Magic Industry Empire - Volume 2 Chapter 15

Xu Yi had to admit that he had underestimated the people of the Sines Continent before.

He thought that magic machines would be a new thing on the Sines Continent, so it would take people quite a bit of time to even accept this new thing, not to mention beginning to research it. So he always felt that it would take quite a bit of time to create an industrial system on the Sines Continent, perhaps he wouldn’t even be able to accomplish it in his life.

But reality had ruthlessly slapped his face.

Once the magic machines were released, it only took a short amount of time for the people of Banta City to accept it. Then after the king and the agricultural department announced they were cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it grew like a mushroom after a storm in the Lampuri Kingdom, as several large and small companies began producing magic machines.

These companies couldn’t compare to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in scale right now, so their magic machines were just imitations of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s early products, but they still earned a large amount in the places the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s sales network didn’t reach.

What made Xu Yi truly surprised and shocked was that these ordinary farmers like Freeman would actually use their experience with the small Magic Harvester to think of the idea of outsourcing the production of parts!

This mind for business couldn’t help surprising Xu Yi.

Xu Yi very happily agreed to Freeman’s idea, first letting them tour the factory before personally giving them some instruction.

As for Freeman’s group’s idea to buy production magic machines to outsource parts, Xu Yi had agreed, but he didn’t agree to them outsourcing large parts.

This is because with their current technological power and their shallow knowledge of magic machines, if they rashly made these large parts, it would be likely the parts they made wouldn’t conform to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s requirements. In the end they wouldn’t be used and they would suffer a large loss.

In the end, under Xu Yi’s suggestion, Freeman’s group turned their eyes to the Magic Thread Rolling Machine.

Although the screw bolts were small, to the magic machines produced by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they were an indispensable part and were used in many machines.

Moreover the Magic Thread Rolling Machine was the first official production magic machine developed by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, now that it had been improved on for a year, it was much more refined compared to before. Not only was it simple to operate, it was also more stable, so there were more kinds of screw bolts produced. It could meet the requirements for all the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s current magic machines.

After Freeman’s group considered it, they accepted Xu Yi’s suggestion and bought five entire Magic Thread Rolling Machine from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The new generation Magic Thread Rolling Machine costed forty gold coins each, so five would require two hundred gold coins.

This was a large sum for normal farmers and although Freeman’s group had used the agricultural magic machine to earn some money, they couldn’t take out such a large amount.

So when Freeman hesitantly asked if it could be the same as when the received the Magic Harvester, using a postponing method to pay for the Magic Thread Rolling Machine, Xu Yi wasn’t surprised at all and directly agreed to their request.

To Xu Yi, for these normal farmers like Freeman to start producing magic machine parts, it was even more significant that the magic machines that had bloomed in the Lampuri Kingdom.

Although they were just normal farmers, since they were buying Magic Thread Rolling Machines, it demonstrated that an important part of the industrial system was appearing on the Sines Continent.

If it was given time and a small company like this gradually appeared, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could just let this little company produce the parts for their magic machines. It would free up a lot of staff for Xu Yi to focus on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s matters.

Of course, the ideal in Xu Yi’s heart would never be something everyone could understand.

It was Heinz before, but now that Heinz was in Karma City managing the factory there, the one complaining had changed to Sebas.

“Sir chairman, according to last month’s financial reports, we sold various kinds of screw bolts for a profit of seven hundred and sixty four gold coins. Not to mention the massive cost benefits that the screw bolts brought us, which added together would be a total of over two thousand gold coins.”

It was different from Heinz’s complaining. Sebas was someone who was serious and respected Xu Yi, so he would always bring out data first that supported his point.

“You sold those five Magic Thread Rolling Machines to those farmers for no charge and promised to help them master the method for producing screw bolts, which is basically giving these profits to them. Is this…..good?” Sebas looked at Xu Yi with a doubtful gaze.”

“Let me ask you a question.” Xu Yi asked back, “Sebas, do you think that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce will become a first class company?”

Sebas was stunned, never thinking that Xu Yi would suddenly ask this kind of question.

After thinking about it, Seba gave a slight nod, “Yes, sir chairman, I have no doubt that our company will become a first class company on the Sines Continent.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, never thinking that Sebas was this confident. He just asked if they would become a first class company, but Sebas’ answer surpassed that.

“Then good, since you believe we will become a super large first class company, do you think that all large companies will take all the market for the products under them? Or accurately speaking, do you think that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce will take all the magic machine industry?” Xu Yi asked.

Gradually being influenced by Xu Yi, the people of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce were no longer strangers to the words magic machine industry. Sebas thought about it before shaking his head, “No. According to the sir chairman’s plan and estimates, the magic machine industry is a colossus and it is impossible for us to grab everything.”

“That’s right. Since we can’t possibly take everything, we have to give parts to people sooner or later. Then it’s better to take the initiative to give it out rather than passively give it out. Although it is just the screw bolt, it represents profit of over two thousand each month, or even more. But you should see that producing the screw bolt doesn’t take any technological knowledge, it just requires one to buy the Magic Thread Rolling Machine to make. Do you think we should sell the Magic Thread Rolling Machines?” Xu Yi asked.

Sebas was silent for a bit before hesitantly responding, “Actually…..Sir chairman, on your decision to give sell those small companies the production magic machines, I have always been…..confused. The production magic machine can only be produced by our Frestech Chamber of Commerce and only our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has the best quality in terms of magic machines, as well as the highest efficiency. Now that you are selling those production magic machines, there will be many companies in the Lampuri Kingdom making the same magic machines. Although those small companies aren’t any threat to us right now, there will be some influence in the end.”

Seeing the doubtful look on Sebas’ face, Xu Yi couldn’t help smiling. If it was Heinz instead, he wouldn’t be as tactful as Sebas and directly said that he was ruining them and raising a tiger to bite them…..

But for Heinz, Xu Yi could just refute him. He could say that this was part of his long term plan and he wouldn’t need to care.

But for Sebas, Xu Yi couldn’t directly refute him like this.

“Sebas, do you remember what I said last time at the product announcement?”

Sebas knit his brows to think about it, “This….sir chairman. I’m not too certain what you’re referring to.”

“I said at the product announcement last time that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce want to make a large cake. We wouldn’t snatch this cake from others, do you understand what I mean?”

Sebas hesitated for a while. The doubt on his face disappeared, but it was replaced with heavy confusion.

“Sir chairman, perhaps doing this will allow more people to understand magic machines and expand the market, making a large cake like you said, but…..With our Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s current strength, after making this large cake, it does not mean we can take the biggest slice.”

“What, are you doubting the strength of our company?” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Relax, if I didn’t have confidence, do you think I would do this?”

Sebas looked at Xu Yi without saying a thing.

If he raised his doubts at this time, it would be disrespectful to Xu Yi and he definitely wouldn’t do something like this.

Xu Yi patted Sebas’ shoulder with a smile, “Alright, go back and tell the Lord Viscount that I have my ideas, tell him not to worry.”

“This is not the Lord Viscount’s meaning……” Sebas reflexively responded, but seeing the almost non-existent smile on Xu Yi’s face, he couldn’t help taking back his words. After pausing, he said with a nod, “Yes.”


Sebas didn’t need to send Viscount Leslie a letter because Viscount Leslie had returned from Anvilmar City two days after they had spoken!

Out of Xu Yi’s expectation, when Viscount Leslie came back, he brought back the legendary Baron Hannas who had been under house arrest for a full three months.

When he saw Xu Yi, Baron Hannas came forward with a wide smile and hugged him. Then he impatiently asked, “Xu Yi, how is my «Banta Times» doing? Is it doing well now? Did any problems occur after I left?”

Xu Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “The «Banta Times» is not your child. Don’t be disappointed when I tell you this, but although you left, the «Banta Times» has been even better than when you left under Nakhi’s leadership. It now sells over ten thousand papers each day, being several times stronger than the nearby cities’ «Saltan Morning News» and «Karma Times».”

Baron Hannas broke out in laughter, “Why would I be disappointed? I’m very happy! This is great, I was worried the most about the «Banta Times» when I was in Anvilmar City. Now that I’ve heard that it has developed this much, I’m very assured.”

Xu Yi looked at the spirited Baron Hannas and found that compared to when he left Banta City, the childishness on his face had disappeared and he looked much more mature.

“Hannas, I’ve heard that there are two newspapers that appeared in Anvilmar City that are called the «Anvilmar Times» and the «Lampuri Weekly». Be honest with me, are those two newspapers related to you?” Xu Yi asked.

Hannas laughed and patted Xu Yi’s shoulder before whispering in his ear, “It’s good you know, don’t ask too much.”

Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile and didn’t plan to keep asking. He turned to Viscount Leslie on the side and asked, “Lord Viscount, you’re finally back. If it wasn’t for the spring harvest, perhaps you wouldn’t have come back this time?”

Viscount Leslie nodded with a smile, “Indeed. After going there, there was something that happened back at home. If it wasn’t for the importance of this spring harvest, I wouldn’t have had the time to come back.”

Xu Yi couldn’t help saying, “This is a large part of your territory and you are a large shareholder of our company, so if you’re never here, there are many things that become troublesome.”

“With you here, what trouble can there be?” Viscount Leslie smiled before suddenly sighing, “Xu Yi, let me tell you some news that even I don’t know if it is good or not. After this spring harvest, perhaps I will have to leave Banta City and will never come back.”

Xu Yi looked at Viscount Leslie in surprise. Seeing that he didn’t seem like he was joking, he was speechless.