Magic Industry Empire - Volume 2 Chapter 69

After the reports of the major newspapers of the Gelert Chamber of Commerce’s product announcement quickly spread through Banta City and the surrounding cities.

Almost in a single night, the Gelert Chamber of Commerce became a plague that everyone denounced.

The magic machines produced by the Gelert Chamber of Commerce lost all their sales and they were treated like plagues that people avoided.

Of course, sales were already no longer important to the Gelert Chamber of Commerce.

This was because after their product announcement, the Gelert Chamber of Commerce announced that they were shutting down and the chairman Cimirot had already gone into hiding.

Everyone knew that Cimirot and his Gelert Chamber of Commerce were thieves and liars, so there was no chance to stand up again.

Moreover as for the Gelert Chamber of Commerce’s and Cimirot’s actions in the past month, everyone treated it like a little clown’s dance and found it funny.

Thinking of how the Gelert Chamber of Commerce said that they would surpass the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, people turned their nose at them.

But after this matter happened, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s position in everyone’s hearts was stabilized and raised.

Now everyone believed that while the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wasn’t strong, not being the biggest company in Banta City or a first class company of the Lampuri Kingdom, in the magic machine domain, there were no companies or people that could compare to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

As well, people began putting more importance to the Frestech Brand of magic machines.

After this matter, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s magic machines had increased sales volume. Even though it was August and summer was about to pass, the Frestech Brand Magic Fan, Magic Air Conditioner, and Magic Refrigerator that mainly relied on summer to sell well went on a strong rebound, once again reaching another peak.

In the end of the month report, Xu Yi was surprised to find that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s sales this month wasn’t just not lower than July’s, rather it had even increased.

This was a pleasant surprise.

Xu Yi had done this thing to deal with the people behind Cimirot, using this to cause losses for them. Attacking the other side was to give them a warning, not to think that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was something they could take advantage of.

Not only did he accomplish his initial goal of making Cimirot suffer a strict punishment and the people behind him suffering large losses from investing in the Gelert Chamber of Commerce, he had also gained profits from this. This was really like killing two birds with one stone.

So Xu Yi was quite happy during this time.

Only when he saw the emotionless Wella, he couldn’t keep his good mood.

Xu Yi looked into Wella’s eyes and without turning away, he looked at her for a while before finally giving a sigh. He slowly gave a determined shake of his head, “No, Wella, I can’t promise you. Rem’s crime is too much this time, if I were to let him go because of you, then how could I face the other researchers? How could I face all the workers of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce? Perhaps I should be a bit more direct with you, I don’t want to let him off.”

Wella wasn’t surprised with Xu Yi’s response. Her brows raised a bit before her face calmed and she said, “Why? I’ve heard Evita say that haven’t you been in cahoots with her for a long time? If it wasn’t like this, Rem wouldn’t haven’t been able to take the research from the research facility that easily. To be honest, it’s because you allowed it that he made such a big mistake.”

“No, you’re wrong.” Xu Yi shook his head, “Although Evita and I did guide him afterwards, Wella, if Rem didn’t have this idea, would we have put on this play? Then again, according to Cimirot’s confessions, Rem already had bad intentions when he entered the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. If I didn’t accidentally find his intentions, our company would have suffered a large loss this time.”

Wella was silent and the room fell into silence.

Xu Yi looked at the complicated emotions on Wella’s face and couldn’t help saying with a sigh, “Wella, you’ve already split with Rem, so why are you still thinking about him? You were someone who was never willing to ask for help from others, but now you’ve asked me twice for him. Could it be that at this time, you think that he’s still worth you doing this for him?”

Wella couldn’t keep the calm expression on her face any longer and she looked a bit depressed as she said in a low voice, “He was after all once the closest person to me, I…...It’s hard to completely give up on him.”

Xu Yi had a bitter laugh inside. He felt that while Wella seemed like a cold person on the surface, she was actually quite warm on the inside.

Clearly it was Wella who felt that Rem’s character wasn’t suitable to her so she chose to split up with Rem, but she was still willing to lower her proud head for him.

Although Xu Yi praised Wella for this, it didn’t mean that he agreed to it.

“Sorry, Wella, I can’t do anything for you on this. Rem did something wrong and he has to be punished for it. He is already an adult, he can’t be allowed to make mistakes like a child.” Xu Yi said with a serious expression.

Wella looked at Xu Yi again, but Xu Yi looked right at her without avoiding her gaze.

Seeing the firm expression on Xu Yi’s face, Wella knew that she couldn’t change his thoughts. She could only let her head droop as she gave a soft nod.

“Alright, I understand.”

Seeing that Wella was about to leave, Xu Yi thought about it before secretly giving a sigh and calling out to stop her.

“Wella, I can’t promise you anything else, but I can at least promise you that Rem will be able to keep his most basic reputation.”

Wella’s calm as water eyes lit up and a smile finally appeared on her face before she gave a serious bow to Xu Yi.

“Chairman, thank you.”

This was Wella’s first time being this respectful to Xu Yi.

Xu Yi waved his hand and Wella turned to leave.

Looking at the closed door, Xu Yi couldn’t help giving another sigh.

This was because the business sector was less developed on the Sines Continent compared to earth, the countries of the Sines Continent didn’t have the same business laws as earth.

Like this, even though Xu Yi had exposed Rem and Cimirot’s shameless acts and have given irrefutable evidence, because there were no related laws to this, he couldn’t give them suitable punishment.

Although according to the customs of the Lampuri Kingdom and the Sines Continent, stealing the secrets of another company like this would result in revenge in secret from the company that was stolen from, Xu Yi didn’t plan on doing this. This was because using this to deal with Cimirot and Rem had no meaning.

From Xu Yi’s point of view, punishing the two of them was a small matter, rather establishing related laws was the more important thing.

So after having a private discussion with Count Sean, Count Sean had caught Rem and Cimirot, sending them to the kingdom’s business management department in Anvilmar City.

According to the rules of the business management department, these two were forbidden from working for any company and they weren’t allowed to do any business that surpassed a certain amount.

At the same time, because they were magicians, the two of them were also punished by the Magicians Guild.

The Magicians Guild not only took away their status as magicians, they also banned the two of them from participating in any Magicians Guild certification exams for the next twenty years.

Simply put, they were no longer magicians officially recognized by the Magicians Guild.

Although with the punishment of the business management department and the Magicians Guild, which was equal to eliminating their status, greatly affecting the rest of their lives, Xu Yi wasn’t satisfied with this result.

This was because if they followed the business laws on earth, the behaviour of the two could be considered business espionage which was a criminal offense, which would be enough for them to be jailed.

But the Lampuri Kingdom didn’t have these kinds of laws, so Xu Yi could only add more punishment based on the security contract that Rem signed.

This punishment was very strict. According to the contract, Rem had to pay a large amount of compensation for selling the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s secrets and he could never participate in the magic machine industry for the rest of his life.

The latter wouldn’t affect Rem too much, but the high compensation was not something that Rem could afford to pay because it reached a high fifty thousand. Rem’s current salary was around thirty gold coins a month, so this wasn’t enough even if one considered all the money he made in his entire life.

As for this point, the kingdom’s laws had added another rule.

If a person’s debt was very high, surpassing the amount a person made last year by a hundred times, it meant that they wouldn’t be able to pay it.

If one wasn’t able to repay their debt, according to the laws of the kingdom, if a person couldn’t prove within a year that they could pay it, then they would have to pay with all their possessions after a year.

If after all their possessions were repossessed and a person still couldn’t pay the debt, according to the laws of the kingdom, the debtor could only pay with themselves and become the slave of the creditor.

Rem didn’t have a stable income last year and even if it was calculated, it was no more than three hundred gold coins.

A hundred times that was only thirty thousand gold coins, it was still a full twenty thousand from the compensation of fifty thousand.

Rem’s family wasn’t well off, so even if they sold everything, it was still impossible for him to pay this amount in a single year.

That meant that if nothing unexpected happened, in a year, Rem would become Xu Yi’s slave according to the laws of the kingdom!

Without a doubt, to Rem who used to be a magician with some status, this was an embarrassment that he couldn’t accept.

So even if Wella had split up with him, she couldn’t help begging Xu YI because of this.

Of course Xu Yi wasn’t willing to let Rem off so easily, so after considering it, he promised Wella to leave Rem with his basic reputation.

As for how to keep it, that was up to Xu Yi.

Compared to Rem, Xu Yi wanted to punish Cimirot more.

Although Rem was despicable, if it wasn’t for Cimirot manipulating him, he wouldn’t have walked down this evil path. So if there was to be punishment, Cimirot was the main offender and should be punished more than Rem.

But there was no contract between Cimirot and Xu Yi, so he couldn’t punish him with the kingdom’s laws.

The punishment he received was only from the business management department and the Magicians Guild.

Compared to Rem’s punishment of possibly being turned into a slave, Cimirot’s public punishment was much lighter.

Of course, that was only the public punishment.

Actually when Cimirot was sent to Anvilmar City, he was taken by the northern army in the name of an emergency deployment, being sent to the northern battlefield.

Although he wouldn’t be sent to the battlefield to die a death of unknown causes, Viscount Leslie had clearly said to Xu Yi that this honoured magician Cimirot would be “warmly welcomed” by the elite soldiers of the northern army.

In less than half a year, this excellency magician’s pride and butt would be completely changed.