Magic Industry Empire - Volume 2 Chapter 25

“Alright, I have introduced this product designer of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Now I invite the Lord City Lord to say a few words.”

Xu Yi moved back and Count Sean came up to the stage, causing the doubt and curiosity in everyone’s heart to become stronger.

Based on what Xu Yi said, this master that everyone was curious about was hired by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and worked as their whatever product designer, but how was this related to the Lord City Lord? Was there a need for him to say anything?”

Count Sean appeared in front of everyone and said in a clear voice with a faint smile, “Citizens of Banta City and friends from other cities, hello, I am Banta City’s City Lord Count Sean Samo. Seeing this many people come to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s product announcement, I am happy for chairman Xu because for his Frestech Chamber of Commerce to attract this many people, it means that the sales amount will reach an amount that will satisfy him and will earn the Frestech Chamber of Commerce a large amount. But it’s a pity that no matter how much money the Frestech Chamber of Commerce earns, it won’t give me a single copper coin. So I’m happy for chairman Xu and afraid that he won’t appreciate it.”

After saying this, Count Sean deliberately revealed a helpless appearance and gave a sigh.

The crowd under the stage broke out in laughter. They thought that even though Count Sean was normally aloof, he really was quite charming and humorous.

“Alright, let’s get back to the topic. I want to ask everyone a question. There are many people under the stage, so other than humans, are there friends from other races?” Count Sean asked.

The crowd was stunned. They looked around and found that there were only humans here.

Count Sean took back the hand he had placed on his forehead and said with a sigh, “It’s a true pity, there doesn’t seem to be any. Everyone, several thousand years ago, other than us humans, there were also elves, dwarves, beastmen, halfings, and even dragons that lived together on the continent. After several thousand years, now there only seem to be humans left on the continent. Other than some dwarves that we meet occasionally, it is very rare for us to see other races. Although this means that we humans are now the rulers of the continent, I still feel that this situation is quite pitiful. There were many different races that used to live on the continent, but if there are only humans left, it really feels a bit lonely.”

The people under the stage couldn’t help feeling a bit strange.

What was with the Lord City Lord today? Why did he suddenly speak of this in front of all these people?

Although it had been several thousand years since the race wars and humans didn’t have much hatred with the other races, the other races chose to disappear from the human world, so this can’t be blamed on humans.

Then again, how was this related to what Xu Yi just said?

In the crowd, Rhine’s eyes quickly fell onto the masked person and his heart began beating a bit faster.

According to Xu Yi’s introduction and what the Lord City Lord said, this masked person’s identity would really shock everyone.

“I won’t say as much as chairman Xu, I just want to ask everyone here a question. If there was someone from another race that appeared in front of you, how would you treat them?”

After saying this, Count Sean actually moved to the side to everyone’s surprise.

Xu Yi came forward again and looked at the stage who were moved by Count Sean’s words. He took a deep breath and said in a loud voice, “Now I’m honoured to introduce to everyone our Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s product designer, young miss Agnes Artitan Vayne Sarcland!”

After saying this, Xu Yi turned around and raised his hand at the masked person behind him.

In front of everyone’s surprised, curious, and doubtful gazes, the masked person slowly came to Xu Yi’s side. After pausing for a bit, a slender and crystalline white hand came out of the cloak. It was slowly raised as it pulled back the hood covering her face bit by bit.

A face that was incomparably beautiful and natural with a trace of mysteriousness to it appeared in front of everyone.

But everyone’s gaze couldn’t help moving away from her beautiful face and falling onto the long and slender ears on the side of her head.


Cold breaths could be heard coming from under the stage.

Since the race wars several thousand years ago and humans took over the Sines Continent, the living spaces for other races had been gradually squeezed out by humans.

With this, other than some races that had disappeared without a trace, of the races that still existed on the Sines Continent, it was the elves that used to rule the continent that were the most rarely seen.

At first after the race wars, one could still see the elven race on the Sines Continent, but as time passed and in the most recent several hundred years, it was very hard to see the appearance of an elf.

If it wasn’t for several hundred years ago when people had witnessed elves, meaning that the elves still existed on the continent, many people would have thought that the elves had silently faded away like the halflings.

Elves were rare to see. Other than elves not trusting humans and not being willing to appear in front of humans, because elves were very good at hiding themselves, as long as they weren’t willing to show themselves, it would be very hard to find them. For most humans, elves were a legendary existence and they had never personally seen them before.

Of the over five thousand people gathered in the market square, there wasn’t a single person here that had ever seen an elf before!

Now that there was an elf that suddenly appeared in front of them, everyone was stunned.

After everyone’s eyes were gathered on Agnes’ long ears for a while, they slowly moved onto Agnes’ face.

After seeing Agnes’ face, everyone couldn’t help gasping in shock.

The girls of the elf tribe were rumoured to be beautiful. This elven girl whose name they didn’t know looked to be around the same as a twenty year old human girl, with incomparably fine features and almost perfect facial proportions, which were matched with a pair of deep blue large eyes. It made people unwilling to turn away.

Everyone couldn’t help comparing her to Still in their hearts. They found in shock that although this elven girl’s appearance wasn’t similar to Still’s at all, it still was shocking. Moreover, it was different from Still’s sunny aura and she had a naturally fresh and mysterious aura to her.

Although the styles were different, it still dazzled people.

“Xu…..Chairman Xu…...She…...Is she real?” A reporter under the stage pointed at Agnes with some difficulty as he asked Xu Yi this.

“What real or fake?” Xu Yi asked back in a strange voice, “Could it be that you think that I had someone dress up as an elf to fool you?”

“This…...I’m not doubting you, only…...Only elves have never been willing to contact humans and rarely appear in front of them, so how……” The reporter looked at Agnes’ fine features before stuttering out, “How could they reveal themselves in front of all these people?”

That was the question in everyone’s hearts.

According to the rumours of elven personality, to reveal their true appearance in front of thousands of humans, this was something that elves would never do.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and looked around before raising his voice, “Friends, this world never stops changing. We humans have never stopped changing, so it isn’t strange for the elves to change either. Young miss Agnes is an example of the elves changing. Not only is she our Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s specially invited product designer, she is also the ambassador of the elven race sent to contact us humans, representing their willingness to contact humans. Right now, I want to ask everyone, after seeing Agnes, do any of you have thoughts about hurting her?”

“Ha?” Everyone under the stage called out in shock and the reporter from before couldn’t help asking, “Chairman Xu, what kind of damn question is this? Such a beautiful and mysterious elven young miss, how could we possibly think of hurting her? We’re in a rush to protect her!”

“That’s right! It’s this hard for an elf to appear in front of us and we don’t even have time to be happy, how could we think of hurting her? What a joke!”

“That’s right! Even if she wasn’t an elf, just based on the fact that she’s this beautiful, I wish to propose to her! How could I want to hurt her!”

“Chairman Xu, you must be confused from being in the sun too long. Anyone that would want to hurt this beautiful and cute elven girl is definitely a freak.”

“Right, right. This is simply looking down on people, chairman Xu, please take back this question!”


Seeing the crowd surge under the stage, Xu Yi smiled at Agnes and said, “How about it, Agnes, are you still afraid?”

Agnes helplessly looked at the noisy crowd under the stage and only after a while did she ask Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, they…...Is what they said true?”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Most of it is true, but I can’t guarantee if everything is true. After all, the heart is a complicated thing and I can’t guarantee that everyone will do what they say.”

“Then…..You mean that there are some people who want to hurt me?”

“Perhaps.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “But Agnes, we can’t just look at the bad side of a problem. Even if there are people who want to hurt you, compared to them, there are more people who like you. Look at the over five thousand people down there, I dare to guarantee that at least five thousand of them wholeheartedly like you. So you don’t need to worry that much, seize this chance and properly introduce yourself.”

Agnes gave a soft nod. Her eyes looked over everyone’s passionate faces under the stage and she took a deep breath before raising her voice.

“Hel…..Hello everyone, I am Agnes. Just like you can see, I am a normal elven girl and I come from the Night Song Tribe……”