Magic Industry Empire - Volume 2 Chapter 149

The ones that wanted to work during winter were not just the Stantine Duchy, it also included Count Sean.

The flow of the river was weaker during winter, so they seized this chance to improve the Sandy River at Banta City and began cleaning up the silt.

During this cleanup, the large Magic Excavator developed by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce appeared for the first time.

Compared to the small Magic Excavators used to transform farm land, although the newly developed large Magic Excavators couldn’t compare to the ones on earth, being pulled by horse carriages, it still mimicked a foundational excavator arm. As long as it was in place, it could dig up dirt like the small excavators from earth,

With the help of magic machines, the river silt cleanup job went very smoothly. It only took two months and the silt that had built up near Banta City over the years had been completely removed. The entire river had dropped by close to five meters.

At the same time, downriver of Banta City, the canal connecting the Sandy River to the Rum River was already being dug.

According to Porter who was in charge of this project, it would take around a year to a year and a half before this canal was dug.

Considering the future of the Sandy River renovations and the canal being dug, Count Sean followed Xu Yi’s decision to build a dam upstream of the river.

Other than preventing floods, this dam had another function that Xu Yi hadn’t told Count Sean about yet, which was to be used as an hydroelectric power station.

If they followed Xu Yi’s plan, even if the flow of the river wasn’t that strong, this hydro power station would be enough to provide energy for Banta City.

But Xu Yi was only a mechanical engineer and wasn’t that familiar with generating electricity. So even if he had developed the magic powered Wind Generator, he couldn’t develop a Hydro Generator to create a corresponding hydro power station.

So when constructing the dam, Xu Yi just told chairman Cruise about his ideas for the Amrit Chamber of Commerce to leave enough space at the dam to build a hydro power station in the future.

When researching the Hydro Generator, Xu Yi found an important problem.

Perhaps he could combine magic with his mechanical engineering theoretical knowledge, making all kinds of new magic machines in this world, but his abilities were limited in the end.

For something like a Hydro Generator that was completely out of his expertise, he didn’t have much knowledge on this topic.

To create an imitation, it wasn’t impossible with his current abilities, but it would be very hard.

Right now his time could be considered very precious, so he didn’t have that much time to waste on this kind of research.

So this was a very contradictory problem.

He really wanted to copy the important parts of the industrial system from earth and create a similarly complete industrial system on the Sines Continent, but he was not god, so it was impossible for him to do everything.

“Don’t do the things you can’t do, just give it to others.” Hearing Xu Yi talk about his worries, Still said with a relaxed smile, “Xu Yi, you are a person, not a god. There are definitely things that you can’t do. If you’re worrying about this, you’re just causing trouble for yourself. Then again, why are you so impatient about finishing all these things?”

Xu Yi could only shake his head and let out a sigh.

Of course it was impossible for him to tell Still that he transmigrated from earth, so although he told her his worries, he could only vaguely say a few things. It was impossible for Still to understand why he was so troubled.

“Alright, stop wasting time thinking about this, you should use your time to do other things.” Seeing that Xu Yi’s expression didn’t get better, Still changed the topic, “You said that other than magic machines, there are many things you can’t do, so it’s very simple. You just need to do your best when it comes to magic machines. For example, it doesn’t matter if you can’t create that whatever Hydro Generator, didn’t you already develop the Wind Magic Generator? You just need to finish that thing and I feel you can still accomplish your goal.”

“Don’t do the things I can’t do?” Xu Yi looked at Still with a surprised expression as his eyes revealed an unwilling look.

Still held his face and gave him an honest nod.

“Yes, each person has their limits, so even if you work very hard and surpass everyone I know, you will still have your limit. This is something that grandfather warned me about before, having me not waste time on magic that I wasn’t good at when I was studying magic.”

“The magic world is limitless, a magician definitely can’t explore everything. For a magician, the most important thing is studying the magic they excel in to the peak. If they can do this, they can become a powerful and outstanding magician, even changing the entire magic world. I think that this is something that is appropriate for describing you.”

Hearing Still’s gentle encouragement, Xu Yi fell into thought.

After a while, his gaze gradually returned to normal.

Still was right, a person’s power was limited and it was impossible for them to achieve everything they wanted.

Although he wanted to copy the industrial system from earth to the continent, the truth was that other than him, there was no one that had any knowledge on what the industrial system was.

The industrial system was a large and complicated system, even if he was talented in mechanical engineering, having deep knowledge and understanding, it didn’t mean that he had the same ability in other aspects.

As a mechanical engineer, he should understand the meaning of the word “efficiency” better than anyone.

Since his efficiency in studying a domain he wasn’t good at was low, that meant that he shouldn’t waste his precious time studying this.

Compared to this, it was better to focus on his strong points and further explore the domain he excelled in.

Since magic machines were where his power was at, even being able to surpass the machines on earth, why wouldn’t he just continue studying this and why would he waste time on other things?

He didn’t have knowledge on Hydro Generators, so the research speed was slow?

Then he wouldn’t study it for now.

As long as the Wind Magic Generator and the Fire Magic Generator that Evita proposed last time worked, he could achieve his desired effects with them or even surpass them.

Even with the Hydro Generator, Akali had proposed to directly use Water Magic Arrays to solve this problem, which could replace the use of a water current.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi suddenly found that it wasn’t just him who had unique ideas in this world, other people weren’t lacking compared to him.

After thinking of this, it was like a light bulb lit up in Xu Yi’s mind and he couldn’t help breaking out in laughter.

“Ha, ha…..Ha…..St…..Still, you’re right, you’re absolutely right!” Xu Yi couldn’t breathe from his laughing, which Still couldn’t help being stunned by, “Not doing the things I can’t do. Un, how could I finish this all by myself? The things that I can’t do, I’ll just leave it for the people of the continent to do in the future. As for me, I’ll just do the things that I can do and should do.”

Although Still didn’t know what Xu Yi meant by this, seeing how happy he was, she knew that he had thought it through, so she was also happy.

“That’s right, you just need to focus on what you excel in.” Still said.

“Un.” Xu Yi nodded before saying, “But I also can’t just ignore the other things. Although I can’t do it, I believe that other people can do it. I just need to give the idea and then someone will finish those desires for me. Still, I think I know what I should do!”

Still looked at Xu Yi with a confused gaze.

What was he planning on doing?


Three days later, the «Banta Times» used the front page, the second page, and the third page to publish an article by Xu Yi.

The title of this article was “The world in my eyes”.

Seeing this title, there were many people who were confused, but also curious.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was a strange company to people, so everyone was interested in Xu Yi. What would the so-called “world in his eyes” be like?

The introduction of the article immediately attracted the attention of everyone who read it.

“Why does the sun always rise in the east and set in the west? Why is lightning always followed by thunder? Why does an apple fall from the tree to the ground? In the minds of many people, perhaps these three questions are very dumb because this is what everyone considers natural, so there is no why. But to me, these questions all have answers…..”

In the next few paragraphs, Xu Yi gave a general introduction to the movement of heavenly bodies, the layers of clouds in the sky, as well as the topic of gravity.

Although he described it vaguely because of many problems, the people who read this article could see that what he said wasn’t nonsense, rather it was quite reasonable.

So this article easily attracted the curiosity of the people.

That’s right, why?

There were many things that people were used to, so they didn’t ask why it happened, but even if they were accustomed to it, there was some reason behind it.

After evoking the curiosity of the reader, Xu Yi changed the topic and began to give a general description of the use of magic machines.

After describing the impact and convenience of magic machines, Xu Yi used the final part of the article to describe the future prospects of magic machines.

In his description, as long as magic machines could keep developing, not only Banta City or the Lampuri Kingdom, the entire world would undergo a world shaking change. Everyone’s lives would be completely different from before.

Xu Yi used fine and careful description to paint a picture of what happened after magic machines became popular before announcing two pieces of news that people never would have imagined.

The first was that in the future, he would be publishing a series of books on basic magic machine theory that would let everyone who was interested in magic machines know how they were made and why they had their functions.

If the first piece of news was enough to shock everyone, when they saw the second piece of news, they were even more shocked.

The second piece of news was that Xu Yi was prepared to open a school in his name!

What was more unusual was that this school wasn’t a magic school and wasn’t a vocational school that taught various skills, rather it was a school that taught basic knowledge. It would let the students learn what Xu Yi considered basic knowledge and deepen their understanding of the world.

This knowledge included the questions that he had included in this article.

After seeing the article in the «Banta Times», not only did other people not understand what Xu Yi was doing, even the people by Xu Yi’s side didn’t understand.

Still immediately looked for Xu Yi after seeing the article.

“I can understand your first decision since you have always hoped that the people of the Sines Continent can participate in making magic machines to promote the development of the magic machine industry. Although this would create many competitors for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, you don’t really care.”

Still knit her brows and looked at the «Banta Times» in her hand again, as her eyes filled with confusion.

“But your second decision….it’s too strange. Why are you opening up this kind of school? Money isn’t a problem for you, but what about time? Do you have that much time to teach kids?”

Xu Yi smiled and didn’t reply to Still’s question. He tossed the Frestech Primary School’s foundational plan that he made last night over to Still.

“Take a look. After you read it through, you should understand.”

Still looked it over doubtfully, as the confused look on her face gradually disappeared.

After seeing this document that had Xu Yi’s plans for the school, Still had a general understanding of Xu Yi’s thoughts.

But after thinking for a bit, she couldn’t help asking, “Although I understand what you’re doing, I don’t understand, why are you doing this? Will this help you promote magic machines?”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Although this doesn’t seem like it’ll help promote magic machines and isn’t related, the so-called industrial system was not just the magic machine industry. I want to create this school to lay seeds down on the Sines Continent. As for when those seeds will grow and what fruits they will bear, that is not something I am considering now.”

Still looked at Xu Yi in a daze for a bit before shaking her head and saying with a sigh, “There are times when I really don’t know what you are thinking, but forget it. Since you are doing this thing, I will support it. Who told me to be your fiancee.”

After saying this, Still gave Xu Yi a mischievous smile.

Xu Yi couldn’t help smiling as he reached out his hands to hug her and give her a kiss. Seeing the happy smile on her face, his heart was also filled with happiness.

If Still hadn’t helped him think things through, he would still be confused and wouldn’t know what path he should be walking.

Perhaps people wouldn’t understand his two decisions, but Xu Yi didn’t need them to understand.

He just knew that after making these two decision, he was much more relaxed and the plan in his mind for the future became clearer.

Although even Still didn’t understand why he wanted to create this school, Xu Yi was certain that on the future Sines Continent, this school would spring up everywhere and their numbers would be several times that of magic schools.

Of course, this was not something that the present Xu Yi who had thought things through considered.

In the end, this school was just a bit of comfort for himself after he made his decision.