Magic Industry Empire - Volume 2 Chapter 191

The so-called affiliate was actually a fraud method.

On earth, many companies without the corresponding business documents would choose to attach their company to another company with those documents, obtaining those documentations for themselves.

This method was very common on earth, but it wasn’t seen that much on the Sines Continent.

When Xu Yi was thinking about how to solve the issue of establishing a factory for the Night Song Tribe, he had thought of this widespread method on earth.

After careful consideration, Xu Yi proposed to elder Illusia the idea of opening the plastic processing factory under the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s name.

In name, the plastic processing factory belonged to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but whether it was the workers or the managers, they would all be from the Night Song Tribe.

Moreover, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would only have rights in name for the plastic processing factory, but when it came to the business of the plastic processing factory, no one from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had the rights to interfere, even including Xu Yi.

So in reality, this plastic processing factory belonged to the Night Song Tribe and it wasn’t related to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce at all.

Actually, this was using a loophole in the kingdom’s business laws.

In the business laws of the Lampuri Kingdom, because there aren’t any clauses on other races establishing companies, this part could be used very flexibly.

Xu Yi could rely on his good relationship with Count Sean to help the Night Song Tribe with this problem, but because of the appearance of Count Stagg, he couldn’t pass this request through the Banta City’s City Lord Manor.

Because of this situation, it meant there were no restrictions and Xu Yi could use this loophole. He could have all the workers that elder Illusia had prepared for the plastic processing factory become Frestech Chamber of Commerce workers, avoiding many issues when applying for their labour cards.

However, in secret, Xu Yi signed another contract with elder Illusia. It stated clearly that all the rights to the plastic processing factory would belong to the Night Song Tribe and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didn’t have any influence.

According to the laws of the Lampuri Kingdom, as long as private contracts didn’t go against the laws, it was something that couldn’t be broken. This made this contract legal and binding, without any problems.

Like this, not only could this factory carry out business like a normal human company and operate without being hindered openly, allowing elder Illusia to achieve her goal of letting her clansmen engage in human trade, it also allowed the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to not be questioned on this.

“It’s impossible for you not to be questioned.” Seveni shook her head, “But there are indeed many loopholes with the kingdom’s laws, so what you’re doing is only considered fair.”

Xu Yi looked at Seveni with a bit of curiosity, “Your highness, based on the meaning of your words, they aren’t prepared to revise the laws to make up for this loophole?”

“It’s impossible during this time at least.” Seveni shook her head, “The kingdom’s upper strata is currently debating whether they should pay more attention to agricultural development or business development. During this time, no one will care about a minor loophole in the business laws.”

“What’s the result?” Xu Yi immediately asked in a concerned voice, “Are the people who focus on agriculture winning against the people who focus on business?”

“There’s no result right now, otherwise Count Stagg wouldn’t keep aiming at your Frestech Chamber of Commerce.” Seveni looked at Xu Yi and said in an apologetic voice, “This has implicated you, I’m sorry.”

“No, I wasn’t implicated.” Xu Yi shook his head, “To me, the kingdom supporting business development is a very important thing. If the kingdom was filled with stubborn old men who only think that agricultural development is the best foundation, it will become difficult for me and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“Relax, this situation wouldn’t appear.” Seveni shook her head with a faint smile, “Actually, the nobles of the kingdom will always struggle because of personal disputes, differences, and their respective benefits. Count Stagg is aiming at you like this is actually because of the Stagg Family. The Stagg Family are the nobles with the most territory in the kingdom, of course they would want to support agriculture.”

“This is locations decides their decisions.” Xu Yi gave a helpless sigh, “It is impossible for them to see the benefits of business development and it is even more impossible for them to see agricultural and business development progressing together, having no actual contradictions. So in the end, Count Stagg didn’t do this to suppress our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but rather to guarantee the Stagg Family’s position.”

“These words are correct, but Count Stagg has only been in charge of Banta City for a month and most of Banta City’s prosperity has disappeared. When I walked around Banta City yesterday, I found that there were much fewer people in the streets and most of the shops on the roads were closed. The entire street seemed quite bleak.” Seveni said with an emotional sigh, “To have this large transformation in the city in less than a month, I really have to admire Count Stagg’s abilities.”

“Are you and his majesty going to keep watching him act like this?” Xu Yi couldn’t help disrespectfully rolling his eyes at Seveni, “I think that your highness has come looking for me this time must be to tell me some good news on Count Stagg finally being transferred, right?”

“It’s a pity that this isn’t possible.” Seveni heard the complaint in Xu Yi’s tone and rather revealed a smile, “Count Stagg has only been in Banta City for a month and he hasn’t made a mistake on the surface, even my royal father can’t find a reason to transfer him. Moreover, you should be clear that him holding the position of Banta City’s City Lord is actually a tacit understanding between all the nobles in the kingdom. Everyone wants to see if agricultural development or business development is more beneficial.”

“So Banta City has become a test?” Xu Yi gave a cold snort, “I have to say, there really isn’t a meaning to this decision. There is no need to show anything with this issue, agricultural development is to build the foundations of a kingdom and business development is to make the kingdom stronger. Banta City had become prosperous because of the magic machine industry and now it is actually destroyed by this damn decision. Could it be that his majesty doesn’t know the gravity of this situation?”

Actually, Xu Yi wanted to say that these nobles and even the king were brain damaged for having this idea.

Which country that was developing currently would use Banta City that could become the economic center of the Lampuri Kingdom for a damn experiment?

Moreover, it was clear that those who supported agricultural development had the advantage because the one in charge of Banta City was currently Count Stagg.

Of course, in front of Seveni, Xu Yi didn’t dare say that the king was brain damaged…...

“Royal father knows, but he has no choice in this matter.” Seveni said with a sigh, “To suppress the objections, you have to show facts that everyone can see and Banta City was the most suitable place. For Banta City, right now whether it’s the internal reports for the Royal Parliament or the major newspapers in Anvilmar City, I think that everyone can see the changes in Banta City.

“Then since they can see it, why would they continue this experiment? They are just letting Banta City and the Lampuri Kingdom sustain this loss?” Xu Yi kept asking.

“The time is too short.” Seveni shook her head, “No matter what, Count Stagg has only been here for a month. To let everyone see the most clear result, he has to be here for at least the fall harvest and the end of the year.”

“Isn’t that more than half a year?” Xu Yi immediately knit his brows, “If it’s like this, your highness, I think my previous proposal should be used. Otherwise when Banta City is destroyed by Count Stagg, there will be no chance to restore it.”

“It’s already being used.” Seveni gave a nod, “I came this time to give you some truly good news. I think that after you hear it, you will jump with joy.”

Seeing the rare mischievous smile on Seveni’s face, Xu Yi couldn’t help being curious. Was it really some very good news?

“Listen well.” Seeing the expectant look on Xu Yi’s face, Seveni revealed a faint smile before saying with a serious look, “Dear Baron Xu Yi, in light of your outstanding contributions to the Lampuri Kingdom and after the Royal Parliament’s decision, they have decided to increase your rank from baron to viscount. Congratulations Xu Yi, from now on, you are an honourable viscount. When you see Viscount Leslie, you’ll be on the same level as him.”

Xu Yi disdainfully curled his lips, “Che, what good news is this. Although I’m happy that I don’t need to use titles when I see Viscount Leslie, this is just an empty title and doesn’t give me any benefits.”

“You think that…..if there weren’t any benefits, royal father and I would specially raise your title by a rank?” Seveni asked back.

“Raising my title by a rank… there any special meaning?” Xu Yi thought for a bit, but he couldn’t think of anything.

Seveni said with a smile, “I’ll give you a hint. According to the rules of the Royal Parliament, if any nobles of the kingdom want to own any territory, they have to be at least a viscount.”

Xu Yi was stunned as his eyes popped out, “It can’t be, right?”

Seveni gave a nod with a faint smile, “Xu Yi, don’t faint from happiness. Because you have been promoted to a viscount, you have the right to own territory. So through her highness Seveni, which is my proposition and through the agreement of his majesty and the Royal Parliament’s decision, in the end, they’ve decided to grant you private territory.”