Magic Industry Empire - Volume 2 Chapter 47

There was a rare thunderstorm last night that completely washed away the summer heat. It also washed over Banta City, making the city feel much more refreshing.

When the sun came up over the horizon, the weather began to rise and the city was filled with the heat of summer again.

Early morning, Xu Yi picked up Still from her home and after getting breakfast together, the two of them wandered around Banta City.

Even if he was busy with many things during this time, Xu Yi still set aside a day or half a day to spend with Still.

After all, for something like dating, there was only meaning if the two of them could spend time alone.

But for Xu Yi, walking around window shopping with Still was still a boring thing for him. It was because as an engineer, he couldn’t understand no matter what why Still wanted to spend an hour in a clothes shop, even trying out every single piece of clothing in the shop before only buying one or two pieces.

According to Xu Yi’s thoughts, clothes were just used to cover yourself and for heating one’s body, there was no meaning in its appearance.

It was summer now and if this was earth, unless it was necessary, Xu Yi would spend most of his time in shorts and a t-shirt, ignoring everything else.

Of course, his views on earth had already been severely criticized by his female coworkers. So now that he was accompanying Still in window shopping, even if he wasn’t willing, he obediently chose to close his mouth and let Still pull him around to try different things.

One thing that was worth mentioning was that while the Sines Continent couldn’t compare to earth in terms of technology, they weren’t lacking at all in terms of clothes. Just in this store that was less than a hundred square meters, it was filled with over two hundred different designs of women’s summer clothing, which dazzled Xu Yi when he looked over it.

Seeing Xu Yi’s helpless face as he stood there, Still revealed a bright smile to him as she said, “Alright, just wait patiently. The store is much cooler than being outside, so it’s better to stay in here than to go out.”

Being reminded by Still, Xu Yi finally realized it. This clothes shop was much cooler than outside and it felt quite refreshing.

Looking around, Xu Yi saw a Magic Air Conditioner on the right side wall that kept blowing out cool air into the store.

There was no need to say it, it was the Frestech Brand.

Seeing Xu Yi’s eyes fall onto the Magic Air Conditioner, the owner who had never left their side since Still and Xu Yi came into the store said with a smile, “Chairman Xu, your Frestech Brand Magic Fan really is easy to use. Since we started using it, our store has always been cool, so our store’s business has become much better.”

“Oh? Is it because more people have come into your store to enjoy the cool air?” Xu Yi asked with a smile.

“It should be.” The owner was a woman in her thirties and her smile looked very friendly. Perhaps this was also a reason why her store’s business was so good, “Think about it, our store is so cool, but after staying for a while, wouldn’t they be embarrassed if they didn’t buy anything?”

Xu Yi couldn’t help saying with a smile, “Are you warning me to not leave empty handed?”

The owner laughed, “How could that be? What kind of people are chairman Xu and young miss Still, how could I dare warn you? But chairman Xu, I have a question to ask you and it’s a rare opportunity to meet you, so can I ask it?”

“Oh? What question? Just ask whatever you want.”

The owner nodded before pointing at the Magic Air Conditioner and saying, “Please take a look, isn’t the outside of the Magic Air Conditioner a bit rusted?”

Xu Yi looked up at the Magic Air Conditioner on the wall and found that although the outside had been cleaned several times, he could see quite a bit of rust still. He gave a nod, “Un, it is indeed quite rusted. It seems like you’ve bought this Magic Air Conditioner for some time?”

“Un, I bought it last summer when your Frestech Chamber of Commerce just released it.” The owner replied.

Xu Yi looked at her in surprise, “Oh? Then your eyes are really good and you’re willing to spend money, no wonder your business has become better. You have to know, when our Frestech Chamber of Commerce came out with this Magic Air Conditioner last summer, the sale numbers weren’t that good.”

“It’s twenty gold coins for one, I felt quite pained when I bought it last year. Of course, it was quite worth it calculating everything.” The owner said with a smile.

“Un, do you have any other questions?” Xu Yi asked.

“Oh, didn’t your Frestech Chamber of Commerce release the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker and the Magic Bread Maker recently, my family bought one of each. Then I found that the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker and the Magic Bread Maker were like you said, they didn’t rust at all……”

“Right, it is because the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker and the Magic Bread Maker is made of the new material and this material is a form of stainless steel, so it doesn’t rust.” Xu Yi said with a nod.

“That’s right, since you use the non-rust material to make the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker and the Magic Bread Maker, then I think…...If you make more Magic Air Conditioners, you should be using this kind of material, right? Look at how rusty the Magic Air Conditioner in my store is, not mentioning how long I can keep using it, it just doesn’t look good. If your Frestech Chamber of Commerce can release a Magic Air Conditioner that is made with the new material, I can exchange for one to use. That’s right, will you be doing the exchange program with the new Magic Air Conditioners?” The owner asked.

Xu Yi looked at the owner in a bit of surprise before saying with a laugh, “Be assured, I can reveal some things to you now. The new generation Magic Air Conditioner will be released in another few days. Moreover, it is like you have thought, the new generation Magic Air Conditioner is made from the new material. Not only will it not rust, it is much lighter, and because of the new technology it contains, you can also change the temperature, so it’s much easier to use.”

“You can also change the temperature?” The owner was overjoyed, “That’s great! This Magic Air Conditioner will make things very cold when it’s on for a long time, but it only needs to be as cool as when it is turned on. There are times when the weather isn’t that hot, so turning it on will make you feel a bit cold, but it’s uncomfortable if it’s not turned on. If you can adjust the temperature, that would be best.”

“It’s clear that we’ve noticed this problem, so the new generation Magic Air Conditioner has this new technology added in.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “You have to believe that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has the user’s experience as our highest priority. As long as the people who buy our products are satisfied, it will allow our products to sell more and more, don’t you think?”

“Right, right, right. It’s like how we sell clothes, as long as people feel comfortable and look good wearing our clothes, they will be repeat customers. Look…..Ah, young miss Still, these clothes are really suited for you!” The owner suddenly looked over and called out in an exaggerated manner.

Xu Yi also turned over and his eyes lit up.

Still came out of the changing room wearing a water green short skirt that was over her knees. Because of the tight fitting design of the dress, it revealed her perfect figure, making her look very slender.

The design of the short dress was quite simple, but it matched Still’s perfect face and figure, contrasting with her noble aura to make her seem even more elegant.

Adding in the beautiful long golden hair she had, it made her entire person feel even more dazzling.

Xu Yi’s eyes swept over her and he couldn’t help staying on her slender legs that were revealed, as he couldn’t help praising, “Truly beautiful!”

Still proudly revealed a smile and turned around before asking Xu Yi, “How about it? Are you satisfied?”

Xu Yi didn’t respond and turned to the owner to say, “Alright, I’ll buy this one.”

The owner waved her hand, “Chairman Xu and young miss Still have graced my little store, it is my honour, so how could I take your money? These clothes were born to be worn by young miss Still and young miss Still likes them, so I’ll just give them to you as a gift.”

Xu Yi shook his head, “How could that be. Still might just like several pieces of clothes, would you just give them all for free?”

The owner paused for a second before her smile became even brighter, “It’s no problem if it’s all free. If a beautiful and noble girl like young miss Still likes our clothes, wouldn’t that mean our clothes are worth buying? As long as I tell everyone that our ‘Banta City Goddess’ young miss Still bought several pieces of clothes in my little store, I dare to guarantee that all the girls in Banta City will rush to my store.”

Hearing this, Xu Yi held the owner in high esteems.

When he heard that she spent twenty gold coins to buy the Magic Air Conditioner last summer, Xu Yi felt that this owner had quite the insight. Now that he heard that she actually understood Still’s celebrity effect, Xu Yi praised her business sense even more.

When Xu Yi wanted to speak up to reject her, Still suddenly asked, “When I was trying out clothes, I noticed that your company doesn’t just sell clothes from the Armani Chamber of Commerce. You also sell clothes from other companies, right?”

The owner was stunned before she gave a nod, “Right, what about it? Is there a problem?”

“Then I’m sorry, I can’t take this gift from you. Moreover, I hope that you can promise me that you won’t tell anyone else that I bought clothes from here.” Still said in a serious voice.

Xu Yi and the owner were stunned. The owner couldn’t help asking, “Why? Young miss Still, it isn’t an embarrassing matter to buy clothes from my place, so why can’t this be spread?”

An apologetic look appeared on Still’s face as she said, “This is because I’ve signed a contract with the Armani Chamber of Commerce to represent the Armani Chamber of Commerce’s clothes. So out of consideration for the Armani Chamber of Commerce, I can’t represent the clothes of any other companies.”

Xu Yi was stunned for a second before remembering that the Armani Chamber of Commerce’s chairman Vincent had come looking for him last time. He wanted the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to research a cotton weaving magic machine for the Armani Chamber of Commerce, but he also wanted to use him to contact Still to discuss something.

Although Xu Yi had passed this on to Still, because he was too busy, he had forgotten to ask what they had discussed. Hearing what Still said, chairman Vincent had actually found Still to become the spokesperson of his company!

It had to be said, chairman Vincent’s choice was very correct.

Still not only had an outstanding appearance, her fame in Banta City and the surrounding cities was very high right now.

Not only did she have the attention of the men from these cities, she also became the idol in the minds of the young girls from other cities.

The clothes she wore would naturally be mimicked by the young girls of all these cities.

If everyone knew that she only wore clothes from the Armani Chamber of Commerce, naturally the sale amount for the Armani Chamber of Commerce’s clothes would increase.

Xu Yi was not surprised that chairman Vincent chose Still as his spokesperson, but he was surprised that Still would think this much about the Armani Chamber of Commerce’s benefits.

Based on this, Still already had professional qualities that many stars on earth had already forgotten about.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi’s expression couldn’t help becoming a bit strange.

He had never thought about this before, but after thinking about it, he suddenly realized that unintentionally, he had actually become the lover of a large star!