Magic Industry Empire - Volume 2 Chapter 128

Time passed and December came.

The winds from the north became even colder. Even if the young researchers of the magic research facility were lively, they hid in the lab to honestly do their research in this weather and weren’t as lively as before.

Evita’s physique wasn’t that good, so she was more sensitive to cold compared to normal people. At a time like this, she naturally tightly closed all the doors and windows to her lab, not letting a single cool breeze blow in.

Feeling the warm current coming from the Magic Air Conditioner, Evita rubbed her hands as she couldn’t help feeling grateful towards Xu Yi.

If it wasn’t for Xu Yi inventing the Variable Temperature Magic Air Conditioner and installing one in every lab of the magic research facility before winter, Evia would be enduring the same cold as last year.

Although she could use a fire to fight off the cold, this made the air of the lab very bad, so Evita always hated doing this.

Of course, there was another method that wouldn’t affect the air quality which was a large scale Flame Array.

However it cost at least a hundred gold coins to build this array and adding in the monthly costs of thirty gold coins, even with how generous Xu Yi was, he wouldn’t put one in every lab.

But thinking about it, Evita didn’t feel that certain.

According to her understanding of Xu Yi, he was a chairman who cared about his workers.

Back in Anvilmar City, he had fully demonstrated this through the Aleri matter.

If it was the chairman of any other company, it would be good if they gave Aleri some money, but Xu Yi had actually made Anke Eren come apologize to Aleri.

The researchers had all been shocked at that time because they were clear on Anke Eren’s identity and they were clear on how arrogant of a person he was.

Xu Yi could make him bow his head and apologize in front of all these people, this really surprised everyone.

Because of this matter, Xu Yi’s image in the hearts of the researchers became even greater.

In the minds of many researchers, he even became their idol.

However, Evita’s views were different from many people.

Her first thought was that Xu Yi must have paid quite a bit to accomplish this.

If she was Aleri, she definitely wouldn’t ask Xu Yi to do this for her because she didn’t want Xu Yi to pay any price for her.

But in that situation, of course it was impossible for her to say those words and she could only keep them in her heart.

But feeling the warm wind from the Magic Air Conditioner and Evita thought of Xu Yi, she suddenly thought of a question.

“Actually…..why would I think of this?”

When Evita was about to reach the real answer that her heart wasn’t willing to acknowledge, there were knocks that sounded on the door.

Evita was stunned and woke up from her distraction. Thinking of the strange things that she was thinking about, her face couldn’t help turning red. After calming her thoughts, she opened the door that was locked from the inside.

When the door opened, there was a guest that was unexpected to Evita outside.

“Still? Why are you here?” Evita moved aside and invited the tightly wrapped Still in.

“I was bored and I remembered that I never checked in here, so I ran here to take a look.” Still took the hot tea that Evita handed over and carefully took a sip before letting out a sigh, “This damn weather, it really is freezing me to death.”

Evita revealed a smile and sat down in front of Still as she said, “I already dismissed you, it doesn’t matter if you don’t report in.”

Still was stunned before reaching out to pinch Evita’s nose. She said with a smile, “Alright, Evita, you have quite the power now that you’re the chief? You actually dare dismiss me? Do you believe that I can make Xu Yi dismiss you as the chief?”

Evita gave a soft snort, “Then go ahead and see if he’s willing to dismiss me.”

When this was said, both of them were stunned.

Still looked at Evita for a while and couldn’t help saying, “I’ve realized that Akali and Bella have had a bad effect on you, you all like playing jokes on Xu Yi.”

Evita’s face turned a bit red as she pretended to lower her head to sip her tea. She said in a low voice, “Bella shouldn’t be like that now, but Akali……”

Hearing the pity in Evita’s voice, Still was stunned as a complicated expression appeared in her face. After a period of silence, she said with a soft sigh, “Actually I can see it, but…..I can’t just give Xu Yi to her, right?”

Evita quickly shook her head and said, “No, I didn’t mean this. Still, you and Xu Yi both like each other, that is a very happy thing. You must cherish it and can’t let go of it easily. Even if…..even if Akali is our good friend, this is something that you should be selfish with.”

Still revealed a faint smile. She looked at the somewhat dark sky outside and suddenly gave a sigh, “It’s a pity that even though I’m not willing to give up, I’m worried that I can’t hold it…..”

Evita was stunned as she asked, “What is it? Could it be that something has happened between you and Xu Yi? Haven’t you been well lately?”

“No, there’s no problem right now, only…..” Still slightly knit her brows and looked a bit worried, “I just suddenly feel that he doesn’t seem to care about me that much…..”

Evita asked with a frown, “Why would you suddenly think this? Did something really happen?”

Still seemed to lose that dazzling glow of hers and it seemed like her confidence had also disappeared.

Hearing Evita’s question, she sipped her tea in a daze for a while before slowly saying, “Evita, there is something that I’ve never told you. Actually when we went to Anvilmar City, I met Vincent.”

“Ah?” Evita was surprised, “Why did you meet him? Where? Does Xu Yi know?”

“Un, he was with me at that time.” Still nodded.

“What reaction did he have? Was he angry?” Evita asked in a somewhat worried voice.

Still gave a bitter laugh, “I’m worried because he wasn’t angry. After seeing Vincent, he wasn’t angry at all and even seemed like he didn’t care at all. He clearly knew that I liked Vincent before. I thought that after seeing Vincent, he would at least be a bit jealous and react a bit, but he didn’t react at all…...”

When she said this, Still revealed a hurt look. She bent over and put her head on Evita’s legs, as she said in a soft voice, “Evita, I feel that he doesn’t care about me at all and doesn’t really love me. Otherwise, how could he not react at all after seeing Vincent?”

Evita reached down to stroke Still’s beautiful golden hair as she said with a faint smile, “What reaction do you want him to have? With my understanding of Xu Yi, I feel that he isn’t putting Vincent in his eyes at all. Don’t you think…...that Vincent can’t compare to him at all? You think that an elephant would look down at an ant?”

Still suddenly raised her head and snappily looked at Evita, “Vincent is an ant, then am I also an ant for liking him before?”

Evita couldn’t help smiling as she softly pinched Still’s cheek.

“Even if you are an ant, at least you’re a beautiful ant.”

Still said with a sigh, “But a beautiful ant is still an ant, it’s not something an elephant would care about.”

Evita couldn’t help shaking her head, “It seems like our Lampuri Royal Academy’s most beautiful and confident Still could lose all her confidence once she falls in love.”

“That’s right, I don’t have any confidence right now.” Still honestly nodded, “If he really cared about me, why wouldn’t he care about Vincent? If he really liked me, why…..why hasn’t he proposed yet?”

Evita couldn’t help rolling her eyes at Still, “Hey, I remember that you told Xu Yi several times that you haven’t thought it through and weren’t planning on marrying yet, right? Now you’re complaining about him not proposing?”

“I…..I didn’t want to agree to him that easily at first, but no matter how much I wanted it, he never mentioned this matter again, alright? Evita, tell me…..does he have no intentions of marrying me right now?”

Evita couldn’t help flicking Still’s forehead, “You’re the one saying everything and now you’re blaming Xu Yi. Do you believe that he will really not want you if he knew about this? Who said that a man has to propose to a woman? If you really like him and you’ve decided to be with him, why can’t you just tell him this?”

“How can I tell him?” Still asked in a daze.

Evita helplessly shook her head, “With my understanding of him, I feel that it isn’t that he doesn’t like you or doesn’t care about you, he’s just a bit slow when it comes to these matters. So I feel that if you want something, you should just tell him. For example, you should tell him that you feel that he doesn’t care about you since he didn’t care about Vincent, or you can tell him that you’ve thought it through and want to be with him forever.”

Still’s face was a bit red, “How can I directly say that to him?”

Evita said in a somewhat angry voice, “You’re lucky enough to find a good man like Xu Yi. If you don’t want him, just give up and give him to me!”

Still was stunned and Evita knew that she had said the wrong thing, so she gave two awkward coughs. She calmed herself down and changed the topic, “Tell me, Still, what step have you two reached so far?”

Still was still a bit stunned, “What step?”

“Of course it’s…..” Evita’s face was a bit red, “It’s in that…..”

Still only now understood Evita’s meaning and her blush became deeper. She shyly lowered her head, “We’ve only kissed, we haven’t done anything else.”

“It seems like that’s the problem.” Evita thought about it before saying, “Still, you’ve been dating for half a year, right?”


“After all this time, you’re still at kissing. If I was Xu Yi, I might think that you don’t care about me. Since you don’t care, it would be strange if he did anything.” Evita gave her analysis.

Still immediately became nervous, “Then what do I do?”

“It’s very simple, follow what I said and clearly tell him your thoughts.” Evita honestly said, “Believe me, Xu Yi is very slow in this aspect, otherwise I dare to guarantee that there would be countless pretty girls around him and he wouldn’t be devoted to you.”

Still thought for a bit before slowly nodding.

“Alright, I understand.”

“Then you know what to do?”

“I….will consider it.”

“Don’t consider it.” Evita’s expression became very serious, “This is something you have to do! Otherwise, you really should give up!”

“And give him to you?” Still unexpectedly asked this.

Evita was silent for a bit before answering seriously, “If he’s willing, I’m also willing.”

Still looked at Evita in surprise, but Evita seemed like she wasn’t willing to admit defeat, so she didn’t look away.

Suddenly, the room fell into a strange silence.