Magic Industry Empire - Volume 2 Chapter 181

Using money to smash them really had a good effect.

When Xu Yi announced the large salary of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards and after Count Sean gave his promise, the five hundred elites immediately treated themselves as part of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Although before this they were required to sign a contract with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and go through a series of procedures to obtain their true wishes, seeing their happy and expectant looks, one knew that they weren’t against becoming guards at all.

Xu Yi first had Count Sean draw up a contract in the name of the City Lord’s Manor, validating these five hundred elites joining the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Then he had Count Sean send someone to get Kennard who was at Sandton Manor and have him take care of everything.

Kennard rushed over with several assistants and began verifying the status of all five hundred elites starting with Hart before signing the employment contract with them.

Many of these five hundred elites were literate and after seeing that the benefits written in the contract were no different from what Xu Yi had promised, even being more detailed than he described, they became assured and each person happily signed the contract.

Xu Yi naturally didn’t need to meddle with these affairs and watched Kennard work for a bit. He then said a few words to Kennard and left the City Lord’s Manor, heading to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce magic research facility.

When he came in, Lotte was the first one Xu Yi saw.

After seeing Xu Yi, Lotte immediately revealed a bright smile.

Although Xu Yi returned this smile, he couldn’t help thinking of how Lotte had tried to seduce him that night.

Although it had already been half a year and Lotte had joined the Frestech Chamber of Commerce eventually, that night was Xu Yi’s first time having a girl openly trying to seduce him like that, so it left a deep impression on him.

Actually to be honest, Lotte’s actions that night had actually made Xu Yi and Still’s relationship even better.

It was that night that Still had proposed to him.

Afterwards, Xu Yi even considered Lotte to be his and Still’s matchmaker.

Of course, this matchmaker’s actions were a bit hard to say.

“Hey, sir chairman, are you here on an inspection today?” Lotte greeted Xu Yi with a happy look. It didn’t seem like her actions from before had left a single mark on her.

“I’ve said it many times, Lotte, you are an old friend and an old coworker. Don’t call me sir chairman all the time, it sounds very ugly. Just be like before and call me by my name.” Xu Yi said.

“Although I also want to return to before, I am part of the company and am your subordinate, so customs have to be retained.” Lotte said with a smile, it was unknown how much of her words were serious.

Xu Yi shook his head and decided not to pester her with this. He looked at the crystal ball in her hand and asked, “Is Sancheli still studying the crystal ball?”

“Un, I’ve been assisting team leader Sancheli research the influence of programmed magic on crystal balls. As for now…..the progress is rather slow. Sir chairman, are you very disappointed in us?” Lotte asked back.

“What do I have to be disappointed in? His research is very complicated and I already knew that it would take a long time for him to make progress.” Xu Yi said.

Lotte looked down at the crystal ball and doubtfully asked, “Sir chairman, why are you so confident in this research? Team leader Sancheli said that he hasn’t had any progress in the year since he joined the company, but you’re still confident in him and let him continue his research.”

“It’s because magic programming technology is a technology with wide application that is very much worth studying. I’m very clear on the importance of this technology and know how complicated it is, so I’m rather patient on this aspect.” Xu Yi explained slightly before saying to Lotte with a smile, “But it has to be said, your eyes really are good. Other researchers aren’t interested or confident in this research, but only you joined Sancheli’s team in the end. This research will take a lot of time and there’s no limit, so you’ll never have to worry that you won’t have work to do.”

Lotte said with a smile, “Naturally it’s good if there is work to do. Of course, I hope that I can help team leader Sancheli obtain some results, otherwise we would be letting down sir chairman’s expectations.”

“Help me tell Sancheli that he can’t rush with this research because it is very precise research, it requires very strong patience.” Xu Yi said with a serious look, “It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t have any results, I’ve already waited two years, it doesn’t matter if I wait another two years.”

Lotte nodded. She looked at Xu Yi before suddenly giving a sigh and saying in a low voice, “Sir chairman, you’re this patient with team leader Sancheli and you’re willing to give him all those chances, why can’t you be more patient with me and give me a few chances?”

Xu Yi was a bit surprised, “You’re helping Sancheli with his research, so I’m very patient with you. Of course, I will also give you many chances to display your ability like with Sancheli.”

Lotte revealed a bitter smile and took a step forward, pressing herself against Xu Yi. She looked into Xu Yi’s eyes and shook her head, “Xu Yi, you should know that I’m not talking about that. I want to say, why can’t you be more patient with me and give me more chances, allowing yourself to understand me better?”

Xu Yi knit his brows and took a step back. He thought about it and said, “Lotte, I’m married.”

“Marriage isn’t an obstacle. As long as you’re willing to give me a chance, I can give you all of me!”

Seeing that Lotte wanted to approach again, Xu Yi reached out a hand to stop her. He took a deep breath and said with a serious look, “Lotte, this is my warning to you. If you keep acting like this, I’m afraid that I can’t be friends with you anymore and I’ll ask you to leave the magic research facility.”

Hearing Xu Yi heavy intonation on the word “friends”, Lotte deeply knit her brow. After looking at Xu Yi for a while, she slowly asked, “What if I sincerely like you and I’m not just trying to seduce you?”

“Then I can only say that I’m sorry.” Xu Yi said.

Lotte gave a sigh and took a step back. She fixed her hair and her expression returned to a faint smile. She said to Xu Yi with a nod, “Alright, sir chairman, I understand what you mean. I will be careful in the future.”

“Then that’s good.” Xu Yi gave her a nod and moved away.

Watching Xu Yi enter the chief’s room, Lotte gave a soft snort.

“Humph, I don’t believe that your heart isn’t moved at all.”

Xu Yi who had entered the chief’s room naturally didn’t hear this. Moreover, there was another important matter on his mind right now, he had already thrown away the unimportant matter with Lotte.

“Evita, I’ve heard that you’ve made a new breakthrough with the long distance transmission research?” As soon as he came in, Xu Yi immediately asked Evita this.

“Yes, chairman.” Evita who was currently in the middle of an experiment replied with a happy look on her face.

“Then what specifically is this breakthrough?” Xu Yi kept asking.

“It mainly deals with transmission range and stability.” Evita explained, “Of course, these two influence each other, so it is because of a breakthrough in stability that the transmission range has increased. Because we wanted to increase the transmission range, we found a way to stabilize it.”

“This is what I said to you before, different research in the same system is actually related to each other. Then what new discovery have you made this time that could make a breakthrough in these two important aspects?” Xu Yi asked.

Evita took a long and white thing from the lab bench that seemed like a noodle.

“Chairman, look, this is our newly developed Magic Array Stabilizer. Using this stabilizer to wrap up a magic power line will greatly reduce the amount of magic that is lost in transmission, stabilizing and increasing the efficiency of magic transmission. Moreover, with this wrapped around the line, a normal magic line would be very weak against outside influences, but we can protect the Magic Array inside our magic machines. This will increase the lifespan of our company’s magic machines and will reduce the possibilities of problems occurring.

Xu Yi didn’t express his opinion. He first took the stabilizer made of an unknown material from Evita’s hand and then he drew a Second Grade Flame Array on Evita’s lab bench. He attached one end of the line to the Magic Array and the other end to his finger.

A trace of magic came from Xu Yi and poured into the Flame Array through the line.


A flame suddenly came out of the Flame Array.

Xu Yi carefully looked at the flames temperature and brightness, comparing it with the reference in his mind. He was happy to find that compared to the normal Flame Array, the effects of this Flame Array with the stabilizer was only a bit weaker.

It had to be known that Magic Arrays normally couldn’t compare to normal magic. Not to mention that Xu Yi was injecting magic from a distance with the line, replacing a Magic Crystal.

This Magic Array actually wasn’t that different from a normal spell. Other than proving that Xu Yi’s Flame Array was outstanding, it also proved that there was almost no consumption when injecting magic through this line.

This was a very powerful function.

Because if injecting magic into a Magic Array took no consumption, that meant that there was no limit to distance when it came to magic transmission.

Xu Yi twisted the noodle like string in his hand that Evita called a stabilizer and he suddenly had a thought.

This thing, doesn’t it look like an electrical wire?