Magic Industry Empire - Volume 2 Chapter 56

Perhaps it was because the girl’s reaction was too overexaggerated, but everyone was deeply interested in the ice cream. There were many reporters in the front row who requested to try it.

Ankhto naturally satisfied their requests one by one.

After eating it, although the reporters didn’t react in an exaggerated manner like the girl, they also loudly praised it.

The crowd around the reporters were hungry from seeing them eat it, but because the prepared ice cream had already been taken, they could only helplessly watch the reporters smack their lips.

The ice cream was just a small interlude, but it deepened everyone’s understanding of the use of the Magic Refrigerator.

After Ankhto explained a bit more into the use of the Magic Refrigerator, everyone had a deep interest in the Magic Refrigerator.

When Ankhto announced that a single Magic Refrigerator would only cost eighteen gold coins, everyone was shocked.

Everyone thought that such a large Magic Refrigerator with an outstanding function would sell for much more, but they never thought that the price would be even cheaper than the smaller Magic Air Conditioner.

So when they heard the price, almost everyone here had secretly made a decision to buy one for their own home.

Ankhto escaped the reporters with great difficulty and when Xu Yi returned to the stage, everyone realized something.

Without knowing it, they had forgotten their goal coming to this product announcement and had focused completely on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s new product.

Seeing everyone fall silent under the stage, Xu Yi said with a smile, “What? Has everyone awakened from the shock brought by our new product?”

Everyone laughed as the strange atmosphere was instantly swept away.

Ankhto who had walked to the back saw this situation and couldn’t help feeling more admiration for Xu Yi in his heart.

Actually he had been a bit nervous when he was on stage and when he was being questioned by the reporters, he had stuttered several times.

But now that it was Xu Yi in front of them, he had easily grasped the mood of the crowd in the palm of his hands.

“Chairman Xu, don’t try to lie to us. Quickly tell us, what’s the big news this time? I’m very curious.” A reporter said in a loud voice.

“That’s right, quickly tell us, we’re all waiting.”

“Chairman Xu, stop stalling, everyone is quite anxious.”

“That’s right, quickly, quickly……”


“Hey, you’re all this excited, so if the announcement I make isn’t stirring enough and you’re not satisfied, wouldn’t you all want to beat me up?” Xu Yi made an exaggerated strange expression.

Everyone under the stage broke out in laughter again.

“How could that be, we believe in you.”

“Right, chairman Xu has released all those big pieces of news, we wouldn’t be worried at all.”

“Right, even if you say that you’re getting married to young miss Still, that is also a big piece of news.”

“Go to the side, young miss Still is still young, how could she get married this early?”

“She’s going to marry chairman Xu eventually……”


Xu Yi raised his hand and the crowd fell into silence again. Everyone’s eyes were gathered on him, as they silently waited for him to speak.

“Alright, in order to not disappoint everyone, I will announce a shocking piece of news to everyone. This piece of news is…..” Being stared at everyone’s unblinking eyes, Xu Yi deliberately paused before raising his voice a bit to say, “Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has just recruited a hundred workers three days ago,”


Everyone under the stage was stunned.

After a while, the sounds of complaining rang out.

“It can’t be? Chairman Xu, are you teasing us? How is the Frestech Chamber of Commerce recruiting a hundred workers considered big news? Aren’t you always recruiting workers?”

“That’s right, not mentioning a hundred, even if your Frestech Chamber of Commerce recruited a thousand…...Oh, no, recruiting a thousand people can be considered decent news.”

“It’s only a hundred people, what is there to be shocked about? Chairman Xu, you’ve disappointed us too much!”


“Let me finish.” Xu Yi raised his hand again and everyone fell silent as they looked at him.

Only this time, other than expectant gazes, there were quite a few gazes of doubt.

“It isn’t that big news if it was just a hundred workers and you wouldn’t be surprised at all. But I want to tell everyone that these hundred workers are a bit special because…...they are all elves!”


Everyone was stunned once again.

But this time, it lasted much longer than before.

After a while, even louder voices exploded from under the stage.

“A hundred elves? It can’t be? I must have heard it wrong!”

“How could that be possible! I’m already surprised that there’s young miss Agnes, so how could there be another hundred elves?”

“Chairman Xu, you must be kidding! Where did you find a hundred elves? Are there even that many elves adding up all the elves in our Lampuri Kingdom?”

“That’s right, the only elf I’ve ever seen is young miss Agnes and now you’re telling us you’ve found a hundred of them. This…...This can’t be real!”

“Wait, listen carefully. Chairman Xu didn’t say he found a hundred elves, rather these hundred elves are going to be workers in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s factory!”

“Ha? That’s right, the elves came to be workers in a human factory? This…...This is too incredible!”


When the sounds of discussion became more quiet, vice editor in chief Rhine of the «Karma Times» finally had his choice to raise his hand and ask in a loud voice, “Chairman Xu, since you said that you’ve hired a hundred elves to work in your company’s factory, does that mean that the hundred elves are currently at Sandton Manor?”

Hearing this question, everyone looked at Sandton Manor, mostly looking at the entrance to the two workshops.

Thinking that perhaps there were a hundred elves not far away from them, everyone’s expressions couldn’t help becoming excited.

“You’re guess is right, they are currently here.” Xu Yi nodded and waved his hand behind him.

Everyone looked in the same direction as Xu Yi and they found that in one of the distant workshops, there were two rows of workers wearing the uniform of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce walking out.

These workers all had slender fingers and steady footsteps, it seemed like their physiques were quite good.

But compared to their physiques, what attracted everyone’s attention were the two long and slender ears on the sides of their heads.


They really were elves!

Moreover it was a hundred elves!

Everyone couldn’t help holding their breaths, as they watched the elves walk over in a daze before standing on the high stage.

When the elves finished lining up, Xu Yi said to everyone under the stage in a loud voice, “Everyone, let me introduce you all. These are the elves from the Night Song Tribe and they have been hired by our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, becoming official staff of our company. I want to remind everyone that you can’t act like when Agnes had just arrived, surrounding them and harassing them. I hope that you can let them work normally and live normal lives. Can everyone agree to this?”

After the initial shock passed, everyone slowly recovered.

Seeing the hundred elves that included males and females, Rhine swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty before saying to Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, I can promise this since with the appearance of young miss Agnes before, everyone wouldn’t be as surprised as before at the appearance of elves. But can I ask you something? Why would all these elves suddenly want to work for your Frestech Chamber of Commerce? Other than that, I’ve also been very curious, why do so many dwarves work for your Frestech Chamber of Commerce? Could it be that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has some special charm?”

Xu Yi laughed, “Perhaps you’re right, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has a special charm. But I want to say that the most important thing is that whether it is towards dwarves or elves, we humans should keep a calm mind and treat them like normal humans. The dwarves and elves also need a normal life, so as long as you don’t treat them like you’re meeting monsters, you will find that it’s easier to get along with them than with other humans.”

Rhine knit his brows. Although Xu Yi’s words were right, it didn’t answer his question.

But since Xu Yi chose to answer like this, it meant that he wasn’t planning on giving the real answer.

This wasn’t Rhine’s first time meeting Xu Yi, so he knew it was useless to ask anything else and gave up. He changed his tone and began asking the elven workers what it was like working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

When the product announcement was over, everyone looked at the reporter from the «Canberra Daily Sun» with looks of envy because he had obtained the chance to interview Xu Yi.

At the press conference, there were many questions that Xu Yi didn’t answer in detail.

But in an interview that he had agreed to do, he would definitely answer in more detail than at the product announcement.

But no matter what, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce suddenly recruiting a hundred elves to work for them, this was already a very explosive and shocking piece of news.

Although Agnes’ appearance had shocked everyone, it was just a single elf. It was a completely different idea from a hundred elves.

For the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to recruit a hundred elves, didn’t that mean they could do the same as the dwarves and recruit even more elves?

The most important question was, why did the Frestech Chamber of Commerce recruit so many other race workers?

This fellow Xu Yi, just what did he want to do?