Magic Industry Empire - Volume 2 Chapter 172

If it was said that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was calm in April, so calm that it made others unsettled, when May came, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce released a piece of shocking news that brought everyone’s attention back to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The shocking news was that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman Xu Yi was finally getting married to young miss Still!

The instant the «Banta Times» released this piece of shocking news, Banta City immediately exploded.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was the company that everyone paid attention to in Banta City. Xu Yi who was the chairman was young, handsome, rich, and also had a baron title that the king personally awarded.

For an outstanding young man like this, he would have already become the dream lover of all the young girls in Banta City and the surrounding cities.

Even after Xu Yi and Still began dating, there were countless girls who had boldly confessed to Xu Yi. There were even countless noble young ladies who attended the same banquet as Xu Yi, showing off their affection for him.

But now that his wedding had been announced, it instantly broke the hearts of countless young girls who admired him.

Compared to the influence that Xu Yi had, not only was Still not inferior, rather her influence was much stronger.

As the recognized “Banta Goddess” of Banta City and the surrounding cities, even if Still hadn’t appeared in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s advertisement in a while, she was still the goddess of many men’s hearts.

When Still announced that she was dating Xu Yi, it broke the hearts of countless men. After her engagement to Xu Yi was announced, it was like their hearts had been cut with a knife.

Now that Still was announcing that she was getting married to Xu Yi, it shattered the hearts of countless men who secretly admired her.

In the enbd, when the news of their wedding was announced, countless people in Banta City and the surrounding cities began weeping, creating a river of tears.

But rather than being sad, more people chose to congratulate them.

To most people, Xu Yi and Still were a perfect match.

A girl who could match Xu Yi was rare and a man who could match Still was even rarer.

The two’s union received everyone’s blessing, it even included everyone’s hope and desire towards love.

If those two broke up, perhaps there would be more people who would be sad.

Now that those two had gone from dating to being engaged, from being engaged to getting married, without any bad news during this time and always showing off the image of a sweet couple, it satisfied the hopes in everyone’s hearts.

The «Banta Times» had appraised their wedding with one phrase, it was that if those two never married, it would be a betrayal of love and even god wouldn’t let them go!

The wedding was set for the third of May.

According to Xu Yi’s thoughts, he wanted it to be the seventh of June because that was the first day he met Still, so it was memorable.

But Still’s birthday was on the sixteenth of May, so after that day, Still would be twenty two.

According to a tradition of the Sines Continent that Xu Yi felt was weird, if girls married after the age of twenty two, they might not have a happy marriage. So girls on the Sines Continent either chose to marry before turning twenty two or after turning twenty three.

But Xu Yi, Still, and Great Magician Camilla wasn’t willing to wait another year for them to be married, so they chose to get married before the sixteenth and set it for the third of May.

According to the legends of the Sines Continent, the third of May was the birthday of one of the Six Great Gods, the New Moon Goddess Irene Shuka.

Getting married on this day would mean receiving the blessing of the goddess, giving them a blessed marriage.

So not only for Xu Yi and Still, on the day of the third of May, there were many couples that chose to get married on this day.

Of course, it was impossible for another couple’s wedding to be as famous as Xu Yi and Still’s.

On the third of May, the greatest wedding in the history of Banta City was being held in a manor in the northwest suburbs.

This manor was the engagement gift Chairman Cruise had given them. The two of them had been fixing it up after getting engaged and it was just finished half a month ago, so they would be moving in for the first time after their wedding.

There was no need to mention how grand this wedding was, just the people who came to the wedding was enough to dazzle everyone.

First, the host of the wedding was the Banta City City Lord, Count Sean Samo!

A Lord Count who was a City Lord was actually the host of a wedding, this was simply an incredible matter.

However, the Lord City Lord had done this and he seemed quite happy to do it.

Next, the representative of the bride’s side was his excellency, Great Magician Camilla.

As a Great Magician, his status was not below Count Sean’s.

Comparatively, although Still’s parents sitting on both sides of Great Magician Camilla were high grade magicians, they were much more inferior.

Other than the two most important people in Banta City, all the nobles in Banta City had come to attend the wedding, bringing gifts and their blessings.

Even Baron Belil Stagg that disagreed with Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce the most had attended the wedding. He didn’t seem reluctant when he gave his blessings and his smile was very sincere.

Other than the nobles, all the leaders of Banta City’s companies came.

Not only did the Sarank Chamber of Commerce’s chairman Rank, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce’s chairman Cruise, the Armani Chamber of Commerce’s chairman Vincent, and the Falcao Chamber of Commerce’s chairman Morgan come, even the chairman of all the small and large companies had attended the wedding without a single one missing.

For companies with all kinds of competitive relationships between them, to make all the chairmen gather together like this, it seemed like something impossible to do.

However, everyone had gathered together at Xu Yi’s wedding and everyone gave their sincere blessings to Xu Yi.

Just based on this, it was enough to see Xu Yi’s current position in Banta City’s business world.

If one thought about it seriously, they would find that it wasn’t strange at all.

Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had played an important role in creating the current prosperity Banta City currently enjoyed.

Whether it was directly or indirectly, almost all the companies in the city had benefited from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

There was no need to mention the component companies, they only appeared because of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s small company support plan.

These small companies had incomes of several thousand gold coins a month. Before this, they were just normal people in Banta City who couldn’t even earn a hundred gold coins a year.

In the hearts of these people, naturally they were grateful towards Xu Yi.

Other than these people, the people most grateful towards Xu Yi were the normal peasants in the villages outside Banta City.

Since the appearance of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, first it was inventing agricultural magic machines, increasing the efficiency of farming in Banta City. Now in just two years, everyone no longer had to suffer the pain of being unable to eat their fill.

After that, because the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had drove the development of Banta City, every peasant could find suitable work and their income was much higher than before.

Right now the citizens of Banta City not only had enough to eat, they even had extra gold coins to increase their standards of living.

All of this came from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

So at this wedding, other than nobles and merchants, there were peasants who came from outside the city to congratulate them.

This was also a scene that was hard to see.

A wedding for a great merchant like Xu Yi, normally the guests should only be nobles in the same position and other merchants. It really was strange to see normal peasants who didn’t match Xu Yi’s status at all coming here.

But Xu Yi had welcomed all the guests who came, inviting them all in.

So perhaps this was Banta City’s most grand wedding in history, it was definitely the only wedding in history that welcomed all guests in the history of Banta City.

Although compared to weddings in China on earth, the Sines Continent’s wedding traditions were more simple, with Xu Yi’s status, this wedding had to follow every single step.

First they were blessed by the priest they had specially invited from Anvilmar City, Xu Yi and Still had to make their vows to god. Then because Xu Yi was a noble, he had to swear to Count Sean who was the highest ranking noble here that he would protect Still forever. After that, because they were magicians, with Great Magician Camilla’s status as a Great Magician, they also had to make a magic vow.

After all these vows were made, they received all kinds of blessings.

This was a process that was only finished after an hour.

According to customs, as long as a guest came to the wedding, they were qualified to bless the couple.

There really were too many guests that came this time. From Great Magician Camilla and Count Sean down to the peasants from outside the city, even if one representative was sent from each group, there were still several hundred people who blessed Xu Yi and Still.

After the wedding, naturally it was the intimate moment that the couple showed to everyone.

If it was a normal girl, they would lower their head and look shy.

But Still looked up at Xu Yi and went forward to give him a kiss.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and reached out to hold Still. His head came down and their lips came together.


A cheer that was like thunder sounded through the manor.

In front of everyone, the youths considered the best couple by everyone were finally married, fulfilling a wish that everyone had.