Magic Industry Empire - Volume 2 Chapter 89

Every action of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was closely paid attention to by many people in Banta City and the surrounding cities, so once the news came out that Kennard would become the general manager of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it created a large uproar.

What people cared about first was Kennard’s identity.

It’s said that Kennard was a blood related junior from the Emma Family. According to tradition, even if he wanted to go into business, he should enter the Walmart Chamber of Commerce. So why was he working at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce?

Next they cared about the meaning of the words “general manager”.

General manager? There wasn’t a single company on the Sines Continent with this position, so what did it do?”

“The work of a general manager…’s actually quite similar to a chairman. They are mainly in charge of managing the matters of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, like internal working arrangements, negotiations with other companies, and other duties. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have authority in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but rather you are helping me manage the company.”

For this matter, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce even held a press conference.

At the press conference, Xu Yi gave the same explanation.

The reporters of the major newspapers there carefully thought it over and felt that although the name of general manager was very strange, the work it did was like the vice chairman of many other companies. It was just helping the chairman manage the company, so it didn’t feel that strange and they started paying attention to another issue.

Although Kennard Emma came from the Emma Family and was known for being trained at the Walmart Chamber of Commerce since he was young, he was still only twenty seven. Moreover, the industries the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Walmart Chamber of Commerce were in were completely different, so it could be said that Kennard Emma didn’t know much about magic machines. Then if he were to become the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s general manager, could he really do a good job?

“Don’t worry about the questions of those reporters. Since I picked you, I definitely believe that you have these abilities.” After the press conference, Xu Yi patted Kennard’s shoulder as he comforted him.

Kennard revealed a faint smile and his face was relaxed like he didn’t care about the reporters at all, looking like he was filled with confidence.

“Please be assured, chairman, I believe in me more than you.”

“That’s good. If you didn’t even have this bit of self confidence, it really wouldn’t be right for me to give you a starting wage of fifty gold coins a month.” Xu Yi said with a nod.

“Speaking of wages…..” Kennard said in a thoughtful voice, “Chairman, I’ve been carefully investigating and I’ve talked about it with manager Sebas, and I feel that our company’s wage structure isn’t right.”

“Oh?” Xu Yi looked at Kennard who had quickly jumped into his work with surprise and asked him in an interested voice, “What’s wrong?”

“Look, this is the report that I made yesterday.” Kennard took out a piece of paper.

Opening it up, there was a simple graph written on it. It was displaying all the different wages for different workers of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, clearly demonstrating everything.

Xu Yi looked at it and he couldn’t help giving a nod of praise.

“Not bad, Kennard, you really are a professional. Was this report finished by you alone? Although Sebas has the capability, he wouldn’t do something like this.”

Kennard revealed a modest smile, “It isn’t anything, manager Sebas just wouldn’t spend time on this.”

“Un, good. Then which part do you think isn’t right?” Xu Yi pointed at the report and asked.

“Chairman, look. Based on this graph, the lowest wage of our company’s workers last month was 11.6 gold coins and the highest was 17.3, which comes to an average of 13.72 gold coins. Adding in the extra benefits that we give, the average income of each worker is over fifteen gold coins.”

“Un, Sebas has already reported this to me. Is there some problem?” Xu Yi asked.

“After a small investigation over the past few days, I found that alone, our company’s workers have the highest monthly salary in Banta City. Other than our company, the monthly salaries for normal workers of other companies is around ten gold coins. Only the Amrit Chamber of Commerce’s workers who are responsible for building the roads have higher salaries than our workers. But compared to this, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce workers work over twelve hours a day and our workers only need to work eight hours a day. Even if they work overtime, they still receive overtime pay.”

“So? What is the problem?” Xu Yi asked back with a smile, “If you think that our company is paying our workers too much, then you can stop right there. Giving the workers this pay is something that I’ve carefully considered and it would take too much effort to explain this reason to you, so I won’t do it for now.”

Kennard shook his head, “No, chairman, I don’t think that the worker wages are too high, rather the current wage structure isn’t right. Compared to this, I feel that the worker wages are actually too low.”

Hearing Kennard’s words that were different from chairman Cruise’s, saying that his wages were just too high, Xu Yi became a bit interested.

“Tell me, what ideas do you have?”

“It’s like this. Chairman, after studying the structure of our company for a few days, I’ve found that for our company, the work of the normal workers isn't that important. Compared to workers of the other companies, it is less important.”

“Why do you say this?”

“This is because most of the work of our company is given to magic machines, forming a complete production line. The work that each worker does is rather simple and any normal person can do it with some simple training. They can even become proficient after doing it for some time.” Kennard explained.

“So you think that their work isn’t important?”

“It’s not right to say that it isn’t important, but it isn’t that important comparatively speaking. This is because from what I can see, even in the same factory, different workers have different skills, so they require different amounts of time, energy, and techniques. Since it’s like this, giving them the same wages clearly isn’t right.” Kennard said with a serious face.

“That means that you want to divide the normal workers of the factory into ranks and then give them different wages according to their ranks?” Xu Yi asked.

“Yes.” Kennard took out a sheet, “This is statistical data that I’ve taken of the workers on the Automatic Magic Rice Cooker production line from the household magic machine workshop. Based on the data, the workers responsible for the lid support beam have higher requirements because the lid support beam has high demands. The product is ruined even if there is a single millimeter difference, so the workers have to control the magic production machine and not allow a single deviation. I think that this work has the most difficulty and requires the most technique in this production line.”

“Then what has the least difficulty and requires the least technique? The workers in charge of assembling the parts?” Xu Yi asked with a smile.

Kennard was stunned. Xu Yi didn’t even look at the data, but he said what he was thinking.

“Don’t be surprised because I understand this issue better than you.” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “But if you want to rank the work in a factory, to separate them based on the technique required is a task that requires a lot of energy and time. You should be very clear that I lack energy and time the most, so I’ve never been able to do this before.”

After saying this, Xu Yi patted Kennard’s shoulder with a smile and said, “Before you came, no one else was capable of doing this. Now that you’ve mentioned it, it’s good that this can be your first task after joining our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. In half a month, I hope that you can give me a detailed report.”

“Half a month?” Kennard’s eyes opened wide in disbelief, “Chairman, this work is so complicated and you’re only giving me a single month? Isn’t this too exaggerated?”

“Can’t do it?” Xu Yi looked over at him and gave a deliberate sigh, “I thought that the elite merchant that the Emma Family focused on training would be exceptional, but you’re only at this level.”

Kennard couldn’t help revealing a smile, “Chairman, are you trying to rile me up as revenge? Alright, half a month it is. Even if I have to go all out, I will finish this work perfectly.”

Seeing Kennard’s confident smile, Xu Yi’s heart was filled with gratitude.

It had to be said, just based on the data that Kennard made over the past few days and the fact that he could catch this important point, a problem that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce needed to fix quickly, it proved that he was indeed quite skilled.

Although Xu Yi had found this problem before, neither Heinz or Sebas had the ability to solve this problem and he didn’t have time.

Now that Kennard was here, this problem seemed like it could be easily solved.

“That’s good. General manager Emma, please work hard.”

Xu Yi patted Kennard’s shoulder and left him to mull over it on his own, as he headed to Great Magician Camilla’s Magic Tower.

When he opened the door to Great Magician Camilla’s private lab at the top, Xu Yi immediately called out.

“Your excellency Great Magician, Still said that you had two pieces of good news for me. What good news is it?”

Great Magician Camilla was currently in the middle of an experiment, but hearing Xu Yi’s voice, he looked up and didn’t respond. He just waved him over, signaling to him to help.

Xu Yi was a bit surprised. With Great Magician Camilla’s abilities, what magic experiment required his help?

Looking down, Xu Yi gave a surprised gasp before his voice was filled with pleasant surprise.

“Your excellency Great Magician, you…..You actually finished it!”