grade Lightning Spell doesn’t even have four hundred watts. This generator is small, but it can produce at least a kilowatt of power, so of course it’s more powerful. How do you feel now after not listening to my warning?”

Camby rubbed his standing straight hair and laughed before asking, “Chairman, the voltage thing that you mentioned, what is that?”

“Explaining this is a bit complicated. When I write a book on elementary electricity for you to read, you will understand. Now, what do you think of the condition of the generator? It was running for an hour just now, right? If nothing goes wrong, this trial test can be considered a success.” Xu Yi said.

Seeing the dwarves carefully approach the generator and only begin to inspect it after ensuring that there were no electric currents, Xu Yi found it a bit funny.

These dwarves had relied on their thick skin to ignore his warnings about the danger of electricity, but now that Camby had received a lesson, they were much more cautious when dealing with the generator.

Compared to the palm sized Wind Generator that Xu Yi had at the Magicians Guild’s certification exam, now that Xu Yi was back in Banta City, he had made a generator that was as wide as Camby’s waists and it took up a large space when put on the ground.

But the generators in power plants on earth, this was still only a small generator. Moreover, it relied on Wind Magic Arrays to generate electric currents.

Compared to the generated output, the biggest problem of the generator was the material of the coil.

Because the Lampuri Kingdom strictly controlled the mining of copper ores, Xu Yi didn’t have the means to obtain large amounts of copper to make the coil from the Falcao Chamber of Commerce and could only substitute it with aluminum for now.

However, even aluminum was a rare product on the Sines Continent, so the aluminum that Xu Yi used to make this generator was something the Falcao Chamber of Commerce worked hard to get.

Making this generator from aluminum wasn’t good since the quality wasn’t good enough, so the generator could only run for an hour before problems occurred.

After three days of tests, they had ruined several aluminum coils. It seemed like they were about to use all the aluminum that Xu Yi had worked hard to get.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi couldn’t only shake his head.

It seemed like to experiment with generators, he first had to solve the problem of materials.

For him to experiment even further, he could only wait until he opened those non-ferrous metal mines and had large amounts of aluminum and copper.

As for Xu Yi’s dream of letting Banta City use electricity to light the entire city, becoming the cities on earth that were just as bright as night, that was still a dream.

The dwarves gathered around the generator while Xu Yi looked out the window in the direction of the Black Rice Wasteland.

To mine the non-ferrous vein near the Voller Tribe, he had to take a trip to the Black Rice Wasteland. Thinking of the Black Rice Wasteland, he also thought of the Stantine Duchy that shared a border with the Black Rice Wasteland.

That fellow Anklo was still agonizingly waiting in Banta City, then when should he leave?