Magic Industry Empire - Volume 3 Chapter 109

“Is that so?” Great Magician Telucci’s eyes dimmed.

Seeing Great Magician Telucci’s appearance, the other four Great Magicians looked at each other and could see the doubt in each other’s eyes.

With Great Magician Telucci’s status, he actually talked about his problems in public like this?

Great Magician Camilla slightly knit his brows, “Telucci, if you really urgently need money, I think I can help you. Actually if you can’t hold on, I can talk to Xu Yi and there’s no problem in him lending you some money.”

“No, that would only solve it for some time, but it wouldn’t solve the problem. Then again, it would be hard for me to return this amount.” Great Magician Telucci shook his head as he said with a bitter laugh, “I’m not as flexible as you all, I don’t excel when it comes to making money. Perhaps you are right, even if I open a magic machine factory, it might be likely that it would close.”

Great Magician Torres, Great Magician Eisenkel, and president Eren looked at each other before remaining silent.

Although there were only five Great Magicians in the Lampuri Kingdom, that didn’t not mean that there was a good relationship between them.

It was just the opposite. Other than Great Magician Camilla who was rather low key and had normal relationships with the other four, the other Great Magicians didn’t really have good relations.

Although Great Magician Telucci had encountered a large problem, they weren’t willing to rashly stick out their hand to help.

Great Magician Camilla knit his brows in thought for a bit before saying to Great Magician Telucci, “If you need a stable long term income, I have a good proposal. Telucci, do you want to hear it?”

“What? What proposal?” Great Magician Telucci asked after regaining his spirits.

Great Magician Camilla pointed at himself, “Do you know what my wage at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce currently is?”

Great Magician Telucci was surprised, “You want me to work at your Frestech Chamber of Commerce? How could that be possible, Xu Yi is not my grandson in law.”

“It isn’t too late to let me finish before you make your decision.” Great Magician Camilla raised a finger, “Let me tell you, I’m currently earning ten thousand gold coins a year at the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“Ten thousand?” It wasn’t just Great Magician Telucci, even the richest Great Magician Eisenkel’s eyes popped out in surprise, “That much?”

Great Magician Camilla smiled, “What do you think now?”

Great Magician Telucci was silent for a bit before it seemed like he had made a decision as he gave a nod, “Camilla, can you arrange a meeting between me and Xu Yi?”


It was a rare sunny winter day, Lampuri Thirteenth came to the back royal garden when the sun was in the sky out of habit. He sat down in his comfortable seat and wrapped a wool blanket over his legs. He enjoyed bathing in the sun while looking over the official documents in his hand.

Most times, Lampuri Thirteenth had a calm look on his face.

As someone who took the throne during chaos and the one praised as the wise king by most people in the Lampuri Kingdom, Lampuri Thirteenth had been through countless storms in the years he had taken the throne. Normal matters naturally couldn’t cause any emotional fluctuations from him.

But when he saw the official document from Lorren City, he slightly knit his brows and gave a sigh.

“Your majesty, do you feel any discomfort?” His personal bodyguard on the side quickly asked out of concern.

Lampuri Thirteenth turned to look at his personal bodyguard that had grown up with him who had served him for forty years. He shook his head and after being silent for a bit, he asked, “Dema, what do you think about that kid Eric?”

Dema was a bit surprised before lowering his head, “I don’t dare randomly comment on this.”

“It doesn’t matter, I’m just chatting with an old friend today, there’s no need to be this constrained. I just want to hear the views of an old friend who grew up with me.”

Dema raised his head and saw Lampuri Thirteenth serious expression. He thought about it before saying in a thoughtful voice, “I feel…...that Eric is very ambitious……”

“Ambitious?” Lampuri Thirteenth gave a cold snort, “Although being ambitious is good, if you don’t have any brains, you might as well not have any ambition! His so-called ambition might destroy the good situation of our kingdom!”

Dema was surprised, “It isn’t that serious, right?”

“How could it not be this serious?” Lampuri Thirteenth suddenly became angry. His hand trembled as it held the document and he said in a deep voice, “Did you see what that fellow did? He’s actually reorganizing the northern army and wants to attack the Sack Kingdom! Does he want to give away the entire northern army?”

“It’s not that bad……” Dema was confused, “Didn’t the northern army fight a great fight in the beginning of the year? They even took back the Muerto Mountains. There shouldn’t be a problem in attacking the Sack Kingdom, right?”

“How could there be no problems? Do you know how much the kingdom spent on the northern army in the beginning of the year? An entire five hundred thousand gold coins! It was close to a third of last year’s kingdom revenue! Now that we’ve finally captured the Muerto Mountains and can stabilize the situation, letting the kingdom have a period of peaceful development, this fellow actually wants to start a war! Does he know that the kingdom finances can’t support a war! If we really fight the Sack Kingdom, it might completely destroy our current situation! This……”

Lampuri Thirteenth suddenly stopped.

Dema who had his head down while Lampuri Thirteenth vented looked up in surprise and was shocked to find that Lampuri Thirteenth’s face was completely red, even turning purple. He had a pained look on his face and seemed like he couldn’t speak.

Dema was shocked, “Your majesty, what is wrong?”

When he wanted to move forward, Lampuri Thirteenth’s lips quivered and a sliver of blood came out.

Seeing the red blood with a trace of dark red coming out of the corners of Lampuri Thirteenth’s mouth, Dema was stunned.

After a while, his body trembled before he turned to run off.

At this time, he should bring the royal doctor back as soon as possible.

But before he even took two steps, Lampuri Thirteenth called out to stop him.

“Dema, sweep it clean, don’t let anyone know.” Lampuri Thirteenth commanded in a deep voice.

“But your majesty, you should let a doctor take a look at your body……” Dema immediately refuted.

“This is an order, don’t ask that much.” Lampuri Thirteenth said with a serious look.

“This…..Alright.” Dema reluctantly complied. He looked around and because the back royal gardens was his majesty’s favourite place to rest, so there was no one that came around here normally, he calmed down. He turned back to the nearby lounge and prepared to grab something to clean up.

Seeing Dema leave, Lampuri Thirteenth used his hand to wipe the blood from his mouth. After looking at his hand for a while, his lips curled into a bitter smile.

“Why can’t you give me a few more years?”


“Hey, sir chairman, I passed the Fifth Grade Magician exam. Aren’t I powerful?” Akali said with a proud smile, raising her little hand at Xu Yi in the distance.

The other magicians participating in the exam all looked at her. Some gave a snort showing they weren’t convinced and some looked low spirited as they lowered their heads to walk away.

Only Evita beside Akali tapped her raised arm and snappily said, “Alright, put your arm down. You’re this loud, you’re not afraid of others hearing you?”

Akali raised her head high, “Humph, I want other people to know. I am now a Fifth Grade Magician, can’t I be proud of myself?”

Evita shook her head, pointing at the smiling Xu Yi, “The chairman is participating in the Ninth Grade Magician exam, what is there to be proud of in front of him?”

Hearing this, Xu Yi immediately waved his hand, “That is not certain, I have to pass the Eighth Grade Magician exam first.”

“That’s right, sir chairman is several years older than me, the eighth grade isn’t that far from the fifth grade.” Akali immediately said.

“Forget about you, the eighth grade and fifth grade aren’t far away? Do you believe that you can become an Eighth Grade Magician at the chairman’s age?” Evita asked.

“Why wouldn’t I be confident? Look, in the two years since I entered the company, I went from close to a Fourth Grade Magician to a Fifth Grade Magician. In a few years…..right, sir chairman, you’re already thirty years old?” Akali suddenly turned to ask Xu Yi.

“Ah…..I’m thirty, what about it?” Xu Yi said.

“I’m only twenty four this year, it’s still six years before thirty. Why can’t I become an Eighth Grade Magician in six years?” Akali immediately said.

“Alright, you will become an Eighth Grade Magician, but it’s not now, so restrain yourself a little.” Evita was too lazy to argue this anymore, so she turned to ask Xu Yi, “Chairman, the researchers taking the low grade exams are done. Now you’ll have to lead the researchers taking the high grade exams.”

“Un, there are only a few high grade researchers, so there’s no difference if I lead them or not.” Xu Yi nodded, “Speaking of this, Evita, Akali already passed the Fifth Grade Magician exam, so you should have no problem, right?”

“Hey, sir chairman, what does that mean? Could it be that I can’t compare to Evita?” Akali said in an unconvinced voice.

“What do you think?” Xu Yi asked back with a smile.

“I…..” Akali opened her mouth, but she couldn’t say anything.

She was inferior to Evita whether it was in talent or diligence, so naturally her magic power was a bit weaker. This was a fact that she couldn’t deny even after so many years.

Evita said with a smile, “Yes, I also passed the Fifth Grade Magician exam. But I’m still a bit from becoming a Sixth Grade Magician, so I can’t take the high grade magician exam with you this year.”

“That’s fine, keep working hard and try to take the exam next year.” Xu Yi encouraged her with a smile. He looked up at the sky and waved his hand to the two of them, “Let’s go, it’s about time. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s first magic machine production technology exchange in Anvilmar City is about to begin, we can’t be lacking two essential people like you two.”