Magic Industry Empire - Volume 2 Chapter 64

Wella was sitting in the chair in a daze, staring blankly at her aunt sitting opposite of her talking at her.

“Baron Stanley’s son looks quite good and has quite the good character. I’ve heard people who know him say that he never liked to play around like the other noble sons in the city, he always stayed home and helped Baron Stanley manage the family business. Listen to me, although Baron Stanley is not a large noble in our Banta City, the land under him is not smaller than Viscount Leslie…...Oh, it should be under Baron Belil now. It’s close to twenty hectares if it is all added up. If you marry him……”

Wella couldn’t help giving a sigh.

This was the reason why she didn’t like going home.

She was from Banta City and her family’s home was in a small village that was less than five kilometers to the north of Banta City.

Although she seemed to have a cold personality, she was a very filial daughter. Even when she went to Saltan City for work, she would come back home once in a while to spend time with her parents.

But what made it hard for her to accept was that every time she went home, there were some elders of the family that came to urge her to get married, which made her feel very irritated.

When her relationship with Rem hadn’t changed yet, these people had urged her to settle with Rem and get married.

But after they learned that she split up with Rem, everyone changed their goals. They introduced her to all kinds of men, even urging her to get married right away.

“Could it be that I can’t be married?” Sometimes Wella couldn’t help angrily thinking this.

To be honest, she was already twenty five. On the Sines Continent, women who were twenty five and were still unmarried were considered late.

Wella’s classmates and the girls of the same age from her village were all married, with some of them even having kids. She was the only one who was still left.

Her personality was rather cold, but because Rem stuck to her without giving up, he finally received some approval from her. After they had split up, it would be strange if her family wasn’t worried about her.

Knowing that her aunt was thinking about her wellbeing and that this must be her parent’s idea, even if Wella wasn’t willing, she still had to listen through it.

Her aunt heard Wella sigh and got the wrong idea, so she asked in a surprised voice, “Wella, you’re not satisfied with Baron Stanley’s son? Let me tell you,he’s already very good. No matter what he is still a noble and if it wasn’t for the fact that you were a magician, he probably wouldn’t even like you. Now that he’s willing to come in contact with you and meet you, you have to grab this chance. What are you waiting for? You’re already twenty five, if another two years pass, perhaps you won’t even be able to get married. Look, your little brother is turning twenty this year and he’s still not married yet. If you don’t get married, your little brother can’t get married. Could it be that you want your little brother to miss out on his happiness?”

Hearing the cliches that she had heard a hundred times, Wella just kept silent.

Baron Stanley’s son? A real noble’s son?


Wella didn’t believe this.

Based on what her aunt said, Baron Stanley’s son was already twenty six this year and he still wasn’t married.

According to Wella’s understanding of the sons of nobles, this fellow either hadn’t played enough, doesn’t want to get married at all, or he just didn’t like women.

For a man that was twenty six and still wasn’t married, it would be strange if there weren’t any problems at all!

But thinking about it, Wella suddenly remembered that Xu Yi seemed to be twenty eight this year and he still hadn’t gotten married yet.

Comparing this, wouldn’t his problem be even bigger than Baron Stanley’s son?

Thinking of this, Wella couldn’t help revealing a smile.

If Xu Yi and Still were to know about her thoughts, it really was unknown what kind of reaction they would have.

“Next time I see Xu Yi, should I remind him to propose to Still? Based on Still’s appearance, she seems like she is dead set on Xu Yi anyway.” Wella didn’t notice that her thoughts were filled with gossip just like her aunt.

After a while, perhaps her uncle was tired of his wife’s jabbering, so he found a reason to call her away and finally gave Wella a moment of silence.

When they went out to calm down, a tall figure suddenly appeared beside Wella.

“Cousin Wella, can I ask you something?”

Wella looked up and saw her cousin who was half a head taller than her. She said with a smile, “What is it? Tell me.”

Cousin Soob looked to the side at his parents not far away and pulled out of the room. They went to a remote corner outside the house and he said in a low voice, “Cousin Wella, I’ve heard that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce is recruiting workers?”

Wella was surprised. She thought about it before shaking her head and saying, “I’m not too clear on this, but I’ve heard the chairman mention that our company would be expanding soon, so we should be recruiting workers.”

“That’s great.” Cousin Soob excitedly shouted before mysteriously saying, “I’ve heard others say that if you’re introduced from within, you’ll receive priority. Is that right?”

Wella looked at him and asked in a surprised voice, “What? You want to work at our company?”

“That’s right. Cousin Wella, you are from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and you’re someone from that magic research facility, so you should be higher than normal workers, right? Can you take to chairman Xu? If you can, can you help me talk to him and introduce some work for me at your Frestech Chamber of Commerce?” Cousin Soob asked with an excited look.

“Don’t you have a good life staying home, why do you suddenly want to work for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce?” Wella asked in a strange voice, “Then again there are many companies recruiting people right now, so you can just go to any one of them. Why do you have to enter our company?”

“It’s quite comfortable staying at home, but there’s no money……” Cousin Soob scratched his head and awkwardly said, “The people who play with me in the village have all run off to work for large companies and they can earn at least ten gold coins a month. They always run back with all sorts of bags when they get paid and I can only just watch them, so this is a bit uncomfortable. So I thought about it and I also want to work. Cousin Wella, can you help me?”

Wella looked at her cousin and found this a bit funny, while also admiring him a bit.

This cousin was what her aunt worried about because he had been spoiled since he was young. He wasn’t willing to do farm work after he grew up and he didn’t want to do any hard work, so he just stayed idle at home each day.

Her aunt had complained to Wella’s parents many times, but she never had a way to take care of him.

Now that he took the initiative to find work, if her uncle and aunt knew, they definitely would be very happy.

“I can help you, but have you really decided to work? Have you thought this through?” Wella asked.

Cousin Soob gave a strong nod, “Un! I’ve thought it through! Cousin Wella, I’ve heard that a normal worker can earn more than ten gold coins a month at your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. If I have this money, I can buy two Magic Fans for our house and even a Magic Air Conditioner. If I put it in my parent’s room, at least they wouldn’t be that hot when they sleep at night.”

Wella’s heart was a bit moved. Although this cousin of hers was a bit spoiled, at least he knew how to be filial.

She couldn’t help raising her hand to pat her cousin’s head. She said with a nod, “Alright, since you’ve thought this through, I’ll help you this time. But cousin, although the work at our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is more relaxed than at other companies, it is also tiring so you should prepare yourself.”

Cousin Soob gave a strong nod, “I know. Anyway I’ve made my decision this time and I want to work hard at earning money, or I won’t be able to hold my head up in the village.” He revealed an excited smile after saying this, “If I work at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they will definitely die of jealousy over me. They won’t dare taunt me anymore!”

Wella revealed a faint smile as she thought that he didn’t want to earn money. But since he had this thought, it was a good change.

Seeing the happy face on her cousin Soob, Wella couldn’t help praising Xu Yi in her heart.

The reason why there was this change with her cousin was because her cousin was being taunted by his friends who had money after finding jobs. The deeper reason for this was that because there were more jobs in Banta City now, so that all her cousin’s friends could find jobs.

It had to be known, it wasn’t that these people didn’t want to work, rather there was no work for them in Banta City. Those people could only be the same as her cousin, staying home doing nothing all day before finally becoming normal farmers like their parents.

But now that Banta City had changed, it had changed the lives of these people and had changed the fate and thoughts of her cousin.

But why was there such a large change with Banta City?

It was clearly because of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, or rather it was because of Xu Yi.

Wella only admired Xu Yi because of his talent with magic machines before. Now she had found that Xu Yi inventing these magic machines wasn’t just to bring benefits to the lives of people, rather there was an even more important change.

“It seems like Xu Yi wasn’t exaggerating, these magic machines really will bring a change to this world that people haven’t thought of before.”

After Wella thought for a bit, she found that it was still too early for dinner, so she walked around.

She didn’t want to go back to hear her aunt’s “urging”, so she might as well relax before eating dinner.

Wanting to take a walk by the familiar river by the village, Wella found that after not coming back for half a month, there was a tall factory that had been constructed by the river.

After looking at it, Wella didn’t find it too surprising.

Because of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s small company support plan, there were all kinds of new small factories that appeared outside Banta City.

When she wanted to look in to see what kind of magic machines they produced, Wella saw two figures in the distance walking out of the building.

Wella was stunned because she recognized that one person of the two familiar figures was Rem!

Although she didn’t immediately recognize the other one, after carefully looking for a bit, she found that it was actually Cimirot!

Seeing the two walking close together, an angry feeling filled Wella’s heart.

“That fellow Rem, why is he with that bastard Cimirot!”