Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 105

Connecting to the Lifer Family and getting advertisement in the «Anvilmar Times», these were just two important things out of all the countless things that Xu Yi had to do on his trip to Anvilmar City this time.

After talking to Hannas, Xu Yi immediately went to three other places.  He met the Walmart Chamber of Commerce’s chairman Colmar Rundst, Great Magician Eisenkel and president Eren who he already had meetings set up with.

When he dragged his tired body back to Count Sean’s residence, the sky was already completely black.

Housekeeper Lahm who had been waiting for Xu Yi saw him come in and warmly went forward to welcome him.

Although Count Sean was no longer the Banta City City Lord, this residence was still retained by him and served as the temporary residence for Banta City’s people on business in Anvilmar City.

Xu Yi lived here the past few times he was in Anvilmar City and this time wasn’t an exception.

Because of Count Sean’s many urgings, Housekeeper Lahm had always been respectful when seeing Xu Yi, not daring to neglect him.

Seeing Housekeeper Lahm having a servant prepare the bath water, Xu Yi had the idea of buying a house in Anvilmar City.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce would definitely open more businesses in Anvilmar City, he would be coming to Anvilmar City more and more.  It wasn’t convenient to keep living here, it was always better to own a place of his own.

Although it wasn’t easy to buy a residence in Anvilmar City, with his connection to Hannas and the fact that he was willing to spend, it wouldn’t be that difficult.

But thinking about how he spent close to five hundred thousand in just a single day, Xu Yi couldn’t help revealing a bitter smile.

In this expenditure, three hundred and fifty thousand had gone to the Lifer Family, a hundred thousand had been paid for advertisement, which were all investments that didn’t bring benefits in the short term.

Only the five thousand and seven hundred spent on Arch Magus Thorne’s notes might be used very soon.

Xu Yi looked over the notes and confirmed that the contents were the same as rumoured.  It recorded some of Arch Magus Thorne’s later work, which included his research into Magic Airships.

This would be useful to Evita’s research.  If it wasn’t for other magicians not paying attention to this, it was impossible for Xu Yi to buy this incomparably precious book of notes for only five thousand and seven hundred. 

After organizing the content of the notes in his mind, Xu Yi closed the book.  When he was planning to return to his bedroom, he suddenly noticed someone swaying as they walked up behind him.

Xu Yi took a look and that this unsteady fellow was actually Alex.

“Alex, where did you go?  Why are you getting back this late?”  Xu Yi looked at Alex who was clearly drunk and he could smell the scent of alcohol on him, so he couldn’t help knitting his brows.

Alex looked up and saw Xu Yi, instantly being scared.  His drunkenness mostly disappeared and he forced himself to stand straight, as he said with a laugh, “This…..I went out… see a friend to discuss some things, that’s why I’m so late.  Chairman, when did you get here?”

“Friend?  Discuss some things?”  Xu Yi didn’t reply to Alex’s answer.  He looked at the alcohol and smeared vomit on his boy, as well as the well made golden necklace on his neck and amethyst bracelet at his wrist that were made of precious materials that were clearly not cheap.  He couldn’t help revealing a cold look.

“Un…..he…..he…..they wanted to buy some of our company’s Magic Freezers, so we were discussing the price.”  Alex wiped the sweat from his forehead as he replied.

“Oh?  What was the final price?”  Xu Yi asked.

Alex wiped his sweat away before hesitantly replying, “It’s…’s alright.  They agreed to a price of twenty eight gold coins.”

“Oh?  This isn’t bad.”  Xu Yi nodded, “Although it’s a bit off of our standard pricing of thirty gold coins, if they buy enough, it can be accepted.”

“Right, right, right, they bought many units, so I gave them a few benefits.”  Alex kept nodding, “Chairman, didn’t you say that I…..could act according to the situation…..and adjust the price?”

“That’s right, I said that before.  It’s your right as the branch manager, so it’s not a problem.”  Xu Yi nodded.  After pausing, he asked, “But Alex, since I bumped into you, I want to ask you something.”

“Ah?  Chairman, please ask.”

“Before I came to Anvilmar City, I talked to your uncle Heinz and discussed calling you back to Banta City……”

“Ah?  How could that be!  I don’t want to go back!”  Before Xu Yi finished, Alex quickly waved his hand and loudly said, “I don’t want to go back to a small place like Banta City.  I’m living well in Anvilmar City, is there a need to call me back?”

Xu Yi calmly watched the anxious Alex and after he stopped, he continued, “I didn’t finish yet.  Although it was Heinz’s suggestion, I didn’t agree yet.  I came here this time to ask your opinion since you are Heinz’s nephew.  If something happens to you, Heinz will care about you, so he hopes that you can make your decision.”

“In short, I don’t want to return to Banta City.  I’ve already been in Anvilmar City for two years, I’m used to living here.  If you want me to return, I definitely won’t be able to adapt!”  Alex said in a loud voice.

“You’re certain?”  Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Alex, you’re used to working hard all day here?  Or are you used to a life of debauchery here?”

Alex was stunned.  Seeing the fake smile on Xu Yi’s face, his body trembled as he lowered his head, avoiding Xu Yi’s gaze.

“Chair…..sir chairman, I…..I don’t know what you mean.”

“You don’t?  Forget it then.”  Xu Yi shook his head as a look of regret flashed in his eyes, “In short, you have two days to think. Before I leave Anvilmar City, I hope that you can make a decision.”

Xu Yi paused before giving a sigh and saying in a sincere voice, “Alex, I’ll say it again, Heinz is an old partner who created this company with me.  You are his dearest nephew, although I’m not much older than you, I have treated you as a junior.  So I don’t care what you’ve done wrong, Heinz and I will give you a chance to make up for it.”

Alex was silent for a bit before looking up at Xu Yi, “Sir chairman, I don’t understand what you mean?  What have I done wrong?  Please tell me directly, I can change.”

“Change?”  Seeing the expression on Alex’s face, Xu Yi smiled and waved his hand, “Alright, treat it like I said nothing.  It’s late, go get some sleep.”

Alex gave Xu Yi a bow before turning to leave.

Watching him disappear into the night, Xu Yi revealed a bitter smile.

“Heinz, I hope that you won’t blame me for not taking care of an old partner.”


It was different from two years ago, this year’s Magicians Guild certification exam finally went as scheduled.

When the time came, Anvilmar City was like before, being filled with magicians from all over.

Compared to past years, there were more magicians that came to participate.  Anvilmar City was completely filled with people wearing magician robes, as if turning Anvilmar City into a city of magicians.

If one paid attention, one would find that there were more high grade magicians that came to the exam this year.

Because it was hard to rank up as high grade magicians before, magicians that didn’t have assurance in passing the exam wouldn’t come to take it.

But there were many high grade magicians that came last year also came this year.

This was a very strange phenomenon because in just a single year, most magicians over Grade Five wouldn’t be able to increase their magic level in this short period of time.

What did they come to the exam for?

“You don’t know this?  Didn’t you read the «Anvilmar Times»?  The Frestech Chamber of Commerce in Banta City made a new rule, the magicians that want to work for them must have a certification from the Magicians Guild that was issued in the past two years.  This proves that they have the corresponding level of magic power.”

In a small tavern across the Sheldon Inn, a group of people were talking.  The one who said this was a middle aged fat man of this group.

“Impossible.  This Frestech Chamber of Commerce is this arrogant?”  Hearing what the fat man said, the surrounding people revealed looks of disbelief, “Magicians are noble people, being willing to work at a company is already thinking highly of them, but now they want these noble magicians to use certifications to prove their strength?  Could it be that the magician masters don’t think this is shameful?”

“Che.”  The fat man laughed, “In front of wages of several dozen gold coins to a hundred gold coins, what is nobility?  What is dignity?  What are they?  Can you eat them?”

Everyone was stunned.

“Wages of several dozen gold coins to a hundred gold coins?  That much?”

“That’s right, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has too much money?  They give any magician a wage of up to a hundred gold coins?  If they hire several hundred magicians, wouldn’t that be several tens of thousands of gold coins a month?”

“Tens of thousands?”  The fat man raised his head, looking as proud as if he was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman himself, “You’re looking down on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.  Let me tell you, I have a friend who works at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce who told me that the wages they pay to their employees is already over a hundred thousand gold coins a month!”

Everyone broke out in an uproar.

For these normal people, a hundred thousand gold coins was a sky high number.

And now, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was paying over a hundred thousand to their employees each month, this really was hard to imagine.

“What?  You don’t believe it?”  The fat man pointed at the Sheldon Inn in front of the tavern, “Let me tell you, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce magicians that came for the exam, do you know where they are living?”

Everyone looked at the splendid building in front of them.  Although they could look at it, they normally didn’t get to visit the Sheldon Inn.

“It can’t be, they’re living at the Sheldon Inn?”

“Hei, hei, you guessed it.  My friend said……”

The fat man was about to talk about his “friend” when he found that there was a noise from the corner.  After a while, over ten iron box like monsters slowly drove around the corner and stopped in front of the Sheldon Inn.