Magic Industry Empire - Volume 2 Chapter 22

“Impossible!” Still had a determined look as she said without any hesitation, “First, it is impossible for me to break up with you. Second, even if there is a day when you don’t want me, I will definitely go crazy and won’t be as calm as Wella. Moreover, if you ever let me down or break up with me, it is likely I will duel you.”

Xu Yi laughed and reached out to tweak her nose, “Dueling me? Don’t forget that my strength has increased and I’m a Fifth Grade Magician now, not weaker than you. If you really due me, who knows who’ll win or lose.”

“Then how about we fight right now?” Still pushed away Xu Yi and stood up in a dueling position.

Xu Yi waved his hand with a smile, “Alright, you’re a kind and beautiful girl with such a good personality, how could I be willing to give you up. To be honest, I’m more worried that the goddess in the eyes of everyone would not like me anymore and will give me up. Right, what about your trip to Karma City this time, how was it? Did you have fun playing around these two days?”

“Play? There was no time to play at all, alright?” Still rolled her eyes at Xu Yi and jumped into Xu Yi’s bed. She rolled while holding Xu Yi’s blanket and complained, “I’ve been helping the company advertise during these two days, attending all kinds of banquets. When I had some rare free time, all the Karma City nobles and merchants came to bother me. Really, everyone already knows that I’m already your girlfriend, so why do they keep looking for me? Could it be that they still haven’t given up?”

“Chasing after beauties is in human nature, you can’t stop this.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “Then again you are my girlfriend and not my wife yet, so how could others give up?”

Still looked at Xu Yi in surprise. She narrowed her eyes and revealed a sly smile, “What? Xu Yi, are you proposing at a time like this?”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “If the beautiful young miss Still is willing, how about it?”

Still buried her head into the blankets for a while before looking over and revealing a sunny smile to Xu Yi, “I’m sorry, this young miss hasn’t decided yet. Chairman Xu will have to keep working hard.”

Xu Yi gave a sigh and helplessly said, “So that means you don’t need to worry about me not wanting you and I should be the one worried, right?”

Still jumped out of bed and threw herself into Xu Yi’s embrace. She threw a strong kiss onto his cheek and said with a smile, “Relax, unless you become as man like Rem without any self respect, how could I not want you? Although there are a bunch of disgusting men following me around, how could they compare to you? There are quite a few beautiful and charming girls by your side other than me, so I’m very worried.”

Xu Yi was surprised, “Are there girls who are more beautiful and charming than you? Where? Can you introduce me to them?”

Still revealed a faint smile and pointed at Vivian who was carrying out a dish as she said, “Here. I won’t mention Evita and Akali, even Vivian has already become a little beauty. Be honest, did you buy her from Viscount Leslie because of this back then?”

Hearing what Still said, Vivian’s little face turned red and she quickly put down the dish, as she returned to the kitchen.

After a while, there were clattering sounds that came from the kitchen.

Xu Yi snappily pinched Still’s cheek, “Vivian is still a child, what are you teasing her for?”

Still gave a soft laugh, “Alright, let’s not talk about Vivian. But there is a girl who is more beautiful than me by your side.”

“More beautiful than you?” Xu Yi doubtfully looked at Still, “Still, this is nonsense. How could there be a girl more beautiful than you?”

“You don’t believe it?” Still stood up and looked around before suddenly raising her voice, “Agnes, come out, I know you’re there. Stop hiding, we’ll be eating soon anyway.”

Spatial distortions appeared in a corner of the room and a figure appeared, who was the elf girl Agnes.

“Young miss Still, what did you call me for?” Agnes asked Still.

Still walked over and lifted her hand to take off the hood covering Agnes’ face. She stroked her finger across her elegant face before saying to Xu Yi, “How about it? Agnes is more beautiful than me, admit it.”

Agnes looked at Still in surprise, “Young miss Still, you were talking about me now? I’m sorry, I don’t understand your human standard of beauty, so I don’t understand why you think I’m more beautiful than you. But from the viewpoint of us elves, whether it is your face or your figure, you conform very well to our elven standard of beauty. From what I can see, you can be considered a work of art.”

Seeing Agnes’ serious expression, Still’s face turned red and she became embarrassed.

“No, Agnes, you’re the one who’s truly beautiful. Although I have confidence, I still feel I can’t compare to you.”

“There isn’t much difference in the appearance of us elves, so I’m not outstanding by elven standards. But young miss Still is the most outstanding human I’ve seen, just pretty isn’t enough to describe you and you must use beautiful.”

“If you say it that well, I really……”


“Stop!” Xu Yi couldn’t help raising his hand to stop the two of them, “What are you two flattering each other for. Alright, you’re both absolute beauties, stop being modest.”

“Of course.” Still gave a confident snort and turned back to Agnes before clapping her hand, “That’s right, speaking of this, Agnes, I have something to talk to you about.”

“Talk to me?” Agnes pointed at herself in surprise.

Xu Yi also looked at Still with a confused look. What could she be looking for Agnes for?

“Come, let’s sit and talk.” Still pulled Agnes over to the table and thought for a bit before saying, “When I went to Karma City this time, I bumped into Master Kassadin at a banquet and he asked me which master’s hand our Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s Magic Lamp advertisement came from. Because Xu Yi had told me that you’re not willing to reveal yourself to humans, I told him that you weren’t willing to reveal your name. But Master Kassadin said that he really liked your drawing and seemed to have learned a bit from it, only a single drawing wasn’t enough. So he hoped that I could give you a message asking if you could give him a few more drawings or if you could teach him a bit, he would be willing to pay a high price. What do you think, Agnes?”

“I……” Agnes looked at Xu Yi with a dazed look, “I don’t understand this, what do you think chairman Xu?”

“Did he give a high price? How high?” Xu Yi asked Still

Still stretched out a finger, “One thousand per drawing.”

Xu Yi couldn’t help gasping, “That high? Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce only spends fifty to a hundred gold coins getting an advertisement from Master Anlios, but Agnes can sell her drawing for one thousand gold coins? This is too much of a difference!”

“Master Kassadin also said that using gold coins to measure Agnes’ drawing was shaming the art, but he couldn’t think of a way to move Agnes. He could only use this plan, so he wanted me to apologize to Agnes.” Still added.

Xu Yi couldn’t help smiling as he said to Agnes, “Agnes, it seems like you don’t need to work for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. You can just rely on your drawings to earn a large amount of money.”

Agnes shook her head, “I’m not working for chairman Xu for money.”

“Un, I know.” Xu Yi nodded, “The reason elder Illusia agreed to you working for our company was to hope to use you as a breaking point, testing out contact between the elves and humans. She wants to strive for peace and coexistence with the humans on the Sines Continent. Since it is like this, Agnes, are you prepared?”

“Prepared for what?” Agnes asked in surprise.

“Prepared to make contact with humans.” Xu Yi said, “Elder Illusia hoped that you could contact humans and test out how humans will treat elves. But Agnes, since you left the Night Song Tribe and came to my side two months ago, you have been hiding by my side the entire time. You haven’t contacted the humans at all, so this may be letting down elder Illusia.”

“I……” Agnes lowered her head and said in a soft voice, “I’m a bit afraid.”

“Afraid of what? Afraid that humans will eat you?” Xu Yi reached out his hands and lifted Agnes’ head, letting her look at him again, “Come, look at me. I’m a human, are you afraid?”

“No.” Agnes honestly replied.

Xu Yi turned her head towards Still.

“Look at Still now. She is also a human, are you afraid of her?”

Still immediately revealed a kind sunny smile.

“No.” Agnes replied again.

Xu Yi let go and pointed at Vivian who had finally walked out of the kitchen.

“Now look at Vivian. She is also a human, are you afraid of her?”

Agnes shook her head, “No.”

“That is right.” Xu Yi spread his hands and said, “Look, me, Still, and also Vivian are all humans, but you aren’t afraid of us. Moreover, by following me during this time, you should have made contact with many humans, so are you afraid of them?”

Agnes hesitated again and thought about it before answering, “You, young miss Still, and Vivian all know of my existence and are familiar with me. You have also gone to our tribe and helped us, so you can be considered my friends. But the other humans don’t know about me and I’m not familiar with them, so I don’t know what they will do. The elders taught us since we were young that humans were a complicated race. We elves have been deceived by humans many times, so we can’t easily trust humans.”

Xu Yi couldn’t help rolling his eyes, “In the end, it still comes back to elder Illusia. She wants elves and humans to coexist, but she put these kinds of thoughts in your mind since you were young, could this be considered hindering her own plans?”

“The elder was thinking about our tribe, it wasn’t her fault.” Agnes immediately refuted.

“Alright, I know. I agree that elder Illusia did everything in consideration for you elves, so she wasn’t wrong. But Agnes, since you believe in elder Illusia and she wants you to contact humans, so you should go out to meet people. Why are you so resistant?” Xu Yi asked.

“I……” Agnes was a bit speechless.

“Alright, since elder Illusia has entrusted you to me, then you should just follow my arrangements.” Xu Yi looked into Agnes’ eyes and seriously said, “How about it, Agnes, do you trust me?”

Agnes looked into Xu Yi’s eyes and slowly nodded, “I do.”

“Good. There wasn’t a chance before and you weren’t ready yet, so I didn’t force you to contact humans. But since there’s such a good chance, Agnes, you have to prepare your heart. I will find an appropriate chance for you to meet some other humans.”

“Un.” Agnes replied as her eyes gradually filled with determination.