Magic Industry Empire - Volume 2 Chapter 87

“Control the river?”  Count Sean knit his brows and looked out the window at the river before saying in a thoughtful voice, “Xu Yi, you don’t suspect that Cimila Porter is deceiving you because of his grudge?”

“He can lie to me, but the water situation won’t lie.”  Xu Yi shook his head, “I didn’t pay attention to this before, so I never noticed it.  But after being reminded of this by chairman Porter, I’ve carefully observed the situation and asked many fishermen about this matter, they’ve all said that there were visible changes with the river during this time.”

“This change might not mean…..”  Count Sean suddenly took a deep breath and shook his head before saying to Xu Yi with a smile, “I was wrong.  Since I am Banta City’s City Lord, this is something that I should consider.  You’re right, since there is a hidden danger with the river, we should prepare for this ahead of time.”

Count Sean lowered his head to think before calling for an aide, having him summon someone who was familiar with the situation of the river.

When the aide left, Count Sean thought for a bit before saying to Xu Yi, “If what this Cimila Porter said is true and we really need to control the river, there will be a problem.”

“What problem?”  Xu Yi asked.

Count Sean spread his hands and said with a bitter smile, “This is an old problem, there’s no money.”

Xu Yi couldn’t help rolling his eyes.  He already expected this as he said with a sigh, “Alright, since I was the one who brought up this matter, then our Frestech Chamber of Commerce will take care of it.  But Lord City Lord, we have to agree on something before this.  Managing the river is something that kingdom officials should be responsible for and I can help solve this problem, even help you pay for this, but we must make it clear that this amount is not an investment from our company.  So the City Lord’s Manor must return our money and give us compensation.”

Count Sean helplessly shook his head, “Although I know that what you said is reasonable, can’t you give me the City Lord some face?  Alright, you’re right.  Managing the river is my responsibility and as for returning your money and giving you compensation, we can talk about that later.”

Xu Yi nodded, not continuing with this question with Count Sean.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could lose a bit of money from this, compared to earning the trust of Count Sean, he could handle this small loss.

Not to mention that Xu Yi’s main goal wasn’t this.  Compared to the interest that he could earn in the end, this bit of investment could basically be ignored.

After solving the problem of money, there weren't any other problems.

After a while, the official in charge of the river was called and Count Sean asked him about the situation of the river.  After confirming that the river had indeed changed, he ordered him to perform a serious inspection of the river and detail what needed to be fixed in a detailed report.

As for requests to Xu Yi, other than money, they also required some magic machine, which Xu Yi agreed to.

Other than this, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce had experience upstream and the Amrit Chamber of Commerce was responsible for the river project outside the city, so the Amrit Chamber of Commerce naturally couldn’t be excluded.

Only Count Sean needed to discuss with chairman Cruise and this was unrelated to Xu Yi.

After their initial talks, Xu Yi left the City Lord’s Manor.  Still came to welcome him.

Xu Yi was surprised to find that Sophia was actually following behind Still and looked at her with an expression of worship.

As expected, Kennard was by Sophia’s side.

“What did the Lord City Lord say?”  Still asked Xu Yi.

The Lord City Lord said that this matter is very important and he has already started convening people to deal with this.”  Xu Yi replied, “As for me, it’s the same as before.  I’m taking out money and manpower.”

Still revealed a faint smile and took Xu Yi’s hand as she said, “It’s good that the Lord City Lord treats this matter as something important.  I think that since they could change the river upstream, there’s no reason why they can’t clean up the sediment here.”

“It isn’t anything hard, but the problem is that these are only temporary solutions and not solutions for the root problem.”  Xu Yi turned to look to the northwest.

This was here the Falling Rain Forest and the upstream river was.

Agnes had appeared last year because the river in the Falling Rain Forest was blocked with sediment, causing the flow of the river to change.

After a year of fixing it, the Falling River Forest’s river was now completely controlled.  There were stable cement banks constructed on the sides of the rivers, forcing the river to return back to its normal flow, solving the problem of water for the Night Song Tribe.

But this was also a temporary solution and not solving the root problem.

If they couldn’t stop the sediment flow problem, no matter how they controlled the river downstream, it was no use in the end.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi called out.

“Agnes, come out, I have something to ask you.”

Still wasn’t surprised, but Kennard and Sophia on the side were a bit confused.

Who was Xu Yi calling?

When they had this question in their heart, there was a strange spatial distortion beside Xu Yi and Agnes appeared out of space.

Kennard and Sophia were both surprised, with Sophia even gasping in shock.  

Then when they saw Agnes more clearly, the shock on their faces became even stronger.

Sophia’s eyes popped out in disbelief and she covered her mouth as she shouted, “Elf!  My god!  It’s actually an elf!”

While shouting this, she pulled on Kennard’s clothes, “Big brother, look!  It’s an elf!  Do you see it?  An elf!”

Kennard’s expression was more calm than Sophia.  He was only surprised for a bit before calming down and talking to Agnes with a friendly smile, “I’ve already heard that chairman Xu has a beautiful female elf following him, but I haven’t seen her after all those days of following chairman Xu.  If those rumours were false, I would have been very disappointed, but I never thought that I could see you today.  Being able to see the legendary beautiful elves, it really has opened my eyes.  Young miss Agnes,  is it?  I am Kennard Emma, I’d like to extend my regards.”

After following Xu YI for a while, although Agnes didn’t like appearing in front of strangers, she wasn’t as against contact with humans like before.

Seeing Kennard greet her, Agnes gave a slight nod, “Hello mister Emma, I’m very happy to see you.”

Sophia quickly jumped out and reached out her hand towards Agnes with an excited look.  She said in a very friendly manner, “Big sister Agnes, hello.  I am Sophia Emma, I am his little sister.  I really am too happy being able to see you!  I’ve heard  of the legendary elves since I was young and I have always wanted to meet one.  I never thought that I would see one today!  I’m so happy that I’m about to faint!”

Agnes looked at Xu Yi with a confused expression.

Xu Yi gave a shrug and explained, “This is this little girl’s way of expressing her happiness, it doesn’t mean that she’ll really faint.”

Agnes gave a nod to show she understood and looked back at Sophia.  After thinking for a bit, she didn’t reach her hand out and just gave a nod towards Sophia, “Hello young miss Emma, I’m very happy to see you.”

Still couldn’t help whispering in Xu YI’s ear, “Hey, it can’t be that you only taught her this greeting, right?”

Xu Yi said in a small voice with a bitter smile, “This is already very good, alright?”

When teaching Agnes how humans interacted, what gave Xu Yi the biggest headache was having her understand how to use different greetings in different situations.

This was because although elven greetings were meaningful and elegant, their greetings were also very monotonous or even straightforward.  It wasn’t like humans were there were countless ways to answer many questions.

Xu Yi had put in all that effort, but he could only have Agnes learn what to say when she met strangers for the first time.

Sophia didn’t care at all about Agnes’ indifferent attitude.  She just excitedly looked at Agnes and chirped out a bunch of questions.

Agnes just looked at her and didn’t answer a single question.  She just calmly said, “The chairman wanted to ask me a question, I need to answer him first.”  After pausing, she seemed to have thought of something and added, “I’ll answer your questions later…..alright?”

Sophia was stunned before looking at Xu Yi.  Although she wasn’t willing, she could only agree and move back.

“Agnes, how much do you know about the situation upriver?”  Xu Yi asked.

Agnes thought about it before shaking her head, “I just understand a bit, it shouldn’t be much.”

“Then tell me, isn’t the area upstream being occupied by the beastmen tribe?”  Xu Yi asked.

“It should be like this.”  Agnes replied with a nod, “I’ve gone to the Black Rice Wastelands and there isn’t much water there, so the only places with water will have beastmen tribes.”

“Then that means the area upstream should be completely occupied by the beastmen tribes.”  Xu Yi thought for a bit before suddenly revealing a smile to Agnes, “Agnes, it seems like you and I need to go on a business trip.”

When his voice fell, Xu Yi suddenly felt killing intent coming from beside him.

Turning over, he saw that Still’s large eyes had already been narrowed.