Magic Industry Empire - Volume 2 Chapter 21

Why was it again?

Because a few months ago, after Wella and Rem left the Leo Chamber of Commerce in Saltan City, they came back to Banta City.

But when Xu Yi invited them to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Wella accepted while Rem rejected Xu Yi.

After Xu Yi asked Wella about Rem, he learned that Rem had left Banta City to find another company to work for.

As for what he was doing or what company it was, Rem didn’t even tell Wella.

Xu Yi thought that Rem was intentionally hiding it from Wella like a man who had failed at his enterprise, only coming back to Wella after he had found some success. Who would have thought that he would appear in Banta City again, appearing in front of him with such a clear lost look on his face, looking defeated. Xu Yi couldn’t help saying “again”.

When this was said, Xu Yi realized that this was improper, so he stood up and beckoned to them while saying, “Come, come, come over and sit. Wella, if you and Rem are back now, you shouldn’t have eaten outside, right? Come, sit and eat. Evita made the dishes today, it tastes quite good.”

Wella nodded and pulled Rem’s sleeve, as she took a step forward.

Rem forced out a smile as he looked at Xu Yi, “Xu Yi, why are you here as well?”

“I have some work here, so I might as well scrape some food.” Xu Yi casually replied. Looking at Wella sitting down, he hesitated a bit before he gave up on asking anything and beckoned to Rem to sit down.

Akali and the others looked over Wella and Rem, looking to be filled with curiosity.

Although Wella was several years older than them, she was completely different than them who had just graduated from school. Not only was she stronger than them, she was much more stable and mature, having more experience than them.

Although they hadn’t been together for long, Wella had already received their heartfelt approval and respect.

Moreover, Wella was usually serious and a bit cold, so it made them respect her while also making her feel like she was hard to approach.

But now they found Wella come here with a man who was around the same age as her, so it really surprised them.

Seeing Rem naturally sit down beside Wella, their eyes filled with even more curiosity.

Could it be like Akali had guessed, this Rem really was Wella’s boyfriend?

The atmosphere at the table was a bit strange. Akali and Bella whose hearts burned with the flames of gossip wanted to try asking several times, but they were stopped by Xu Yi’s eyes.

Wella had a calm manner, slowly eating her food. But Rem’s body expression was much more unnatural and he had a frozen expression, roughly eating his food.

After waiting for Wella to finish, Rem put down his bowl and gave Wella a look.

Wella was silent for a bit before saying to Xu Yi, “Chairman, I have something to discuss with you. Do you have time?”

Hearing Wella call “chairman” and her respectful tone, Rem’s expression changed slightly, but it quickly recovered.

Xu Yi had long finished and had been patiently waiting while drinking some tea. Now that Wella had finally spoken, he put down the teacup and stood up, pointing to the back of the living room, “Let’s go back to talk, let’s not disturb their meal.”

Wella and Rem stood up at the same time. While being watched by Akali’s group’s curious gazes, they followed Xu Yi to the small room behind the living room.

The three of them sat down and Xu Yi looked at the silent Wella and Rem before revealing a smile. He broke the silence first and asked Rem, “Rem, I’ve heard Wella say that you’ve found a new company to work for and are still researching magic machines?”

Rem’s expression froze and he looked at Xu Yi with a complicated gaze before saying with a bitter smile, “That’s right, this company also studies magic machines. But during this time, I’ve found that Wella is completely right. If we’re talking about studying magic machines, there is no company that can compare to your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, rather can’t compare to you. I have been studying magic machines at my current company and haven’t made any progress at all.”

“Magic machines are very complex, it isn’t realistic if one wants results in a short period of time.” Xu Yi gave a nod and pointed at Wella before saying, “Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has these results now because there are researchers working hard at our research facility like Wella.”

“Other than Wella, I can tell that your other researchers are just kids who have just graduated? Are they strong enough?” A look of disdain appeared on Rem’s face, “Since even they can have achievements, there’s no reason that we magicians who are stronger than them can’t.”

Xu Yi couldn’t help knitting his brows. How could Rem be this arrogant?

He clearly hadn’t had any achievements, so how could he look down on Evita and the others who had already made large progress in terms of magic machines? It was already being light saying that he had high eyes and low hands.

Wella looked at Rem and coldly said, “Actually you haven’t had any results even now and those kids who you look down on have had many results with just their hard work. Of the magic machines that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce produces, other than the ones Great Magician Camilla researches, the rest are made by them. What right do you have to look down on them?”

Wella’s unrestrained words caused Rem’s face to turn red and he couldn’t say a single thing.

Seeing that the atmosphere became a bit awkward, Xu Yi said with a smile, “Let’s not talk about this. Rem, did you come back this time to see Wella? Or was it for something else?”

“This…..” Rem hesitated a bit, but he didn’t respond and looked at Wella.

Wella knit her brows before relaxing them. She looked at Xu Yi with a calm face and said, “Chairman, Rem came back this time to work in Banta City. I mean…...he wants to work for our company. It’s best if he can research Magic Arrays with me at our research facility. You…..What do you think?”

If one had to talk about price, Rem was far from being able to compare to Wella.

From meeting Wella when he entered the Magic Tower last year, he had known her for around a year and this was Xu Yi’s first time seeing Wella ask anything of anyone.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi looked at Rem in surprise, but he found that he had a look of hope and no shame at all.

Xu Yi couldn’t help giving a cold laugh in his heart.

This fellow, if he had mentioned this himself, Xu Yi could still give a high view of him. But now that he had urged Wella to mention this for him, he really made Xu Yi despise him.

Although the Rem from before always looked down on people and Xu Yi didn’t really like it, he had never made Xu Yi despise him.

He really didn’t know what he experienced in these months after leaving Banta City to turn him into this.

But whether he despised him or not, it was hard enough for Wella to mention this request, so he couldn’t not give her face.

After considering it, a smile appeared on Xu Yi’s face as he said, “Alright. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is lacking magicians in our research facility. As for Rem who is an experienced magician in researching magic machines, of course we welcome him. Rem’s magic power is quite good, so there’s no need to consider this at all. I represent the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in welcoming Rem.”

Seeing Xu Yi stand up and stretch his hand at him, Rem quickly stood up and took his hand. He said with a smile, “Thank you. Xu…..Chairman, I will definitely work hard, no, properly learn.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. At least you know how to learn, otherwise if you keep looking down on people, you wouldn’t be able to stay in this research lab.

“Wella, there are some things that need to be paid attention to that I won’t say, so you can tell Rem.” Xu Yi said, “Other than that, I will have someone bring the employment contract and the confidentiality agreement tomorrow, so you can tell Rem what to do.”

Wella nodded. Rem asked in a surprised voice, “Confidentiality agreement? What is that?”

“Oh, it’s a contract to stop our research staff from revealing some of our company’s secrets. If it is breached, one needs to pay compensation. This isn’t anything, it won’t have any effect as long as you don’t go against the contract.” Xu Yi explained.

Rem’s expression changed slightly, but it quickly returned to normal. He nodded with a smile and said, “Un, that is normal. After all, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has many technology related to magic machines and if it is casually revealed, the losses wouldn’t be small.”

Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “It’s good you understand.”

After saying a few more things and making the final decision to hire Rem, Xu Yi stood up and left.

Wella stopped Akali and Evita who wanted to send Xu Yi off and she sent him off herself.

When the two came out, Xu Yi looked at Wella and said, “Wella, if you have anything that isn’t convenient to say in front of others, just mention it now. We can be considered colleagues from Great Magician Camilla’s Magic Tower, so there isn’t anything you can’t say with our relationship.”

Wella looked at Xu Yi for a while before softly saying, “Thank you.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “You’re welcome. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce lacks magicians anyway, so even if you didn’t mention it, I was very willing to hire a magician like Rem with his power and experience with magic machines.”

“But Rem, he……” Wella opened her mouth, but she didn’t say anything else and just gave a sigh.

Seeing the desolate look on Wella’s face, Xu Yi couldn’t help saying, “Wella, would you mind if I ask you some personal questions?”

Wella looked up at Xu Yi and revealed a bitter smile, “You want to ask about me and Rem?”

“Right. I’ve heard that in the few months that Rem was away from Banta City, he hadn’t even contacted you, so I’m a bit worried. When we were colleagues back at Great Magician Camilla’s Magic Tower, I was jealous of you two being together, but this situation now……”

Xu Yi thought about it and found that he couldn’t continue, since it was too straightforward.

“It should be impossible for us now.” Wella very directly gave him her answer, “I thought that I would be very happy that he was coming back, but when I saw him come back, I found that I already didn’t feel anything for him. I didn’t feel any special feeling after seeing him and it was like seeing a stranger. So I know that it should have ended between us.”

Xu Yi was silent for a while before asking, “But now that he has joined our research lab and you will be working together every day, so will this affect you?”

Wella shook her head, “No. I really don’t have any feelings for him anymore and will only treat him as an acquaintance. To return to the relationship from before, it is definitely impossible.”

Xu Yi had some understanding of Wella’s personality and since she said it was impossible, it really was impossible.

He wanted to comfort her, but he found that Wella didn’t need it at all.

Thinking about it, Xu Yi said with a dry laugh, “That’s good, I don’t have anything else to say. I hope that Rem can work here properly in the future. With his ability, I believe that he will become an important part of the research lab.”

Wella gave a soft nod and didn’t say anything.

Xu Yi paused and found that he had nothing to say, so he raised his hand to bid Wella farewell.

After coming out of the little alley the research facility was in, he turned around to take a look. He found Wella standing at the main entrance looking up at the starry night sky, not knowing what she was thinking.

Xu Yi gave a sigh. This magician couple that all their colleagues had a good impression of had actually split for a strange reason, it really made him feel sad inside.

If he and Still separated one day, would he be as calm as Wella?