Magic Industry Empire - Volume 2 Chapter 133

After the City Lord Manor’s year end banquet was over, it was already night time. Adding in the fact that there was no moon and few stars in the sky, once one left the light of the City Lord’s Manor, they would be surrounded in darkness.

Xu Yi was slowly walking in a dark corner and seeing that no one was chasing him, he let out a long sigh and relaxed.

When he walked out of the City Lord’s Manor, there were several noble ladies that chased him, proposing to Xu Yi and inviting him to spend the night.

There was even one girl who made bold promises while taking Xu Yi’s hand and placing it on her rich mound. The scared Xu Yi immediately pulled out his hand and ran off.

Looking at his hand that had touched that rich mound, Xu Yi couldn’t help shaking his head. If he hadn’t been thinking of Still, he might not have been able to hold on and would have been swallowed by those noble ladies.

After calming his heart, Xu Yi confirmed where he was and began heading home.

Every time he left a banquet at the City Lord’s Manor, he was used to walking home.

One reason was because it wasn’t far and a second reason was because he wanted time to think about the issues that he had encountered at the banquet.

What he was thinking about now was the matter of guards that chairman Cruise had mentioned.

It was like chairman Cruise had said, the Sines Continent wasn’t as peaceful as China on earth. Because of the inconvenience of communication while transporting goods and adding in the backwards nature of society, there were many places that still had bandits.

So normally large companies would have guards that belonged to them. Even when a small company transported goods, they would have some guards protecting the cargo.

Otherwise, even if just a single load of cargo was taken, it would mean destruction for a small company.

The Lampuri Kingdom was stable right now and he didn’t need to worry about this problem, but the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was about to cooperate with the Rudson Kingdom and the Stantine Duchy, so it was hard to ensure that nothing would happen.

Not to mention that there was the real problem of the beastmen tribes from the Black Rice Wasteland.

If they established the mine and factory near the Voller wolfmen tribe, because the mine was built with cooperation from the three companies, he could let the Armit Chamber of Commerce or the Renekton Chamber of Commerce take care of guard duty. At most, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would give up some profits.

But the non-ferrous metal processing plant was owned by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce alone. When chairman Cruise and chairman Renersa wanted to cooperate, they were rejected by Xu Yi, so of course he couldn’t just ask them for help with guarding it.

So chairman Cruise was right, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce needed to train guards.

As for the advantage that Xu Yi said the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had, he was naturally referring to the fact that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce not only had good relationships with the dwarves and elves, they even hired large amounts of dwarves and elves as workers.

With this relationship, if Xu Yi were to ask for help, it wouldn’t be hard to get dwarves and elves as guards for their company.

On the Sines Continent, there were appraisals of each race. For example, humans had creativity and learning capabilities, the dwarves were naturally talented in forging, and the elves were specially talented in designing…..It should be said that these were their fortes.

But when it came to appraising battle strength, humans were publicly known as one of the weakest when it came to single person combat abilities.

Other than the powerful magicians among humans, there were few warriors that could compare to other races when it came to personal battle strength.

When the humans snatched the continent from the elves’ hands in the past and suppressed the other races, they relied on the human’s strong sense of discipline and powerful cooperation. Of course, the more important thing was the fertility of humans…..

However, even though humans had already ruled the continent for thousands of years, one had to admit this difference in terms of single person combat ability.

Based on public opinion, an adult elven warrior had the single combat abilities that surpassed five normal human warriors. If they were fighting in the jungle or at night which elves excelled in, an elf could take out a whole human platoon by themself.

Although dwarves weren’t as mysterious and hard to deal with as the elves, because of their shockingly powerful physiques and their natural mastery of weapons, an adult dwarf could take care of three to five human soldiers.

And if it was a trained dwarven soldier, they could easily deal with ten human soldiers.

The sense of discipline and teamwork among dwarves was the best apart from humans. If a group of dwarven soldiers came together, with their powerful combat abilities, they could even push back the same number of elves.

Of course, the weakness of the dwarves was that they couldn’t learn magic.

To make up for that, they had very high natural resistance to magic. Normal low level spells couldn’t hurt them at all.

In short, if a company could recruit guards from elves and dwarves, they would be much stronger than normal guards.

Only after the race wars of thousands of years ago, the other races separated themselves from humans, so it was impossible for companies to hire other races as guards.

Now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could do this, naturally Xu Yi immediately thought of this.

Xu Yi walked along while thinking about the company’s guards. Thinking of filling them with dwarves and elves, Xu Yi couldn’t help smiling.

While lost in his thought, he didn’t even realize that someone was calling out to him.

Only when that person raised their voice and came closer did Xu Yi wake up from his daydream, looking over in a daze.

“Lotte?” With the light of the Magic Lamp from the house behind him, Xu Yi saw that the person calling to him was Lotte who he hadn’t seen in a while.

Since Great Magician Camilla announced he was closing his Magic Tower, a portion of the magicians of the Magic Tower chose to follow Great Magician Camilla to the magic research facility. But there were many magicians that chose to continue studying magic, choosing other paths.

Lotte was one of those people. It was said that she had left Banta City and had gone to other cities to look for ways to increase her magic power.

Xu Yi didn’t really care that much, but he never thought that she would suddenly come back today.

Suddenly seeing this colleague that used to work in the same lab, Xu Yi was pleasantly surprised. He quickly came forward with a smile and said, “What? You’re back for new years? But isn’t your family in Karma City? Why did you come here?”

He looked at the small building behind Lotte, but he remembered that he had never gone to Lotte’s home, so naturally he didn’t know where she lived in Banta City before.

“I went out for a few months and found that I’m more suited to living in Banta City, so I came back.” Lotte replied with a forced smile, “Xu Yi, I heard that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is even stronger than before and you’ve been conferred as a baron by the king?”

“Where did you hear that?” Xu Yi asked this with a smile while looking over Lotte.

After not seeing her for several months, Lotte seemed thinner than when she was at the lab and much paler. But her smile was as bright as ever, there was no difference compared to before.

Thinking of how Lotte was the only person who treated him well when he first entered the lab, a bit of warmth filled Xu Yi’s heart.

“I’ve been back several days. I had a meal with Wella, Sarash, and the others yesterday, so I heard it from them.” Lotte explained, “I was just walking around because I couldn’t fall asleep, but I never thought that I would suddenly see you. I couldn’t help being filled with joy, so I called out to you.”

Seeing Lotte’s somewhat excited appearance, Xu Yi said with a smile, “I’m also quite happy seeing you. How is it? Have you been well going out these past few months?”

Lotte’s smile faded a bit as she shook her head, “It hasn’t been good. I came back this time to……”

Lotte suddenly gave a yawn. She paused before turning and making an inviting gesture, “It’s so cold outside. Xu Yi, since we bumped into each other, how about you come in and we can have a chat.”

Xu Yi looked up at the sky and knit his brows, “It’s this late, it’s not convenient.”

Lotte covered her lips as she laughed, “What? I haven’t even said anything and you’re afraid I will eat you up?”

Xu Yi remembered this very friendly noble ladies and thought that it wasn’t anything impossible.

Seeing that Xu Yi still wanted to reject her, Lotte suddenly revealed a pleading look, “Xu Yi, let’s go in and talk, I have some things I want to say to you. Other than that…..I actually have something I want to ask you……”

Seeing Lotte’s expression, Xu Yi guessed that she wanted to discuss something with him.

“Lotte, we are old colleagues, I’ll help you with whatever I can help you with. But it’s really late today and it’s not right. How about this, let’s meet somewhere tomorrow at noon and then we’ll discuss this, alright?” Xu Yi thought about it before saying this.

Lotte knit her brows and a deeply disappointed look appeared on her face. She shook her head, “I knew it, you’re rejecting me, aren’t you? I’ve heard these words many times before. For someone important like you, you must be trying to make excuses.”

“I wasn’t…..”

“Then why aren’t you even willing to sit down and talk!” Lotte cut Xu Yi off.

Seeing Lotte’s look of unwillingness and disappointment, Xu Yi couldn’t help sighing. Thinking of how Lotte had taken care of him back in the Magic Tower, his heart turned soft and he said with a nod, “Alright, let’s go and talk.”

Lotte’s expression instantly filled with joy. She quickly grabbed Xu Yi’s arm with a smile and pulled him into the small building behind her.

The two didn’t notice that in the shadows of the street, there was a large pair of eyes watching them leave.