Magic Industry Empire - Volume 2 Chapter 99

Seveni had a ghost of a smile and with her serious gaze, it made it hard for people to tell if she was joking or not.

Xu Yi quickly said with a smile, “Your highness, you really can joke. I am a loyal and law-abiding citizen, how could I think about starting a rebellion? Then again, my company has only recruited less than three hundred magicians, how could I have the ability to rebel?”

“You think three hundred magicians isn’t much?” Seveni looked at Xu Yi, “You have to know that even in the royal army, there are less than five hundred magicians in a single regiment. Not to mention that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has a Great Magician!”

“Your highness, you can’t misunderstand me like this.” Xu Yi quickly complained, “Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has recruited this many magicians because of our job needs, we aren’t trying to cause a rebellion at all. Even Great Magician Camilla is only in charge of studying magic machines, could it be that you think that I dare order an old man like him to rebel?”

“Of course you don’t dare.” Seveni shook her head before saying with a soft sigh, “But some people think you do. Do you know, because of this matter, there have been people advising my royal father that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce doesn’t have good intentions in recruiting all these magicians and all these people from other races. They hope that royal father will be more vigilant of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and even directly supervise it.”

Xu Yi was surprised before knitting his brows, “Aren’t these people slandering me too much? Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is honestly doing our business. We hired the people from other races for the special ability of their races, how could it be for bad intentions? I think that his majesty wouldn’t listen to this blind drivel, right?”

“Of course royal father isn’t listening to this, but this shows that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has become more famous and people are starting to pay attention to you, wanting to take care of you. I hope that you will be more vigilant in the future and don’t leave too many things for people to take advantage of. For example…..your factory has recruited another three hundred elves, but you have never submitted the application for labour cards to the Royal Parliament. This matter could be used as proof for your ill intentions.”

Xu Yi patted his head and said with a laugh, “I’ve been too busy during this time and I had forgotten. How about this, give me two days to make a list and then I’ll apply for their labour cards. I promise I won’t let your highness worry about us again.”

“It’d be strange if I wasn’t worried.” Seveni gave a sigh. She shook her head and took out a document from her purse which she gave Xu Yi, “I’ve already submitted the application for you. You just need to make a list of the names and then I’ll add the names onto the application for you.”

Xu Yi looked over the papers and found that they were all properly written, only missing a list of names.

Xu Yi couldn’t help saying with a sigh, “Your highness, you really do take care of me. I really don’t know how to show my gratitude.”

“You don’t need to show it, you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce just need to finish your matters in Banta City.” Seveni said with a smile, “I’ve heard that Great Magician Camilla joined your Frestech Chamber of Commerce because he discovered that the things your Frestech Chamber of Commerce could improve the lives of Banta City’s people. I am the same, as long as you and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce can keep doing this, I will support you.”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Since everyone can see that there are benefits for everyone in the things that I and our Frestech Chamber of Commerce does, why do people have ill intentions?”

“It’s because these benefits aren’t related to them and because you are standing on a different side.”

Seveni ambiguously replied and didn’t explain any further. She waved her hand at Xu Yi and brought him to another secret room in the City Lord’s Manor apart from the one they were talking in.

There were two people sitting inside. When they saw Seveni come in, they immediately stood up and gave her a bow.

Xu Yi looked over the two of them and found that one of them had a tense feeling to their actions and they were standing straight, while looking forward. It could be seen that these two came from the army.

The other person was a middle aged man with a moderate build that had a friendly smile on his face, looking very kind. He seemed like a normal merchant.

“Let me give introductions, this is the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman Xu Yi.” Seveni first pointed at Xu Yi to introduce him to the two of them.

“Chairman Xu, I have long heard your name and finally being able to meet you today, it really fills me with deep honour.” The middle aged man who was like a merchant reached both hands out to tightly grip Xu Yi’s hand, looking very friendly. “Let me introduce myself, I am major MacConley of the kingdom royal army’s logistics department, I’m mainly in charge of handling the logistics for the soldiers. Helping the brothers buy their clothes, their food, and other things, mainly it’s just doing odd jobs.”

Xu Yi reached out his other hand and grabbed major MacConley’s hands, as he also revealed a friendly smile.

“Like this, everyone's the same. I as the chairman am responsible for taking care of the odd jobs for my company’s workers.”

Major MacConley gave a laugh, “That is great, I’m certain there are many things I can discuss with chairman Xu.”

Xu Yi smiled. This major MacConley was quite modest, when in reality the logistics department was one of the most important departments of the royal army. For this major MacConley to be responsible for the logistics department, not mentioning his own abilities, his background must also be quite good.

After having these thoughts, Xu Yi looked at the other person.

That person looked to be around forty and seeing Xu Yi look over, he didn’t reveal any expressions as he gave a slight nod to Xu Yi. He said without any emotions, “I am Sah’rhee.”

Seeing that Sah’rhee had a completely different personality from major MacConley, Xu Yi didn’t say anything else and just nodded with a smile, “I’m very happy to meet you.”

Seeing that the three had introduced themselves, Seveni had everyone sit down before directly saying, “Chairman Xu, this time I came with major MacConley and major Sah’rhee to see you to ask you about information on the weapon factory. We hope that you will cooperate with us.”

“That’s easy.” Xu Yi nodded before looking at major MacConley.

Based on the expressions of the three, the one in charge of asking should be the one in charge of the logistics department.

As expected, MacConley gave a soft cough and pulled back the smile on his face as he asked Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, first let me give you some good news. The weapon factory that the army headquarters was building is finished, right now we just lack the corresponding magic production equipment to run it. I want to ask, when is your Frestech Chamber of Commerce planning to deliver the armour and weapon magic production machines that you promised?”

“Actually after deciding to build an arms factory after discussing it with her highness, our company has been secretly producing these magic production machines. Right now we have already finished enough for two production lines and they can be delivered at any time.” Xu Yi replied.

MacConley and Sah’rhee looked at each other with happy expressions.

“Then chairman Xu, according to the contract you signed with her highness, other than providing the magic production machines, you also need to provide corresponding technical personnel to assist the army headquarters learn how to use these magic machines and the various standards required. Have you prepared those personnel?” MacConley asked.

“There is no problem there either. The corresponding workers are people picked from the hundred slaves under me and because of their identity, I can guarantee they won’t divulge these secrets. Of course, for further consideration, I propose that I give those slaves to her highness and let her highness control them. I believe that this will make it easier for the army headquarters.” Xu Yi said.

Seveni, MacConley, and Sah’rhee all looked quite stunned.

MacConley couldn’t help giving a cough. Actually last time Xu Yi had already told Seveni that the workers would be chosen from slaves under him and in this negotiation with Xu Yi, MacConley had planned on proposing this condition on behalf of the army headquarters, but he never thought that Xu Yi would mention it first.

“Chairman Xu, I have to say, you really are wise.” MacConley praised before turning to ask Seveni, “Your highness, what do you think?”

Seveni took a deep look at Xu Yi before nodding, “Alright, we’ll follow what chairman Xu said and transfer those slaves to me. But chairman Xu, according to my understanding of you, you wouldn’t give me the slaves under you for no reason, right?”

Xu Yi laughed, “Your highness really does understand me. Indeed, those slaves are not just my precious private property, they are also valuable workers for our company. To suddenly lose them, it would be a great loss whether it was for me or my company. If your highness and the army headquarters didn’t give me proper compensation, that wouldn’t be right.”

MacConley laughed, “Chairman Xu is right, there is no free meal in this world. Since chairman Xu has paid the price, then you have the right to propose your compensation. Chairman Xu, please tell us. As long as it’s not too much, with her highness here, she can definitely make the decision for you.”

Seveni didn’t say anything and just gave a slight nod to show that she agreed.

Xu Yi looked at the three slightly nervous people and said with a smile, “Relax, I’m not proposing anything that’s too much. Un…...This is very simple. In the territory of the Sack Kingdom that the royal army will control, all the mining rights will be given to our Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

The expressions of the three changed at the same time.

Seveni didn’t even think as she blurted out, “This is impossible!”